Woodpecker Ridge Trail

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Woodpecker Ridge Trail is a 4.7 kilometer out and back trail located near Idanha, Oregon that features a lake. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and birding. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 4.7 km Elevation Gain: 208 m Route Type: Out & Back

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8 months ago

Part of Scamander trail crew and Woodpecker Ridge trail is clear of all downed trees and debris from trail head to junction of PCT and Whitewater trail.

9 months ago

I hiked this trail today, and managed to log 5.2 miles because I had to park about 3/4-mi away from the TH due to snow. Still a lot of snow on the trail. Beautiful hike through the fire-damaged forest, then up on the ridge to intersect the PCT. Stunning views of Mt. Jefferson!

Mon Oct 15 2018

The first mile(ish) of the trail is rough, but to be expected after the devastating Whitewater fire. I never saw the "featured" lake though. I had an ineresting mind meld through the hike - from the first steps I took up the trail all I could see was the black charred timber and landscape. On the way back out (hiked all the way into Pamelia Lake) all I couls see was the new green growth. The forest has a magnificent way of healing itself :)

Sun Jun 24 2018

Hiked to Scout Lake via Woodpecker trail/PCT. My first backpacking trip in Oregon! Most of the trail is burned but seeing the new vegetation pop up is pretty amazing. Lots of dead trees to climb over but it’s nothing too serious. Also you will get to a bend that says whitewater trail pointing to the left and you will see the PCT pointing to the right. The PCT has a pink ribbon that may seem like it is closed but take the PCT and it will get you to The lakes. There is a stream you have to cross and it’s best to cross early due to it having a heavy flow in the evening. I had a late start and crossed it around 7pm and it was very dangerous but I made it! I lost the path a little due to snow covering parts of the PCT but was able to find my way with a map! It’s beautiful right now but I’m sure it is even more gorgeous when everything is in bloom! Also the Gray Jays are super friendly! Really cute birds that come up to you and are not shy!

Wed May 30 2018

Did this trail and then took the PCT to Russell Lake. Until the whitewater trailhead, the trail is mostly through burned forest and both this trail and the PCT are not well maintained (lots of fallen trees to climb over/around). From whitewater trailhead to Russell Lake the trail opens into a tree covered meadow and is beautiful, though still covered in 3-5 feet of snow

Wed Jul 17 2013

Currently there is a boulder blocking the road about 1 mile from the trailhead. You can't get past it and it's at an awkward spot so be careful. I only hiked about 1/2 mile of the trail before we turned around but there's lots of blowdown, though you'd really have to try hard to lose the trail. From what I saw I would give it one star, but there are some nice views of Mt. Jefferson on the drive there, so at least there's that.

Sat Mar 03 2012

Hiked to PCT and then onto Jefferson Lakes park and back. From TH it is a fairly steep hike until the PCT is reached. Enjoyable forested trail. Jefferson Lakes park is always a joy to visit in September, fewer misquotes and hikers.

8 months ago

Wed Aug 01 2018