Willamette River: Buena Vista to Independence

MODERATE 4 reviews

Willamette River: Buena Vista to Independence is a 12.4 mile point-to-point trail located near Independence, Oregon and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for canoeing and is accessible year-round.

12.4 miles 42 feet Point to Point


8 months ago

don't be misled. this is not a hike. it is a float trip and one well worth doing. osprey and eagle's are common. there are lots of places to explore the river banks and the first six miles are fairly secluded. the last five have some river side homes and motor boat activity but I don't thinks it's that bad

11 months ago

The directions take you to a house at a dead end road which IS NOT the trail head. The woman outside was doing some gardening and was very nice to let us know that quite a few people have been making the same mistake. Unfortunately there is no trail, it's just a boat ramp. Disappointing.

1 year ago

This is a nice, easy float for kayak, canoe or tube. Watch out for the ferry right after you enter from the boat ramp at Buena Vista. And stop halfway through at the Rogue Hop Farm for a cold brew and lunch from the food truck (burgers, etc.).

Always have tags, PFDs and whistles. Cops on jetskis often approach as you round the bend to go under the bridge just before you return to Independence.

WATCH FOR MOTORIZED BOATS. We witnessed some bad, unsafe behavior by boaters while out this summer, and one kayaker from a LARGE, visible group was struck the following weekend by a boater who just wasn't paying attention.

WTH? The options for activity are "ocean kayak" and "whitewater kayak." How about just... kayak?

2 years ago