4.1 miles
659 feet
Out & Back

kid friendly


nature trips

rock climbing


no shade

6 months ago

Leslie Gulch is grouped in with Succor Creek State Park on this site, which is actually about 17 miles away, so I'm adding this review specifically for the Upper Leslie Gulch trail. This is an absolutely beautiful hike that is easy enough for young children, but there is almost no shade the entire way. It was very hot in May when I hiked it, so bring plenty of water and watch out for snakes. The hoodoo formations are incredible, with a few opportunities for rock climbing along the trail. There is parking at the trailhead, which is well marked with signs. The trail follows a dry creek bed towards the end, eventually climbing into a canyon that is impassable due to steep rocks and overgrown brush. Camping is available at Slocum Creek a few miles down the road at Lake Owyhee.