Tunnel Ridge Trail

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Tunnel Ridge Trail is a 1.7 mile out and back trail located near Jacksonville, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, trail running, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 1.7 miles Elevation Gain: 547 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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When you reach the sign that says Sterling Mine Trail System: Tunnel Ridge Trail 2km/1mi; Little Applegate Trailhead 8km/5mi; Bear Gulch Trailhead 5km/3mi, you are actually standing just about over the tunnel. If you take either trail a little further, you will reach the tunnel. The passage is clear but you will have to duck if you want to walk through it.

9 months ago

This trail was all uphill, but it was beautiful and worth it. I took my three year old and he loved it. The tunnel was super fun. The only thing I could say is that people who bring dogs out please either pick up after your dog or kick it off the trail. Thank you.

9 months ago

great hike! up hill the whole way! but a great little tiny tunnel!

Sun Aug 26 2018

Maps took me by a road that starts in Talent (it was the closer one) and it was a nightmare. The road, called Anderson Rd was horrible, not maintained at all and you have the impression you’re always lost. If you don’t have a truck and 4x4 it can be frustrating. The best route is by Jacksonville, taking Upper Applegate Rd and then Little Applegate Rd. These roads are pretty well maintained. The hike is short, but you can keep going by the next trails.

Tue May 29 2018

This is a great short hike!! I would definitely have a forestry map before heading to the trailheads. I lost service for hours. There are different ways to get to this location but the best and least confusing direction is through Jacksonville, then down the 238. Pay attention to the signs because there are a few different ways to get to the tunnel trailhead. We first started on Little Applegate TH which is a 5 mile hike to the tunnel and loaded with ticks and bugs. After a mile we turned back to the car and drove another 1.8 miles to the "Tunnel Ridge TH". Enter the Tunnel Ridge TH location and hike about a mile to the top. It's mostly up hill but we managed fine with a 3yr, 5yr, 6yr, and 11yr old. Once you reach the top, take the trail to the left (Bear Gulch Trail). It will show an additional 3 miles but after just a few feet the Tunnel will be on your right.

Mon May 28 2018

Beautiful hike but misleading.We started at Bear Gulch trail head. Once you reach the first sign it will read "Tunnel Ridge 3.1 Mi" and an arrow pointing left. So, logically we went that direction, figuring we must have misread the distance listed in the trail app. The next few miles we're fairly flat and easy but theres lots of poison oak covering the trail. Nearing the end, there was spectacular views of the Applegate Valley from a must-sit bench that overlooks rolling meadows. the tunnel has a small opening but my wife was able to crouch through and walk from one end to the other. Pretty cool. We went down back to Bear Gulch, totaling 8 miles. Awesome hike but a far cry from the listed 1.7 miles! After reading some posts it became apparent that folks we're finding a short cut to the tunnel. With comments like " quick hike" I knew somethin was up. Apparently, if we would have went the opposite way that the sign points toward Tunnel Ridge, we would have gotten to the tunnel much, much faster. Like 2 miles faster!?! Not sure if this is true, but if so, that is kinda misleading to say the least.

Mon May 07 2018

My 5 & 4 year old could only make it half way, with frequent rests

Sun Apr 15 2018

I would rate this moderate instead of easy. Only because you should be prepared to feel the burn as you hike uphill the whole way. We managed fine while wearing a baby and having a 8, 6, and 3yr old hike along too. And the hike down is a breeze. When you reach the top you will want to take the trail to the left towards Bear Gulch. Just a few feet away you will see the tunnel. The opening is small, but it's a bit roomier once you are inside. Adults will have to hunch over to walk through, but your kids will be able to stand up and have the time of their lives. There is a sign in front that gives some history of the hydraulic gold mine, which is really cool. Definitely a unique spot and we enjoyed the views along the way. The climb is always worth it!

Sun Apr 15 2018

This was a fun little hike! I’d probably put it at moderate and not easy, as the entire hike to the tunnel or other connecting trails is uphill. It’s steady, but all uphill. The kids, and myself, were starting to feel it towards the ends. NOTE: once you finish the trail and it intersects the Bear Gulch Trail, you’ll want to go to your left (like you are starting the Bear Gulch Trail) for a few feet and the tunnel will be on your right. The trail is easy enough for most kids to get there and smallish adults. I’m 5’8 and towards the end of the tunnel it becomes narrow and I had to crawl a few feet. It was fun for sure and there are some stunning views along the way.

Wed Apr 04 2018

Great little mile hike from the TH to the tunnel. Quick hike with beautiful views towards the top.

Mon Apr 02 2018

Amazing views the entire trip! Very nicely maintained trails; even a couple benches along the way! Uphill all the way to the top; but once you reach the end you find information about the history of the tunnel which we found fascinating. Tall children and adults will hit their heads if they try to pass through the tunnel! Beware of ticks in the grasses surrounding he trails.

Sun Apr 01 2018

Fun trail! Steady uphill the whole way, but worth it!

Sat Mar 31 2018

Had a blast today on this trail! I took my 3year old son and my 9year old daughter they both made it to the top and thought the tunnel was amazing.

Sat Mar 31 2018

Had a BLAST with my little family today great hike and an amazing drive definitely 1 of my favorite hiking locations

Sat Mar 03 2018

I'm giving 3 stars cuz what I explored was really pretty but I am pretty confused on where to go when I came out there. there was a little parking area that said tunnel ridge day use with what looked like a start of a trail but then directly across the road was a start to another trail that listed multiple trails such as bear gulch which I had seen pics of on this app so I followed that trail since i had seen pics on here but I think it was the wrong start or I didn't go far enough cuz I never saw the tunnel.

Sat Feb 10 2018

Ticks! Lots and lots of tall grass and ticks! Hard to find tiny black ticks on a big black lab :-( lesson learned. Stripped my boys as soon as we got home and we all showered. Beautiful scenery but definitely be prepared for the ticks. Yuck.

Sat Feb 03 2018

Thought someone should mention that the dirt road to the trailhead is a bit bumpy and only 1 lane. I wouldn’t recommend taking a low riding vehicle to get there

Sun Jan 14 2018

We were really excited about this hike. We drove a hour to it.. our 7 yr old was so excited about the tunnel... so the first part of the hike is completely up hill the hole way, we got to the top and didn’t see the tunnel so we went back down hopping we just missed it... but no its at the top around the corner from the sign.. we where so upset we missed it and worked that hard to not find it... so for those going to the tunnel go past the sigh at the top.. on the way down its really easy and goes by fast.. enjoy

Sun Dec 10 2017

Great hiking spot.

Sat Oct 07 2017

Beautiful at sunset!

Mon Aug 14 2017

Not bad. Probably better in spring time.

Sun Aug 06 2017

Nice challenging incline on the way up. The way down is quick and easy. The tunnel is pretty small and insignificant but still cool. My recording should say 1.9m, I forgot to turn it on until part way thru the hike.

Fri Jul 07 2017

Decent hike, the tunnel was smaller than I expected. Glad I did it, but probably won't do it again.

Sun Jul 02 2017

Not as kid friendly as I thought it should be. but they managed.

Wed Jun 07 2017

Quick trail to get you into the main trail system. It does go up to start but it's not that bad. I suspect that it'll be really dry and brown in late summer.

Wed May 10 2017


Sat May 06 2017

It is a lot up hill at first. But it is sooo Beautiful up there. The hole family did it and even our dog.

Tue May 02 2017

love this app...thanks for sharing all the wonderful outdoor activity in our area.

Sun Apr 30 2017

Kid friendly!

Sun Apr 30 2017

The trail is an easy trail however it is all up hill. It does level off in a couple of spots. when you get to the top, there is signage showing the directions of the other trails, just turn left and head down a ways and the tunnel is on your right. you do have to crouch down to go through it though. Enjoy the hike and scenery, after all that is what you are out there for.

Sun Apr 09 2017

Wonderful hike it is steep starting out. The trail is nice and we'll cared for. Along the ditch beyond the tunnel is a flatter trail and easier hiking. went about a mile past the tunnel. The return trip is fast.

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