Top Spur Trail is a 0.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Rhododendron, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and bird watching and is best used from March until September. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 0.9 miles Elevation Gain: 370 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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nature trips


bird watching



wild flowers



Directions from Sandy: Travel east on Highway 26 to the Zigzag Ranger Station. From here, head north to Lolo Pass Road and follow it for four miles to its intersection with Road 1825 and veer right. In approximately one mile, veer left onto Road 1828. Follow 1828 for about 6.5 miles, then turn right at the intersection with Road 1828-118. The roads are well marked from 1828 to the trailhead. Please park head in at the trailhead.

3 days ago

Gorgeous hike! It is definitely not .09 miles like it says. More like 7 out & back. It was challenging but, totally worth it! Some parts are a bit sketch but, I took my dog on the leash & we were fine. I would be nervous to take kids. One of the best hikes I’ve ever done.

1 month ago

Last 2.5 miles of road inaccessible, covered in >10 inches of snow.

9 months ago

I did this as the top spur to muddy fork trail but couldn’t find this on all trails. It’s supposed to be a 6.1 mile round trip. Beautiful scenic run with fairly even terrain for running.

10 months ago

10 months ago

I hiked this trail in the beginning of august, and I am going to be honest... it was so dense with flies that it was unbearable. I hiked for about 45 minutes and had to turn around because it was so dense with flies that I was swearing more than I was enjoying the beauty of the hike. I will, however do this hike again once the flies subside. The trail was beautiful, the traffic was pretty dense because it was the weekend, but overall I know it's beautiful but would not recommend hiking it until the bugs are done.

Thu Jun 13 2019

There's only views if you follow towards Timeline. It's only an entrance trail to bigger&better things.

Wed Jun 12 2019

I followed Alltrails for the Ramona Falls, but it took me to nowhere. I continued on and saw Top Spur TH, decided to hike this on instead and luckily, about 2.2 miles in, it connected with the Ramona Falls trail. The water falls is beautiful, but hiking back up on the PCT was a pain.

Tue Aug 07 2018

It has been said already, but the flies were swarming in a plague-like manner. We bathed in bug spray (not literally) and it did nothing. They actually seemed to enjoy it! We unfortunately misunderstood the kind woman at the visitor's center when she told us about this (in her words) "multi-generational, multi-skill-level, easy hike to amazing views!" Well, not great for my 70-year-old in-laws, and no views on the Top Spur trail...have to continue on to the significantly longer Timberline trail for that. Definitely a low point in our week-long adventure to the Pacific Northwest.

Fri Aug 03 2018

I LOVED this hike! The views are amazing, you just need to look at the map and choose the right trail! So scary on the side of the mountain, but worth the views of Mt Hood!

Fri Aug 03 2018

Went to Oregon on vacation and wanted to explore the Mt. Hood area. Based on the reviews and everything from multiple sites, I decided on this trail. However, was disappointed for many reasons. 1. the flies were so bad, I thought it was one of the plagues. 2. there is NO scenic views of Mt. Hood. 3. this was the harder than moderate. After completing Top Spur, we ended up taking Timberline Loop which seemed longer than listed on this app. The views of Mt Hood from the Timberline Trail were gorgeous though. Highly recommend that trail

Mon Jul 16 2018

Got to the trailhead Saturday afternoon around 2PM and started hiking to McNeil point to spend the night as our goal. We soon encountered the worst swarming of »BITING« flies I have ever experienced in my life. They were unrelenting and unphased by bug repellent. The entirety of the Top Spur trail was completely plagued by the pests. It wasn’t until we got above tree line on the McNeil Point trail did we find any respite. If not, we would’ve definitely bailed. The flies didn’t seem as bad coming back down the trail which could’ve been due to our faster pace because they still did swarm if we stopped or slowed down at all. Oh! And to top it all off when we got back to the trailhead we discovered our car had been broken into and everything, even just stupid stuff had been ripped off— yay... Don’t think I’ll be coming back to do this trail again anytime soon. Edit: Came to find out every car at the trailhead had been broken into that night. BEWARE! Even if you don’t leave valuables in your vehicle, your windows could still be smashed and broken into.

Mon Jul 02 2018

This is a quick way to spectacular views. Continue on to McNeil Point if you have the time.

Sat May 19 2018

As Rachelle Lee mentions below, the road is still covered with a decent amount of snow – but it's much more passable now. We had to park ~0.7 miles from the trailhead, but it's not exactly a difficult walk in. We weren't, however, prepared for the amount of snow on the trails themselves. We'd intended to do the Top Spur -> McNeil Shelter -> McNeil Point hike, but Timberline Trail #600 still has deep snow that makes for rough going, and significantly obscures the trail. We're newbies, but we managed to use the topo maps to get a few miles in before things went somewhat awry with my hiking partner's shoes. We managed to find our way off of Timberline Trail #600 over to the Pacific Crest Trail, which is supposedly closed at some point that we didn't run into. Views from the PCT were absolutely breathtaking, and it felt very rewarding after the slog through the snow. Most disheartening wasn't the snow or the fact that I'd chosen today to train with a 40 lb pack, though: while on the PCT section heading back toward the trailhead, I found two deer ticks crawling up the outside of my pants, and one on my bag. Make sure you're wearing long pants and boot socks at a minimum, and check for ticks when you get back to your vehicle. Lyme disease can literally take years to recover from!

Mon May 14 2018

The road is still covered in a good amount of snow. Had to park a bit from the trailhead because our 4x4 wouldn’t manage. Due to lack of time we hiked through the snow for 45 minutes and had to turn around. So we didn’t make it to the trailhead. Looking forward to being able to complete in future.

Thu Oct 05 2017

It was really nice hike! I suggest hike to bald mt lookout breathtaking views of Mt hood mos definitely will do this hike again.

Sat Sep 16 2017

amazing views after a short hike. Then you can hike longer to other views.

Thu Aug 24 2017

Great hike. We also went to Mt. Baldy lookout. Nice 2.5 mile hike.

Thu Aug 10 2017

Too many flies...

Fri Jul 28 2017

Bring bug spray Great ridge walk with views

Sat Jul 22 2017

Amazing view point

Thu Jun 15 2017

Short, decently steep hike with killer mt. Hood views.

Tue Oct 25 2016

great hike for quick get away

Mon Jun 27 2016

Totally worth the view up on top. Trail has lots of tree trunks to step over on lower trail but once to the top it levels out a bit. View sight is by steep cliffs but not to bad.

Sun Jun 05 2016

It was a good hike, but super warm. It was in the 80's. Portland hit 100F today. I should have read the reviews first. I didn't realize this was just a short trail to take you to other trail intersections. Also, the Top Spur trail head coordinates are WAY off. It took me to a spot along the road that was over a mile away. After initially looking around that area for a while we almost gave up on finding the trail head. Eventually we drove down the road quite a ways and then saw a sign for the official trail head. Update: I tried to submit new coordinates, but not sure when they will be active.

Sat May 16 2015

Amazing fun hike, with spectacular views!!!..

Thu Apr 03 2014

Unbelievable views of Mt Hood. Very short trail from LOLO pass rd. Parking is difficult in peak season though.

Sat Oct 06 2012

Starting at the Top Spur Trailhead, this short trail takes you to ridge trail leading to McNeil Point and Cairn Basin. Beautiful views of the north side of Mt. Hood. Wildflowers are gorgeous in July.

Mon Aug 01 2011

Top Spur is really just an extended trailhead that takes you to a junction with 4 longer more fabulous trails, two being routes following the Pacific Crest Trail. We used Top Spur to get to the Muddy Fork portion of the Timberline trail and it was amazing. With a long chilly spring this year and such a mild summer our late July hike was filled with wildflowers. Truly breathtaking. Unfortunately, parts of the Muddy Fork were washed out and we turned back after about 2 miles in. Hope to do this one again next year.

1 day ago

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