46.6 miles
7,296 feet

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1 month ago

My brother, a niece, a nephew and two girl friends and I set out to do this trail on Aug 9-13th. We stayed that long but didn’t finish the loop. We started at Lava Camp lake trailhead. We started way too late in the day and by brother became overheated to the point of stopping. South Matthieu lake was our stop. We decided to set out to finish the first days 3 miles as well as the second days 10. Needless to say we only made it to Soap Creek. By then I was suffering with many blisters. Instead of continuing on we set up camp and headed back the next morning . *side-note, we should have just continued because the way back was way harder. So we made it back to Matthieu lake for the night and chose the next day to go the other way, PCT. we made it to Minnie SCOTT spring where it was beautiful, butterflies everywhere. We set up camp and set out to see Opie Dilldock Pass and was not disappointed. We hiked out the last day to our finish. I will say everything from Matthieu lake south to past soap creak was nothing but a burn scar and only water at alder creek. When it is hit there is absolutely no sun protection. Lava lake camp trail is also a burn scar. I will do this hike again and finish it. I will start at pole creek or obsidian. I want to see the south end.