6.6 miles
2080 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash




Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Swamp Peak trail. – from a spur off of the 1152 road down to Chimney Peak Trail.
There is a small place to park at this part of the trail and a trail head kiosk, but it’s not labeled with the trail name. I suspect that this is because the trail is intersected by the road and we are basically starting in the middle of this trail. This trail again appears to be longer than the map says. The map says 3.2, but according to Garmin it's more like 4.11 to the trial fork. This trail starts out up hill for about 2 hours and then for the next 2-3 hours it pretty much steep downhill. This trail is maintained a lot better with only 2-3 big logs across it and virtually no small ones across anyplace. I’m not sure why it’s in better shape but it is. There is not a lot of water along this trail so be prepared and take plenty with you. Once you hit the chimney peak Trail you can either head towards Chimney peak or Donaca Lake. If you head toward the Peak, there is a great place to camp about ½ mile up the trail at Fitt Creek. Lots of water in this creek for cooking, bathing, drinking etc. If you have 2-3 extra hours you can even hike down stream to the waterfall, but it’s a pretty tough hike and I wouldn’t really recommend it unless you have a whole day to do it. There is no official trail down, just follow the creek bed down stream and you will eventually reach the falls. The falls are called McNabb falls and I would guess they are 100+ feet high. I’ve only been there once about 25 years ago and they looked pretty cool from the top but also a bit dangerous. It took us about 5 hours to go from the road all the way down to Fitt creek. On the way back out it took us about 6 hours with lots of steep uphill climbing