3.3 miles
649 feet
Out & Back

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9 days ago

It’s definitely easier to get to this through Camp Creek Campground. Go straight until you have to turn right. Follow the road until you get to the bridge on the left. Parking for three vehicles on right directly across from the bridge. We got there about 915am, campers were just stirring. We didn’t see anybody on the out and back portion of the trail. I planned on going out and back, but it ends at a service road and access to the creek. Hung out at the creek a bit then followed the service road to the right because my map showed it went to a path the intersected with the Still Creek path at the halfway point so we followed it. Turned out to be lead to another service road to the right so we followed that. It dead ended at what looks like a camping area that’s fallen into disuse and there the trail ended. We were really close to the Still Creek Trail, so after a few minutes of navigating the underbrush we did pop back into the trail. We didn’t see anybody until that moment, there were a few large family groups going by then. Probably looked a little crazy to them.

The last half of the trail is very narrow next to a ravine, coming back against those large groups would have been interesting. Also the sign at the service road says horses are ok, but I don’t see how. I wouldn’t hike this alone, an accident could easily happen. There’s tons of shade for the sun-sensitive. The service road had no shade. There aren’t any eye-popping flowers or vegetation here, but it’s quiet, and pretty, we could almost always hear the creek. We went through a bottle and half of water. About 36 ounces.