Photos of Spencer Butte from Fox Hollow Road

4.3 miles
1,305 feet



nature trips



1 month ago

This hike is righteous any time of year. It has numerous trailheads with about three levels of difficulty, none of which are THAT difficult, but the short trailhead does have a small scramble.

My first time was in winter after an ice storm a cpl January's ago. From the big parking lot on Willamette St near Glenfiddich there's a cpl trailheads, the .7 mi "hard" that has a nice middle point that has good views of the valley towards the coast then at the top you get a nice panoramic of the valley, the coast range, and the sisters. maybe mt hood on a nice day. ..I could be wrong but I'm pretty sure .

my favorite way to go, since I have to access the trail by public transit, is the Fox Hollow trailhead. it's actually the Ridgeline trail, off Fox hollow. there's a bus stop near fox hollow and Saratoga that adds half a mile to the hike if you need public transit, it's not bad. the fox hollow route is basically an out and back that switchbacks and connects trails. it's all pretty easy to figure out using this app or the signage.

You can do this hike alone, as I have every time, but it'd be a lot cooler with a friend or s.o. or family. Be sure to bring a light if you're coming down after sunset. I've started at about 6pm and made sunset perfect timing and not had to be in too much dark.

go do this hike!