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Soggy Bottoms, North Boundary, Middle Ridge, and Thistle Ridge Loop

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North Bank Habitat Management Area

Soggy Bottoms, North Boundary, Middle Ridge, and Thistle Ridge Loop is a 7.7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Sutherlin, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, horses, and mountain biking and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 7.7 miles Elevation Gain: 1,525 feet Route Type: Loop

dog friendly


horseback riding

mountain biking



wild flowers


This wildlife preserve east of Wilbur, Oregon has a trail system open to the general public for day use only. This area was set aside to provide secure habitat for the Columbian white-tailed deer and other special status species.

2 months ago

I loved this trail. It was extremely peaceful and the hills kicked my butt. lol! The views were incredible! I will likely do this one again But there is something definitely wrong with the recording of my hike. It said I did over 200 miles and the layout of the hike, on the map, was all over the place.

4 months ago

Great walk. Trails were wet and muddy but still beautiful.

5 months ago

great trail, with lots of wildlife life! we saw lots of deer and a bobcat.

11 months ago

We hiked the trail following my app. The first part was well traveled, however when we got to the middle of the loop the trail was thin and hardly used! beautiful views, some great rock formations, tighten your shoes on the way down! definitely toe torture!

Tue Apr 02 2019

It was an amazing trail and a great way to get some practice under your belt for a bigger hike or even a backpacking trip

Sun Dec 09 2018

57 and mostly sunny yesterday; great 31/2-4 mile hike. The 3 of us enjoyed

Tue Sep 11 2018

There is a lot more trail than 7.1 miles at North Bank, but most of it is seriously uphill or downhill. You can find a couple of “flat” miles at the west entrance, if you take the single track trail leading west from the parking lot, which soon joins a gravel road. The views from the top are definitely worth the work, and there are many ways to get there. The east entrance has a more gradual climb to the top, (unless you take the trail under the power lines). But, it is closed mid-week, so you will have to park outside the gate and walk in. There are cattle running about, and occasional horseback riders, so be aware. Also, prepare to wipe yourself down in case you contact poison oak. All trails have poison oak just off of them. In winter, the single track can be quite muddy, but in summer, even the “cat roads” are nice.. some gravel and packed dirt.

Sun Apr 15 2018

Somewhat difficult at times, very hilly and prepare to walk on soft ground at times. There are a variety of trails to take and the signs are not clear through out the trails.

Sun Apr 08 2018

Not your typical trail in Douglas County. I liked the steep grade right away. I always see a lot of deer. Would be a good hike to take your dog on. However, I think this is popular with horse trail riding. I’ve never seen any though.

Mon Dec 11 2017

Great hike with beautiful scenery. Pretty steep section to the summit but trail was well maintained and worth the effort. Overall the trail could use some more signage, I missed a turn and went to the wrong trail head.

Thu Oct 05 2017

Beautiful country . We were there for a youth hunt. Very steep if you want to get to the top . But lots of cat roads once you get up there .

Wed Jul 26 2017

tough hike up to the ridge, but spectacular views. I had the entire trail system to myself.

Mon Jul 10 2017

We hiked the loop counter clockwise - taking the trail on the NW corner of the parking lot. We were happy we did as the terrain was very steep the other way. Stay straight on path if a easier climb. Wonderful views and a couple of picnic tables. There is poison oak at the very top ridge line. The trail was a little hard to follow at the very top. Only saw a couple of people riding horses and cows with calves. We were the only ones hiking!

Tue Jun 13 2017

(AllWill) great work out steep terrain. friendly invierment. ideal for pets got to see wild life couple houres and dogs. i will be going back.

Thu Jun 01 2017

Beautiful! Trails were well maintained and the hike was very peaceful! I had the whole place to myself. I did have to hike an extra .7 miles as the gate was closed off to my vehicle, but it was well worth it. I took the trail up to North Bank Trail (or maybe it was North Plain Trail??) and it was definitely a work out for me, but BEAUTIFUL views at the top! I can see how it would be a muddy hike if in the wetter season. It was perfect for me however.

Sun Apr 23 2017

Very muddy ! To early in the year. We turned around

Tue Apr 18 2017

from the west entrance I hiked up the 1.5 trail on black tail ridge. great hike, excellent views at the top.

Sun Mar 05 2017

beautiful trail even in the rain, great view at the top. However, not well marked at all if you do the loop counter clockwise!

Sat Jan 14 2017

Great Hike

Sun Nov 06 2016

packed my 2 year old. she hiked some. great for many ages. a good bit of the trail is stroller friendly. gorgeous views.

Thu Nov 03 2016

done this a number of times it's actually a hard hike. first mile is a doosey

Sat Jul 09 2016

It best in the spring when everything is green and in bloom.

Thu Jun 09 2016

Pretty steep climb but great 360 vistas from the ridge. I strayed off the main trail at one point, following an unmarked path which merged from one to another - would have been hopelessly lost without GPS - recommend staying on the trail :)

Sun Feb 28 2016

First time here, thus was a little confused about which way to go. I started at main lot, comstock and went along black basin road to a hill with a weather station then back along powerline road to lot. (5miles)There are alot of other trail options and another entance on the west side. The views from the ridges and hill are awesome. Wide open space for most of hike. Muddy horse track areas and several small step over type streams are present.

Sun May 24 2015

Arrived and gate was closed during time it should have been opened, so it added an extra 1.5 miles round trip to the hike. Very worth the 8+ 1.5 miles! The views up on the ridge is amazing. Saw lot of wild life. We went up Soggy Bottom trail and across the ridge to Middle then down Thistle Ridge back to road at the East/Main Entrance. Largest Madrone trees I've ever seen. Some pretty steep sections but still give it a moderate rating.

Mon Jan 27 2014

The views were stunning on this cold clear January day as I hiked the 7 mile loop trail out of the Comstock Day Use parking lot. There were several people on horseback and a few other hikers but I pretty much had the entire hike to myself. Parts of the trail were moderately steep but a good workout nonetheless. These trails can be very muddy in a normal year but our dry winter has made them quite passable this time of year. The views from the top of the hills were spectacular. The land the wildlife preserve is on was once a cattle ranch and some old buildings from those days dot the landscape.

11 months ago

Sat Jun 08 2019

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