Rogue River Trail

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Rogue River Trail is a 40.2 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Grants Pass, Oregon that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

40.2 miles
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This is a trail that cuts through Rogue River Wild and Scenic, and the Rogue River Wilderness on the north shore of the Rogue At Grave Creek, on the South side of the river, there is a short out-and back hike to Raney Falls. The view of the falls is much more impressive from that side than from the north The Rogue River itself is closed to motorized boats from Grave Creek to Blossom Bar rapids. Below Foster Bar the River is open to motorized boats but the bordering land is Wilderness. The river is popular with rafters, kayakers, and drift boaters. There is year round salmon and steelhead fishing. Hikers share campsites with boaters. There are restrictions on fire usage. There is a popular day hike to Whiskey Creek, 3.3 miles one way from the trail head. Whiskey Creek has an old Gold Miner's cabin. It is possible to drive to a spot above Whiskey Creek and make a steep hike down to the cabin; it is far less enjoyable than the river trail There are currently (2013) 3 lodges operating on this trail - Black Bar Lodge, Paradise Lodge, and Marial Lodge. Some people hike this route with day packs and get food and lodging from the lodges. At Black Bar you need to ring their bell for someone to come to row you across. Some people float down the river and hike the approx. 40 miles back

2 months ago

I have hiked the entire trail twice and the Mariel, Blossom Bar is my favorite section. These sections can be reached by vehicle and worth the drive for a day hike or spending the night. Awesome hike anytime of the year!

5 months ago

Hiked the first 7 miles starting at Graves Boat Launch. Must say the beginning was the most difficult with loose rock and uneven footing. Beautiful area. Enjoyed the little cabin at Whiskey Creek. Many beautiful camping spots. Took a dip in the river to cool off. Great day.

6 months ago

Amazing hike with incredible river and mountain views. The terrain changes allot as the trails goes through forests, alongside cliffs and mountain slopes.
The camp spots were great but difficult to anticipate since not all campsites are easily accessible from the trail.
Seen Deer, Bear, Bald Eagles, Hawks and an Osprey. Some incredible history took place along this trail, I recommend taking along the trail guide and reading about its history. Would like to do it again but in the spring or fall.

6 months ago

Top five of my favorite hikes! Finished this trail a few hours ago with 2 great friends. Along the way we encountered a bear on the trail, saw many deer, an osprey and a bald eagle. Incredible trail with way too little accurate info for hikers. The BLM guide we used was generally for rafters so when we counted on a place to camp it would be down a long, steep trail. One day we hiked 4-5 miles longer than planned. So be careful and always carry enough water and expect the unexpected. The trail passes through a lot of different looks. Each place we camped was very different... We hiked it when we knew it was going to be hot but the forecast changed to even hotter so on the west end the forecast was 85 and when we exited it was 97.... Hopefully I'll do this hike again but definitely when the weather is cooler.

7 months ago

This is my favorite backpacking trip I've ever taken. Beautiful canyons, cute swimming spots, and great people. There's some farm/resorts in the middle that offer nice resting spots. It's a tough hike for sure (feels like uphill both ways) and it's REALLY hot in the summer, but the views are worth it.

7 months ago

So incredibly beautiful out there. Cleansing for the soul. I never wanted to leave the trail. I can't wait to get back out there.

7 months ago

It was the most rewarding trail I have every backpacked, best if split into 5 days, but do able in 4 day. The experience is indescribable, but I can say that the scenery is majestic. The negative side if I had to pick one would be the mosquitos are in abundance this year due to the wet winter we had. I loved this trail, and will definitely do it once more.

7 months ago

For our first time we started at Foster Bar. Unfortunately we stayed at Tacoma Middle Camp and the bears got all our food. They break into the boxes and hoist. Next time we will use the bear fence area. For what we saw it was wonderful can't wait until next year when we get to try again. We won't be sleeping at Tacoma.

7 months ago

This trail is hard. All of the maps we had said 40.5 miles, but our GPS said 49.2. We spoke with a BLM worker and he said all the maps are river miles not trail miles. Do not trust the mile markers on the trail, they lie. BLM was out a day before us, GPS'ing the trail so they can update the maps. We only saw 1 rattler and 1 bear. The bears up by Tate and Tacoma were stealing food, so make use of the bear boxes and fences. There are several spots where the trail had been washed out from mud slides so be careful!

7 months ago

2nd time we have done this trail. last year we went from graves creek to foster bar, this year we started at foster bar. We absolutely love this trail, although I would not recommend starting at foster bar. It seems every ridge you hit at noon to 3 in the scolding hot Sun!

8 months ago

Just finished this on June 8, 2017. Can't wait to do again and definitely will. There is a lot of trail maintenance that is needed. Had a few slides to navigate. Only one that was real bad. That's the only reason I gave it 4 and not 5. If you have ever considered doing this one. Take the plunge. It is well worth it.

8 months ago

A wonderful experience other than the abundant poison oak next to the trail.

8 months ago

Beautiful views on this sometimes very rocky trail. Lots of poison oak to watch out for.

9 months ago

Gorgeous view of the valley and the river. It was covered with beautiful wild flowers everywhere. I would give 5 stars if it had more trees and wider trail. We felt kinda stuck on a 2 foot wide trail in blazing hot sun with lotsa poison oak on both sides. Make sure you wear shoes that supports your ankles and has good traction cuz you will walk on sharp rocks most of the time. Don't forget your sunscreen!!! Because you will burn!! :)

Thursday, September 01, 2016

me and my son took 4 days to go from graves creek to foster bar. what an amazing hike. great camping. only seen 1 bear at Rouge River ranch. a few deer. lots of lizards and squirells.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Easy, beautiful! I recommend springtime to avoid major heat off the rock canyons and bring water purification. plan on three to four days to enjoy it and I always recommend a car waiting at the other side or pay a raft shuttle company to give you a lift.

Friday, June 24, 2016

was a great trail and experience! don't be fooled tho... this trail has some tough areas that are narrow and a bit sketchy. but well worth the trip! We started at graves creek and hiked thru to foster bar June 2016. lots of poison oak so take tencu plus tick and mosquito repellent.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I only did part of the trail with my family due to this being our first backpacking trip, but it's definitely one I'd love to complete in the future.

Sunday, May 01, 2016

First time on the trail and I had a blast. The views are breath taking. It rained on and off on Thursday, but not much. I was able to take refuge in a Lodge. I was so upset that all the lodges don't officially open until May 1st. So no hot food of even a cold beer.

I highly recommend this to anyone.

Thursday, March 31, 2016

Amazing trail! Views are spectacular of the river from trail located at times high up the gorge carved into the rocky slope. Great short hike to Whiskey Creek cabin, an old mining site just 7 miles there and back from the trailhead.

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