Oregon Coast Trail to Neahkahnie Mountain is a 6.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Neahkahnie Beach, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

6.3 miles
2,122 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash



nature trips

road biking

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wild flowers



old growth

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Hike to the top of this coastal peak for terrific views over the Paciific. This tall peak on the northern Oregon coast has a great views out over the pacific from a viewpoint at the top.

17 days ago

Just a beautiful hike along hwy 101 and parts of Oregon coast. Although some of the trail intersects with the road you barely notice it’s there.

20 days ago

My husband and I hike from the south trailhead. It took us about 45 minutes to get to the summit. We arrived at the viewpoint and noticed a large climbable rock behind us. It was indeed climbable and we had incredible views from the top. There was an easier way down that can be clearly seen from the top. Going up it is on the right of the trail just before the view. After a good hour on top trying to memorize the view we continued to the north trail head and were rewarded with more incredible views as we were nearing the trailhead. We ran the 2 miles back to our car

28 days ago

Go early to avoid a crowd at the top.

1 month ago

Great quick hike with views.

1 month ago

The view at the end makes it worth the long uphill hike. Def not easy but also not that bad. My 2 small dogs were able to do it with no problem and there were lots of kids on the trail. Recommend good hiking shoes. Lots of roots to climb over and a little muddy.

This is a great trail, done it many times over the past 50 years, even with grandparents who were in their '70's!

3 months ago

Another fabulous Oregon Coast Trail. You can also park at the south end of the trail and hike to the top making it an in-and-out hike. Going this way, the total in-and-out distance is about 3 miles. Elevation gain is about 1200 feet and I would classify this as a moderate hike.

No idea what the previous review is talking about... except maybe he's trying to keep this excellent hike to himself.

Note to hikers: This is an Oregon Coast trail and the Oregon Coast is essentially a rain forest -- so guess what that means? Muddy trails. Also, not surprisingly, there are lots of trees and plants growing here... which means, not surprisingly, there are often lots of roots on the trails. So, if muddy trails with lots of roots are not for you, you might want to consider skipping hiking on the Oregon Coast all together.

3 months ago

Started at the South end and hiked to the summit and back. I was not impressed with this trail. From the south end the trail we hiked through the forest without any views. Just looked at ferns, moss, and cedars. The view at the top was pretty cool. There is a spot you can scramble up and have great views. Over all I wouldn't do this trail again. It was approx 1.5 miles from South end to summit.

4 months ago

Tough hike to the top but rewarding views! We brought our two dogs, but I can’t say that I would bring them back. The trail is narrow and often overgrown which it made it difficult with the pups, especially when we ran into other hikers

4 months ago

This is a very nice day hike with a great view at the top of what I think of as the Nehalem River Delta. The trail is fairly demanding- steep and very rocky with lots of roots and difficult footing. At times the vegetation nearly covers the trail and towers above head height (and I’m 6-5). Busy on this holiday weekend but you still go for long stretches without seeing anyone. We hiked from the oceanside trailhead.

4 months ago

This is by far my favorite beach hike. I've taken my 5 year old up to the peak. With the kiddo it's a bit more slow going, but worth the time it takes. The view is absolutely amazing! The people I've met on this trail have all been amazing, and wonderful.

4 months ago

This is probably one of the best beach hikes near Seaside. It was straight uphill the whole time but I feel if you push yourself and take some breaks the novice hiker can make it. It was muddy in some spots this day so wear boots that are waterproof just in case. The view at the top is breathtaking (Make sure to climb to the top of the pile of rocks for the ultimate view). If you want to check it out before you go, I did a YouTube video on it so Copy/paste the link below!


5 months ago

Still very muddy, dress appropriately and wear shoes that can take a beating. Hiked it both ways from one parking lot to the other and back, one way takes about 2 hours at regular speed. Make sure to take the 0.1 mile side-trip at the parking lot near the ocean - there's a beautiful lookout point! Top part can be covered with clouds, so carrying a rainjacket is a good idea.

6 months ago

Lots of roots and mud, plus lots of mini slides throughout the trail making it a difficult trek. The incline was steady and the views were beautiful.

7 months ago

Well maintained trail with continuous elevation gain. Very muddy even on a nice day after the rainy season. Lots of roots on this trail so watch your feet! Views from the top are nothing but breathtaking. Everyone I met on the trail was extremely friendly as well which is always a plus.

7 months ago

I did the south trail today!! It hailed, rained and snowed up there! I love it, easy hike if you're fit! Will totally do it in the spring again.

9 months ago

perfect short, but long enough hike. Very muddy in winter. One switchback is a bit confusing. Downed tree hides the switchback and people just go straight and walk down the other trail away from the peak.
otherwise some light rock climbing (no trail, just rock type steps) to summit. Great view if no clouds. so so if rainy and foggy. Nice flowers in spring and summer.

10 months ago

Definitely slightly more challenging that we were expecting. The views are insane if there isn’t any cloud coverage.

10 months ago

The view from the top was beautiful, but extra windy considering we hiked in between rain storms. It’s easy to get lost on this trail, so make sure to follow the white spray painted tree markers. Our group plus a few others we ran into also got lost and it was a bit scary at times.

Monday, September 18, 2017

We started at the South Trail trailhead and intended to hike to the crest and return. Missed the turn to the crest and turned around when it was clear we had missed it. We decided to hike up the coast trail to the ocean and enjoyed it. Spectacular view from mountain crest.

Tuesday, September 12, 2017

Absolutely gorgeous coastal view from the top. Would definitely recommend starting early - we had the summit to ourselves, and by the time we got back to our van the car park was packed.

Monday, September 11, 2017

It takes about 15-40 minutes to get to the top from the beginning trailhead. That's if you're running, briskly hiking. There is a slight scramble

Sunday, August 20, 2017

So, I may be unhappy because the view was foggy up top. I was immediately confused about where the trail ( remained) after about 3 miles up, and couldn't find a decent view. I could've easily mistaken the trail since it was my first time.

Tuesday, August 01, 2017

Wonderful! I wish I knew for sure that I wasn't running through poison oak, but that's my own fault for not looking it up earlier. I don't think there was any on the trail actually. But, I was worrying about it the first third since it was such heavy trailer coverage.

Sunday, July 30, 2017

Tough hike for someone who is very out of shape, but it was soooo worth it. Absolutely beautiful all the way up. And the view at the top was breathtaking!

Sunday, July 23, 2017

Great hike, perfect view at the top of the rocks. There will be a lot of people there. Hopefully no one answers their phone and proceeds to take a business call when you're up there, because I had the misfortune of having to deal with that. "Oh hey yeah I'm at the top of a mountain lol so anyways I think we can get a higher offer."

Sunday, July 02, 2017

We parked at Oswald West above the ocean then did the north approach starting at Short Sands Beach (perfectly stunning beach on a bluebird day). Lotsa roots and rocks but trekking poles made a big difference. The hike itself was not crowded but it was surprising to reach the top and find a dozen or more people hanging and taking selfies with that world class view. The going up from the north took me about 1:45 but my hubby coulda done it in an hour if he wasn't waiting on me. Then coming down the south side it was over before I knew it. Maybe 40". Much easier and shorter. Maybe about 6+ miles total. He left me with the dogs and bummed a ride back to the car. Great hike. Great day. Now it's time for a beer.

Saturday, July 01, 2017

Disappointed. Short walk to much down trees along path. To foggy, need to go on a clear day if you want to see great views.

Monday, June 26, 2017

A decent trail with a decent view at the top. Wear long pants if you don't like plants brushing up on your legs. Be careful of roots and mud if you are running the trail. It's a quick one to do if you are visiting the beach. If you don't want to walk from the beach you can drive on hwy 101 and enter trail from highway.

Saturday, June 03, 2017

Great hike amongst the trees. Wanted to do the North startup point, but it was a bit hard to find along 101when your driving past view pullouts. Even drove past the south entrance, but a friend just happen to see it. They're pretty hard to spot. Driving in a fee 100ft until you actually see cars parked off to the side. Back to the hike. Incline hike right from the start. The path is a decent width, but there are a few areas that are pretty slim with only room for 1 person at a time. Be very cautious in these areas when its been raining. The path is straight forward until you hit a wide break point with a path to the right and left. Just make sure to follow the arrow tacked on the tree to guide you correctly. As you get to the top, the path to the very top is not marked nor does it stand out. A steep path up is next to where hikers tend to rest and soak in a partial view. The top view isn't as wide as i thought it would be so it can be tight if there are too many ppl there at once. This trail will continue to lead you to the north entrance. If you do continue, just know that you will have to have a vehicle waiting for you at that end as well, or prepare yourself to hike back to get back to the south entrance. I would definitely do this hike again. Hopefully on a more clear day to see the whole coastal line. Either way its still a great hike in nature.

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