Photos of Nick Eaton #447 and Gorton Creek # 408 Trail Loop

Distance: 17.4 miles Elevation Gain: 5,869 feet Route Type: Loop

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3 hours ago

I don’t know how to rate this trail. If you are looking for a very hard, very challenging bushwhack, then this is probably a five. This is one of the most challenging hikes I’ve ever done. On the one hand, I liked it, because it was so challenging, but I wasn’t quite expecting how overgrown parts of the trail were and how hard it would be to even follow the trail. Ok, so once again, the All Trails info is way off. I used two GPS devices and measured 13.1 miles (including ~2 miles of side trails), and 5,400 ft elevation gain (probably around 1,000 of that was the side trails). This is not a trail for beginners or for people that don’t have high confidence in their trail finding and navigation skills. This trail is extremely hard to follow. There is a lot of overgrowth, and some sections with extreme amounts of overgrowth, and there are multiple blow downs that completely obscure the trail. This is where your navigation skills take over from your trail finding skills. Some highly recommended tips: bring your GPS device with downloaded map and route ( I would’ve lost the trail in a couple of spots without this); bring hiking poles; wear long sleeves and long pants; put a strap on your sunglasses (yes the bushwhacking is that bad); take your time to stop and look around for signs of the trail, it’s very easy to get off track; look at your GPS often (even with good trail finding skills, it’s nice to know you are still on track); stay focused, this isn’t a trail where you want to get distracted; when you get to spots where you say NFW the trail goes there, you’ll find out YFW; don’t keep valuables in your car, there were several break-ins the day I did this trail. If you’re an experienced hiker with good trail finding skills and know how to use your hiking GPS (or are very skilled with map and compass), do this hike, it will build your confidence.

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