Mountain of the Rogue Loop

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Mountain of the Rogue Loop is a 6.3 mile loop trail located near Rogue River, Oregon that offers scenic views. The trail is rated as moderate offers a number of activity options.

6.3 miles
1,364 feet


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3 months ago

nice switch back trail. they should renamed to poison oak trail..

mountain biking
3 months ago

very technical and lots of switch backs good to ride early in the morning

8 months ago

I hiked this loop at the beginning of February, on an unseasonably warm and sunny day.
I second the other reviewers' main complaint: this is not a "wilderness experience"; More than 3/4 of the loop I hiked feels like attending the I5 Concert from an orchestra seat.There is a little peace to be found on sections of the Sasquatch trail and on the northwest side of the summit (Darkside trail). The whole descent via Arm Bar and Breakdown particularly calls for earplugs.

Other highlights of this trail.
1. Take a picture of the map at the trailhead if you don't have a map of the trails - it will help navigate the inter-woven switchbacks.
2. Yes, this is primarily a bikers trail: beware, look ahead and behind (many portions of the trail are visible at almost any point to see oncoming traffic) -- share the trail.
3. The trail is cut for bikes: low, never ending switchbacks (between 3 and 4 miles to the summit where a hiking trail would get there in 1.5 to 2 miles max), quite a bit of a roller coaster feeling in many section, round/steep/high angle turns, etc.
4. More than 2/3 of the trail is fully exposed; bring water and sun protection in warmer months.
5. It might be better to go UP the Breakdown and Arm Bar trail to see the bikers coming (flying) down towards you.
6. The view (on a clear day) are not that bad and would be worth the effort if it was not for the noise. Did I mention the noise?
7. One plus (and the only reason I decided to hike there in spite of the lackluster reviews) is the very quick on/off I5 as I drove from the Bay Area to Eugene.
8. There is parking for at least a dozen car right at the trailhead and facilities.
9. A decent workout if that is what thing you are looking for and if you hike fast on the uphill
10. Ah...the summit... quite anti-climactic, small, no great views and a bit of junk around.
I gave 2 stars for the workout value, for some views of he Rogue Valley and for the ease of access.

8 months ago

My honest opinion about this trail was it sucked!! I drove to Rogue River wanting get out into wilderness and relax my mind. The whole trail was next to the freeway, which you hear the loud freeway traffic the entire time never letting you feel like you're actually in the wilderness. The other thing that really bothered me was, that there are so many different trails next to another, you're constantly finding forks in the road leading you to other trails making it super easy to get lost. (FYI) This trail is made mainly for mountain bikers.
Other than that, there were some good views and some decent inclines, which is the only reason I rated it as 2 stars. I personally would not recommend this hike to anyone.

10 months ago

The trail is well kept because it's primarily used for mountain biking. Some really fun switch backs and birm shots! The ecosystem changed from sunny manzanita covered hills to moss covered chilled woods. I got a nice little cardio workout on my way up which was 4 miles to Tin Cup Peak. There are multiple trails, some of which are marked "bikes only". The way up had some nice views of the Valley of the Rogue with all the fall colors. I was disappointed at the top because there wasn't a view where I landed. They are furthering this trail system to cover the back side of the mountain as well. The reason I won't go back here is I-5 is simply too close and I could hear the hwy most of the 7 mile hike. If you don't don't mind the noise you'll love this hike. Watch out for bikers :)

11 months ago

Nice trail with pretty fall manzanitas. The trail is shared with mountain bikers, we saw 4. The trail starts near I5, so traffic noise is present for first bit.

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