McCredie Hot Springs

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McCredie Hot Springs is a 0.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Oakridge, Oregon that features hot springs. The trail is good for all skill levels and is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips.

Distance: 0.9 miles Elevation Gain: 88 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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5 days ago

Not much of a hike but super pretty with the snow! Got there Friday morning around 9:30am and were the only ones there! Water felt amazing and was super hot. Drove farther up the mountain as well and caught it snowing a little bit

Thu Dec 06 2018

I would not go here again and am so glad I wasn’t alone. We had an experience similar to the lady below. We were in the larger spring across the creek when we seen a guy standing near the hwy taking pictures and jacking off right towards us. We quickly got out to get dressed, grab our things and let the other girls that were there know that he was there during the whole process he “continued”.. it was very uncomfortable only to get back across the creek and up to our car to find a sticky not on my driver side window which said “why’d you stop, I had a perfect view”.. I’m so creeped out by the situation I can’t even imagine how long he’s been doing this and nothings been done about it.

Tue Jul 31 2018

We had an enjoyable time in the hot springs. The hike was easy and the scenery was beautiful, the hot springs were incredibly relaxing.

Mon Jun 25 2018

We parked in the lot on the South side of 58 (by the bathroom) and had to ford Salt Creek to get to the nicer hot springs, one of which was dug out to about two feet deep and perfect for a soak. There were also deeper pools along the river. Fording the creek was a fun adventure, but one of our group had trouble with it (it was about knee deep and somewhat swift), so we walked back along the trail and then the highway. If you don't want to cross the creek, turn down Shady Gap Road, turn right at both splits, and park at the bend to hike the mile to the springs. The hike to the springs was through beautiful primeval looking forest, with huge ferns and lots of moss and wildflowers. We went on a Monday about noon, and there were only two other people there. Also, fair warning that clothing is optional.

Fri Jan 26 2018

Me and three lovely ladies went to McCready Hot Springs on 1/23/18. We witnessed a man ‘spanking his monkey’ across the river. I yelled at him ‘put that shit away!’ A minute later, we heard him shoot a gun from that side of the river. We didn’t feel comfortable enough to stay so we got our things and made our way back to the car. On my driver side window was this sticky note... waiting for us. He wrote us a note to let us know how much he liked watching us in the water while he “Jacked off so fucking hard”. When we called the police to tell them about the creeper, they told us there wasn’t enough to send a cop out to investigate. Don’t send your teenagers out there! Don’t let girls go alone. Someone is going to end up hurt, or assaulted. There’s no cell coverage there and you can bet he knows it. #creepy #creeper #sexoffender #forreal #realshit #mccreadyhotsprings #oakridge #hotsprings #inoregon #oregon #report

Sun Jan 21 2018

There is a small hot springs at the day use area which smelled awful! But there’s another hot springs across the river - took a little bit of patience to find how to get to the trail that takes you to it. It has a larger hot springs and a few small ones along the river. Beautiful scenery while soaking!

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