7.9 miles
1496 feet
Out & Back

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14 days ago

I'm not sure how the trails get their rating and I am not an expert, but I really think that this is not a moderate trail.
We shuttled from the trail head to Shady Cove campground. The hike from that end starts out very pleasant and pretty easy. Around a mile and a half to two mile in that all changes. You climb up out of the river bed in switch backs that become more and more rocky as you go. When you reach the top you have to go back down. The trail becomes very narrow and very rocky. When you get to the river you turn around and start back up again.
We went after a heavy rain. This made the river amazing and beautiful but it also made the creeks feeding into the river very fast and deep. There were three crossings that did not have a bridge. Two had logs laid across. One of those was very smooth and very slippery. The last crossing did not have any logs. We had to cross up stream, off the trail, on a tree that was laying across and on the far side was about 6 feet off the ground. I understand that the heavy rain was the cause of the full creeks but something should be said about that lack of safe crossings.
It is a wonderful hike with so much to look at. I just think people should be made aware that it is not moderate. It is a very difficult hike if you are not prepared.