Kerby Peak Trail

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Kerby Peak Trail is a 6.7 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Selma, Oregon that features a great forest setting and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from March until October.

6.7 miles 2834 feet Out & Back



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Kerby Peak

5 months ago

Awesom views and hike

6 months ago

Hiked on a beautiful day. No one around until the end when I saw one other person. Challenging hike up, but not difficult. The summit views were amazing with clear skies!

Nice view, also a bit of a workout getting to the top.

10 months ago

I won't contradict the other reviewers: this is a gnarly little(ish) hike!! The track I posted says 6.64 miles round trip (~ 3.3 miles to the top) for a total elevation gain of 2,717 ft; not really a leisurely stroll.

The trail itself is however in good condition; I only had to duck once under a young fallen tree and there are a couple loose-rocks sections (one just before reaching the ridge line at 1.5 miles, another one below the Kerby Peak summit). Not a bad idea to keep an eye for rattlesnakes in the exposed and rocky sections.

The elevation gain is what makes the trail feel quite a bit harder than the 3.3 miles from trail-head to the summit.

The first 1.5 miles are all switch-backs from the trail-head (at 2,858 ft) to the ridgeline (at 4,417 ft); basically a 20% grade average. That section is well shaded and there is a viewpoint, just off the trail, on a rock outcropping just beyond the one mile mark (a good spot to catch a quick break before the push to the ridgeline).

A the foot of rock formations, the trail reaches the ridgeline and I was hoping for some more level terrain (I should have looked at the topo map more closely). After a short descent to a saddle, the trail starts a short series of switch-backs before finally straightening for a while, following the southern slope under the hill preceding Kerby Peak itself. That section climbs at a more moderate clip before actually going down the rest of the way to the saddle between the two summit (2.5 miles in). The down section is more exposed and therefore also offers sweeping views to the South and South-East.

The saddle can be another spot for a quick break before the ascent to Kerby Peak. The ascent starts with a few short and steep switch-backs before again leveling out some as the route forges South-West on exposed terrain. At the 3 miles mark, the last series of switch-backs eventually snakes around scenic outcroppings before reaching the flat-ish top (a few "false summits" on the way to trick the aching hiker)

The 360 degrees views from the top are worth every step. I went up on a sunny Saturday in early May and walked by a few patches of snow. The North slopes of the summits to the South-West still have quick a few snow covered areas.

I was alone all the way; my car was the only one parked when I left and the only one when I came back. This is apparently a very lightly frequented trail. The unpaved section (E. White Creek Rd) is 2.4 miles according to GPS and not difficult to navigate (a steep-ish climb initially and a few fallen rocks were the only "challenges").

I would visit this trail more often if it was closer to home (I work/live both in Eugene and the Bay Area).

11 months ago

This hike was awesome. I would say the hike felt like 12 miles. if you are in good cardiovascular shape, you won't have any issues, but if you hike once in a while...this hike will challenge you. It could take you 3 to 8 hours to complete this hike...not counting lunch time.

11 months ago

This rated hard hike is absolutely worth the time and energy. As the other reviewers wrote, the views at the top are BEAUTIFUL and Breathtaking... My wife, dog and I hiked it at the end of Feb. At the bottom of the Mt it was dry but as we Hiked higher and higher in elevation it was snowing. And at the top it had at least a foot of snow. If you are concerned about getting to the Mt in a 4 cylinder or a two wheel drive don't be. We drove our 2010 Toyota Camry SE and made it with no problems. If memory serves me right only about a mile of the drive is gravel. Maybe 2 miles. ( I wrote this review 2 months later ) I hope all who decides to hike here enjoys it as much as the 3 of us!!!!

1 year ago

I did this hike this summer and it was so beautiful and so worth it. Its shaded for most of the hike until you get close to the top. Let me tell you, this hike is difficult. Its quite steep for about 2 miles before it gets a little more level. The lovely shade helped with the heat so it could have been worse. The trailhead is clearly marked and there is plenty of room to park your car so I wouldn't worry about that. The view at the top made it totally worth the pain. It was beautiful. I can't wait to go back and do it again!

2 years ago

The first time my husband and I attempted this trail was in early Dec.last year.(2013) We were close to the summit when I had foot failure ( new boots) . Talk about feeling cheated!! Our next attempt was March of this year, and that day was amazing! The sights were spectacular, especially as it started to snow and we wound our way through the backside of the mountain. The snow was deep, but what turned us around that time was high wind mixed with snow! I had a blast coming down . This last weekend we set out bright an early and finally finished this awesome hike. The views of the valleys below, the mountains surrounding us was well worth the climb. We ate a light lunch at the top and watched the birds soar around us. Well worth hiking, and taking your time to enjoy!

3 years ago

Since we have had such a mild winter, we decided to hike Kerby Peak on February 16, 2014. This was previously one of my least favorite hikes because of the elevation gain in the first mile and a half (1500ft). I am in better shape and enjoyed it very much. We did encounter snow at around 4000ft and were making the first shoe prints. We did see what appeared to be deer prints too.. The views were amazing!!! The wind was blowing pretty good at the top, so we only took a few pictures then retreated down out of the wind to enjoy a snack.

3 years ago

October 20, 2013 we hiked the Kirby Peak Trail that it is about 6.5 miles up and back. The trailhead is at about 2,940 feet and the climb is very steep in the first 1.5 miles up to a rocky ridge at 4,400 feet. The trail switchbacks several times up until you reach another saddle on the ridge at about 5,300 feet. The elevation at the top is 5545 making the total elevation gain about 2600 feet. The first stop at the ridge showed us a fog at a low elevation, but not a single cloud in the sky. The top had views of Mt. McLoughlin, Grayback Mt., Kalmiopsis Wilderness, Siskiyou Wilderness. Also, there is a rare stand of Brewers spruce that is near the summit.