Hart's Cove Trail

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Hart's Cove Trail is a 5.3 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Neskowin, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

5.3 miles
1,079 feet
Out & Back

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A beautiful hike on the coast where you descend to your destination for a change! This is a wonderful hike that takes you through a temperate rainforest environment past massive trees and eventually to beautiful coastal views. If you arrive at the right time of year you may see plenty of wildflowers as well. This hike is unique as you start of the hike descending and return climbing the same switchbacks on the way back.

2 days ago

Barking sea lions is the first thing that comes to mind. They were loud about midway down the trail. There were muddy spots, but branches and rocks helped me get through. The views in the meadow at the end are nice. You have to hunt through the maze to get even better views. I didn't know there was a waterfall in the cove until a nice lady told me so. In the morning the cove was mostly a silhouette, but I can see the falls in my brightened photo after the fact. The cove would be lit better at midday or in the early afternoon.

4 days ago

Great hike, up hill on The way back was rough but well worth the hike. You can heat sea lions from
The look out!

6 days ago

My boyfriend and I went on this hike today for the first time. Now, this may be easy for others who are more physically fit and active lol.. but for people like my boyfriend and I who are overweight have had a hard time coming back. It was the longest we’ve ever hiked but man was it beautiful! Totally worth it. I saw a few centipedes, butterfly’s, squirrels, and heard some seals. We are now very sore and probably won’t go back for awhile lol at least until we lose some pounds. This isn’t for beginner hikers! I repeat! Not a beginners trail! Unless my boyfriend and I just suck lol. We made it though! Woohoo!

10 days ago

Honestly.... ugh. My husband clocked in 6 miles on his Fitbit. 6 miles to look at the Oregon Coast just wasn't worth it to me.

11 days ago

Do not go right as one of the recent reviews states!!! The cove is to the left from the clearing. We followed someone’s comment instead of trusting our instincts and got lost.

16 days ago

The key is when you get to the meadow at the end of the trail (overlooking the ocean), sort of bear right and try to find the big tree down the hill along the cliff. It's tempting to go toward the trees on the left, but stick to the right. That's where the viewpoint of the cove/waterfall is. But it's not marked and the trail splits and re-splits all through the hay in the meadow, so it's very unclear where to go. I think the actual trail ends at the top of the meadow, so add another .6 miles (.3 down the hill and back) if you're going to the viewpoint (which you should...it's the entire payoff of the hike). Overall it's a pretty laid-back hike, but the uphill at the end is the tough part.

22 days ago

Beautiful hike. Pretty low key. It would have been nice if the view at the end was a little more established. Trail was pretty empty when we started but filled up by the time we came out.

23 days ago

Hiked this today, so the road and trail are open for business! Beautiful hike! We had a lot of fog rolling in and out along the way which created a very cool atmosphere. We went about 9/10 in the morning and the traffic on the trail was pretty light, but when we got back the parking lot was pretty packed and starting down the road. Switchbacks coming up last about the last .5 miles and we’re fairly difficult, but overall I’d say this hike is more moderate.

23 days ago

In love

1 month ago

trail is closed and the road is gated off until July 15th

2 months ago

nice, biggest gripe is no option for audio ques in recorder

7 months ago

Trail is closed from Jan 1, 2018- July. Road is gated off so you can’t get through to the trail head. Very sad. ☹️

But I will be back!

7 months ago

For a “hard” hike I’d say it’s on the easy side. Great length. Super easy hike in aside from one of the bridges being out so you have to balance across some rocks. Lots of climbing back to the parking area on the way back. 10/10 would do again.

7 months ago

Beautiful hike, lots of downhill at the beginning (therefore lots of uphill on the end of the return trip). Path is mostly packed soil, some gravel at the beginning, path is only one person wide. Beautiful surroundings, lots of ferns, Huckleberry bushes, some huge Sitka spruce. At the end you pop out of the trees on a big green hillside over the ocean (like Cascade head but smaller and covered with a lot of salmon berry bushes) on the south side of the hillside there is a great view of Hart's Cove, which is beautiful. Cliff Creek pours into the cove in a (50ft?) waterfall. The cove is filled with seals, you can hear them even in the wooded part of the hike. There is a decent amount of parking, it was more crowded than the Cascade head parking though, seemed like a pretty popular hike. There weren't any sketchy parts really, but you do have to pick your way across one creek where the footbridge washed out, it was pretty easy, but could be hard if the creek was higher from recent rain. We got a late start and had to return in the dark with flashlights. The trail conditions are clean enough for that... but we did see signs of a bear (a huge old stump clawed apart recently... bears looking for grubs).

8 months ago

If your looking for a great view and a great workout this is the trail to hike! Got to the viewing point just in time for the sunset absolutely beautiful on a sunny day :)

8 months ago

Great hike. Tough on the knees one the way down, tough on the thighs on the way back. Absolutely worth it though! The gate off of HWY 101 is only open July 15th-Dec 31st so plan accordingly.

8 months ago

Totally worth the hike just for the amazing view

9 months ago

Make note of road to exit off of Hwy 101 ahead of time because there’s not any notice until you are there.

10 months ago

Does anyone know if you have to worry about Bears on this trail?

10 months ago

Nice hike. Huge, huge trees! At a couple points you can hear a large group of sea lions. Grueling at some points, but worth it.

11 months ago

This was actually way better than I thought. I love to just hop in the Prius with my dog 'Unter"and randomly find hiking spots. So the gravel road to the trailhead isn't too bad in the dry months. Looks like a 4x4 is needed in the wet. There's two trailheads that I saw on the road (1861). One starts at the backend of the Nature Conservancy's trail to Cascade Head (NO DOGS PLEASE!!! SENSITIVE BIRDING HABITAT). A mile down the road is the TH to Harts Cove. This was a moderate/difficult hike for me and only 2.7 miles each way, however if you're not a conditioned hiker this would be a difficult hike (and slippery in the wet!!).
Beautiful old growth Hemlocks, Siska Spruse. I think I saw a old growth Noble Pine, but I'm not sure. Possibly saw a large nest of some bird in one of the larger trees. The sound of seals-howling multitudes wafting up from the the beaches blows through you on your way.

Unfortunately, I only made it to the viewpoint and ran out of time to go to the cove. I'm sure its amazing!! That's my next hike again after labor day!!

Wednesday, August 09, 2017

Lightly trafficked hike and amazing view. Will come back again.

Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Would rate as moderate, not hard, just a little steep on the way back. Most of the hike is through the forest and ends at the ocean. The views at the cove are fantastic!

Monday, August 07, 2017

Beautiful Hike lots of beautiful tress and plants. Loved the view at the end of Harts Cove. I think this is more of a moderate hike than difficult.

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Sunday, August 06, 2017

Excellent hike through heavily forested area. Plenty of small creeks for puppies. The view of the cove is wonderful. Just follow the meadow trails towards the stand of trees. Chill out, eat a picnic lunch under the trees. Last 1/4 mile is uphill so save some energy.

Friday, August 04, 2017

This was incredible! My grandparents had a hard time with the inclines, but if you are up for the challenge this hike is rewarding as it is difficult.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

I took this trail alone with my dog early on a summer morning. It was simply an amazing hike. To get to the trailhead, you have to turn off US 101 onto a forest service road that you take for 4 miles up a mountain. It's about a 20-25 minute drive depending on how daring you are with gravel roads. I tend to drive slowly and try not to cause too much noise. This drive is a great experience in and of itself.

The first part of the hike is a set of steep switch backs that take you down quite a bit in elevation. The forest is deliciously silent at this point. Gradually, you begin to hear a small brook that you eventually cross on a wooden bridge. From that point, the noise of the ocean becomes more pronounced and eventually I could even hear sea lions barking in the distance.

There was one section about a quarter mile long where the trail got a little rough....more due to mud and water than anything else. But it was not terribly difficult. I made the entire hike in running shoes. (I wouldn't recommend this but it was all I had with me and....hey....I'm here to tell you about it)

When you finally emerge from the forest into a large clearing above Hart's Cove the views are incredible. Take your time and bring a camera.

I saw only 6 other hikers the entire time, but I did go early, about 8:45 am.

If you are looking for a nice cardio workout, coming back up those switchbacks had this novice triathlete panting. Good times!!

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

this trail opened back up on July 16th. was a little challenging but worth it!

Thursday, June 29, 2017

My favorite trail in Oregon. The hike is challenging but spectacular, with beautiful sea cliffs and meadows to explore at the end of the trail and lots of old growth forest in between. There are also some magnificent camping spots scattered throughout the forest on the way to the trail, so I'd recommend exploring some of the forest roads and staying overnight, then hitting the trail early in the morning. (Note that the trail is closed for six months of the year.)

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