Golden and Silver Falls

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Golden and Silver Falls is a 1.6 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near North Bend, Oregon that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

1.6 miles
236 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash

kid friendly



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The last 10+ miles drive in to the trailhead you will need to drive slowly, maybe 20 mph with a regular car, since there is a gravel road with many potholes, some pretty deep. A pickup or SUV would be recommended.

4 hours ago

We had a great hike here!
- scenic ride there with pretty, well kept cabins and homes
- single lane in spots as you get close, so we were glad we went on a Monday with only a few other hikers there
- gravel road is last 4-5 miles and no potholes as of May 2018
- glad we did all three, seeing Gold Falls from top and bottom was very cool, two views below Silver Falls fantastic
- our dogs loved jumping in the water by the trail to bottom of Gold Falls

18 days ago

Easy trail with great waterfalls!!!

1 month ago

Silver Falls was gorgeous from the upper trail. Golden Falls was very nice too but difficult to see very well. Trail was easy to walk, even for kids. Just some sheer drop down cliffs so be careful with kids that don’t know about trail walking. The road is was clear, lots of potholes but nothing too bad. The toilets are absolutely disgusting!

3 months ago

The trails to Silver Falls and lower Golden Falls are short and easy. They provide nice views of the falls and an opportunity to get sprayed by Silver Falls. If you are able to handle a short stretch of moderate hiking, the short jaunt off the upper golden falls trail to get behind silver falls is well worth the climb. Don't miss the longer hike to the top of Golden Falls. It is a little more strenuous than the lower hikes, but the view at the top is well worth it. We took the whole family, aged 6 to 40, and everyone loved it. As others have stated, follow the road signs, not Google Maps, once you get to Kruse Rd. (10 miles out from the trailhead).

3 months ago

close to home

3 months ago

Very lovely hike that features two easy/short trails to the base of each waterfall and a long hike that goes around the area. I did the two short trails and was rewarded with a beautiful view of each of the two waterfalls. The drive out to this area is long, but beautiful. I visited these waterfalls on a rainy day in June. The trails do get muddy and slippery. Wear shoes with good traction.

4 months ago

Great trails to both falls. Easy hike with our kids.

5 months ago

Road crews were graveling as we arrived. Road was clear. Definitely don't follow GPS directions, just follow the signs to the state park. Very easy hike for the lower viewpoints on both falls. the upper golden falls is a great hike but the trails run close to a very precarious ledge so watch your little ones. the trail does continue up the creek past the falls but disappears into a wooded area. it's mature reprod that we explored quite a bit but no trails to speak of.

6 months ago

The road getting there is kind of rough, beware there are alot of pot holes. The trails are super easy and the waterfalls are really rushing right now. Very beautiful!

6 months ago

Great hiking trail!!! Amazing falls. The road for 5 miles before the Falls is gravel and full of potholes. It is doable for a passenger car but you'll need to take it very slow. If you are faint of heart about driving on narrow road next to cliffs, this is not a drive for you. Truly no shoulder and no guard rails. Follow the signs for the state park, all trails directions were not accurate in the last 6 miles. The path straight out over the bridge goes to the bottom of Golden falls, the path to the left after the bridge goes around to Silver Falls and then taking a turn at the culvert up the hill you will go to the top of Golden falls. Be careful.

7 months ago

This has three actual hikes. Two small and one for hikers wanting a climb. We did the two small ones. The drive in was a lovely back roads drive that was very beautiful. Very narrow road, and the last mile or so, extremely so. If it's raining, that last few miles will be impassable I think for non 4 wheel drives. Trails themselves very easy to traverse. We saw a few kids, and an older couple on the trails that were able to walk them without issues. The falls themselves, amazeballs beautiful. Trees were very very tall, beautifully covered with Moss! Just a wonderful easy hike for fall.

8 months ago

Lovely little hikes. Not too difficult or taxing. Perfect place to get out of the summer coastal fog and enjoy a bit of warmer weather.

9 months ago

The hike to Silver falls (left from trailhead) was great! Short and relatively easy hike once you make the windy drive. I kept our two year old in the pack with all of the climbing over boulders and slippery rock once you get to the falls. Beautiful!

9 months ago

Road out to the hike gets to one lane and is gravel and dusty, have to watch out for other drivers. Parking lot fits maybe 10 cars and there are picnic benches and toilets (though when we went the bathrooms were beyond filthy and doors didn't lock). Going right as you enter the upper falls hike (after the bridge) will take you to the base of the upper falls after a short easy walk, but you have to cross/climb some rocks and the stream to get a good look. Going left at the trail head is the longer actual hike to see the other falls that you can get right next too, thing it heads back to the top of the other falls. Beware this one takes you on a very high cliff face by these falls. I'd be questionable on that part being kid friendly. But the falls were worth it!

10 months ago

Glad the road is open again to the trail head. Golden Fall (to the right as entering) is very easy, flat, and not long. Small kids and your grand parents will like this one. Silver Falls to the left is longer and trail is steeper. All the right time of year, the water volume is very impressive and exciting. These are our "go to" hikes for out of down visitors in the Coos Bay vicinity.

10 months ago

Fun hike with my nine-year-old.
You no longer have to hike the road--it's a V-shaped hike instead of a Y
We hiked the upper Golden Falls trail. This is by far the best hike. It continues well past the top of the falls, though the trail peters out occasionally. Looks like
It follows a pioneer road after a while.
Anyone know?

10 months ago

The road is now open all the way to the trailhead. Spectacular views of two large waterfalls. There is a lot to see along the trail--native plants, small wildlife, creek views, etc. With several trail options of varying lengths a picnic area and a vault toilet at the trailhead, I felt this was a great family outing for all ages.

Parents with young children should be aware there are cliffs at the end of the upper trail. The trail itself is relatively wide at that point so you should be fine if they stay close. Our little ones (5 and 3) did well and enjoyed the view immensely but I would not recommend attempting that portion of the trail with unruly young daredevils.

10 months ago

UPDATE FROM PREVIOUS POSTS --- the road is now open all the way to the trailhead. The concrete barriers 1.5 miles from trailhead are gone. The potholes in the road are fixed and it takes you to Golden and Silver State Park very near the falls. Picnic tables, fairly clean outhouse, and plenty of parking. This is no longer a 4.2 mile out and back, unless you want to walk on a gravel road instead of drive. At trailhead, about half mile or less to Silver Falls (the more spectacular of the two), and about one third mile to Golden Falls. Very easy hike suitable for kids and elder. Great scenery including old growth trees.

11 months ago

Beautiful scenery and well worth the trip. Easy to hike even with higher altitude.

Monday, May 01, 2017

Lovely hike! And laughing at Bill Jones who turned around because he misread the 1.5 mile sign for 15 miles...

Monday, April 03, 2017

Beautiful, easy hike in, great for a picnic with the family!

Monday, April 03, 2017

We went in late March. It's has been a wet winter, so the trails were pretty muddy, wear shoes/boots that can get wet.
Two separate trails lead out from the small parking lot. The one on the left goes to Silver Falls, and the right side leads over a small bridge and goes to Golden Falls.
We only went to the bottom of both, but a separate trails leads to the top of Golden. To get to the top, take the left fork after you cross the footbridge near the parking lot.
Both Golden and Silver Falls trails are very easy and pretty short. For Golden Falls the trail ends at boulders that you can crawl over to get a better view. I liked the view towards the right, nearer the creek.
Silver Falls trail is more up hill, but nothing too hard. There was so much water coming over the Falls that we couldn't get all the way to the bottom without getting soaked, but the view is still spectacular.
Having seen photos of what the Falls look like in the summer, I'd highly recommend going in Spring. No comparison. The roar from the huge amount of water cascading over the top is amazing in itself. Golden Falls, along with the beautiful stream rushing by you at the bottom, is truly breathtaking.
Well worth the trip out of Coos Bay to see them. The only bad thing I can think of is the toilets near the parking lot. VERY poorly maintained. Broken seats, filthy, and the doors won't even close. Gross to even go in them.

Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Amazing beautiful hike! Well worth the drive!

Friday, December 09, 2016

The All Trail App is WRONG on where the trail starts. The sign says to drive another 15 MILES & that's down a 1 lane pothole riddled road. Since I was in an RV, I had to turn around.

Thursday, August 18, 2016

It's a great trail. A lot of history on this old road/hike trail. Short distance but great viewing of both falls. It's even great for dogs and small children if closely watched due to the abrupt drop off edges of the trail. I would rate it a 4 or 5 if they would fix the main road to the trail head.

Monday, August 15, 2016

Some tips regarding access and trail directions for these wonderful hikes; First, the actual road closure is not at the parking lot / sign; you can keep going by car (thru concrete barriers) and roughly cut in half your hike in to the trail head (bringing it to approx just under a mile); parking to the side of the road there is possible, if there are not more than a handful of cars. Second, the trail directions on the board at the head indicate two options for the Golden Falls; lower and upper (see photo other review), however, immediately after the bridge at the start of the trail there is a split without any indication as to which is what. Take the right for the lower (short) to the bottom of the fall; and be prepared for a little moderate climbing at the fall to get a good view (the extent depends on your gusto). Other than that the trails are 15 to 20 mins round trip, and easy. Watch for banana slugs crossing the trails, so as not to step on them. For the last 5-10 miles drive in; drive slow, approx 20 mph with a regular car, since the gravel road has many potholes, some pretty deep. Pickup or SUV is preferable, if you have a choice. Agree with others here, that it is a pity the park and access to it has been neglected, but is still very worth-wile (maybe even better due to its access restrictions, as it ensures a quiet experience).

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

What a beautiful hike! Be prepared for a mile walk on a gravel road to get to the falls. So many wild flowers, moss, and lush greenery makes this waterfall hike quite majestic. I go every year.

Tuesday, May 24, 2016

I hiked up here a couple weeks ago with my dog. It was not nearly as long of a trail as I was expecting, but it was still worth it! The falls are absolutely beautiful! It's a great, short hike for any skill level.

Sunday, April 10, 2016

Beautiful waterfalls.

Friday, March 18, 2016

Lovely hike. The waterfalls were amazing. Must do

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