God's Thumb Trail

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God's Thumb Trail is a 1.6 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Lincoln City, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

1.6 miles 793 feet Out & Back

dogs on leash

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In Lincoln City, from the 101 Hwy. at the north end of town, take Logan Rd. west and continue to drive to the north end of the road, you can park on the street (make sure not to block any driveway), you will see a metal gate at the end of the road right where Logan Road ends, go around the door up the gravel road for a little bit and before you get to the house up there you will see a sign on the right hand side that will indicate the trail head.

4 days ago

I live at 64th and Mast, so; I know this locale.
I have spent many hours on the City and BLM land.
I know the terrain.
There is no official parking.
If you follow the others recommendation, on finding the trail head, you will be starting out on privet property.
The 'trail' is not one of our CCC trails or other conservation improved trail; it is a game trail that has been pounded by human traffic.
The topography is extreme in north, and east, as well as west facing slopes.
Approximately two people, per year are helicopter rescued, by the Coast Guard; stationed out of Newport.
I do not recommend anyone endever, as described, during monsoon seasons (November to June); if you disregard, you need the same boots as for the dairy yard in front of the water trough.
The best approached is from High Meadow.
High Meadow can be accessed from the Knoll (solid road no black muck).
There is one road that goes direct to the Knoll (I have twice driven directly to the top); another goes to the 'Y' between knoll and high meadow. (if you can't see the Salmon River gorge from the high ridge or 'Y' you're not there).
The east ridge road is no longer drive-able, (I walked it in
December '16).
There are too many roads that connect to describe; I have never seen all the roads mapped.
I suggest, drive North from DMV, park on the pavement, at the crest, walk in the woods from there, heading north for the East High Ridge; there are ways to make it a shorter walk (from quarry two miles) but same no parking problem.
The 524 acres SE of the Knoll are owned by Lincoln City (north of water tower).
The whole area I have described is in excess of 2500 acres.
Hundreds of deer sleep west of the knoll there is 30 head Elk herd ranges to the east; I have seen black bear sign and feline tracks.

25 days ago

1 month ago

The Trailhead-
It can be hard to find. Drive until you see the end of the road. Look to the left of the gated sign that has parking warnings on it. In order to park, you'll need to look for a shoulder spot between this gate and the "no parking" sign in the residential dead end street. Otherwise you are walking quite a ways to get to the starting line.

The Trail-
How do I say easy? By telling you my friend recovering from an ACL replacement did this with a brace on. It's a bit muddy and slightly longer than one might expect, but kids should have no problem getting up there. When you get to the trail, take the second right to follow the path. It's a little less muddy.

Amazing views. It's very windy getting to the top and also as steep as you'd expect. Hike took about 30-45 minutes. I'd recommend adding this hike with an additional field trip close by.

1 month ago

The trail head is at the north end of Logan Rd, you'll see two metal gates, take the one on the left. The one on the right has a sign that says 'this is not the trail head'. Go around the gate on the left and follow the path to the trail, then its obvious from there. Beautiful views from the top.

1 month ago

I tried to find the trail head today but all I found was a closed gate and a sign that said 'This is not the trail head"
Any info would be helpful. I'd really like to hike here.

2 months ago

Most of the reviews and pictures posted here are actually of the God's thumb hike. There is not an actual trail for 'Road's End Trail' it's just a suggested route for a beach walk, starting at Road's End Recreation Site, which is just a parking lot with beach access. (For a shorter walk you could start at the beach access between 72nd and 74th streets, but there are only 3 parking spots there) The 'trail' goes north on the beach around a rocky point to a little hidden beach at the base of God's thumb. This is do-able year round, but only at low tide. Walking on the rocks to get around the point can be slippery, might be hard for kids under ~10. It is a beautiful spot that has beautiful sea shells and drift wood depending on the time of year. Pay attention to the tide so you don't get stuck on the hidden beach when the tide comes back in.

2 months ago

when you get to the end of the street you have to find parking which is not very accessible it is the driveway on the left follow it around and look for the random blue arrow pointing to the right it's very hard to find the trailhead to start with but once you get going it's a great hike. we got to the top of God's Thumb the wind was blowing between 25 and 30 miles an hour very dangerous at the top when we went but an outstanding View. it says kid friendly but with the wind gusts as large as they were I wouldn't take my kids to the top

2 months ago

Only 1.5 miles of muddy trekking, but gorgeous reward at the end.

3 months ago

We really didn't see a trail. There were logs you initially had to negotiate. It appeared to be a summer trail at low tide. A complete waste of time during November weather.

5 months ago

This was a unique short hike that would have been very easy, but was dangerously slippery and muddy! Be sure to bring shoes that won't mind getting caked. Starts out in what looks like someone's backyard (was a little tricky to find - at the end of the cul-de-sac) with a short climb, then goes through a rain forest-like area , then reaches a wooded flat section that gives fun peeks of the coastline, then goes through thick (pokey - bring long sleeves) berry bushes, finally reaching the epic "Thumb" in an open coastal meadow. Climbing the Thumb requires straight up almost vertical hiking, but this part is very short and worth it. From the top of the the Thumb, there are steep drop offs and amazing views! I would not recommend for younger children in those super-muddy conditions, but otherwise a great hike for a different perspective.

7 months ago

easy hike. a 3 year old in a group behind us was able to do this walk all on his own with a little help. pretty view though!

8 months ago

I really liked it. We hiked up to God's Thumb for some great pics and a little exercise.

8 months ago

this trail is a bit muddy at times and can be tricky to stay clean but keep going cause the end is steep and breath taking and well worth your efforts.

8 months ago

One of the most beautiful views of the coast from the top of the trail, great for kids.

8 months ago

How to find it and where to park:
Take the Logan Road to its end. Turn around and head back south on Logan and park on the gravel to the side of the road about a block down. The trail head is at the end of the road down the driveway on the left - the one on the right clearly states “This is not the trail head.” If the gate is closed, climb over the cement platform on the right. The trail is well-marked and is @110 yard up the road.

What to expect:
Mud, if it has rained any time in the last few days. If you don't like mud or are not a fan of trails closely surrounded by vegetation, this trail is not for you.

The trail:
The initial part is an uphill climb, easy grade but a grade none the less. When you hit a T, head to the right. The downward path goes to the house at the end of the driveway. There may be mud in many places along the trail if it has rained recently. Wear your mud shoes or gloves so that you can grab onto branches to skirt the mud pools. You'll come to a post where the trail hits a small stream. The trail to the right dead ends. Jump the stream and take the trail to the left, up the hill. You get some nice views of Lincoln City beaches as you walk the crest portion of the trail. From the meadow near the first crest, you get ocean and Cascade Head views. The trail become even from plant-enclosed if you continue past the first meadow.

Why this trail:
If you are staying in Roads End and you want a place to which you can walk versus driving, and don't mind mud, this trail is for you. If driving is an option, the Cascade Head trails are much nicer with grander views and vistas.

9 months ago

We tried the steep trail at the end of Roads End, and it was very steep and very muddy. Shortly after we came across the picked clean full carcass of a deer and wondering what exactly picked it clean., we decided to turn around and go back...

10 months ago

It's not the same trail the map shows. You have to go all the way to the end of Logan road, and park somewhere on the shoulder. There are two gates at the end, the left is the one you take.

It's quite an uphill climb, and it's overgrown. I wouldn't recommend going in the rain since the trail gets so muddy.

Otherwise, gorgeous trail. It's forested until you reach the very end, with an oepn meadow and God's Thumb, an almost vertical hill. There is a sheer drop, so be careful. It was so steep and muddy, to get back down I had to slide on my butt. Actually really fun!

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1 year ago

Great Hike parked at the Draytons old rock cory and hiked up only half a mile to the view point steep but worth the sweat. What a sweet view. Enjoy the pics