Giant Spruce Trail is a 3.1 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Yachats, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 3.1 km Elevation Gain: 72 m Route Type: Out & Back

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A short trail to a very BIG spruce tree. This quick trail leads you to one of the biggest spruce trees in the state. You can even crawl into the root system for a fun photo.

fantastic primeval sitka spruce tree to hug at the end of a spritely little jaunt next to a creek

8 months ago

Great short hike with kids

9 months ago

Stroller kind of approved. We didn’t take the stroller but we opted to take the front pack instead. The hike isn’t long but it is beautiful. We took our dogs and Grama’s and they all did great. Great well traveled trail but we didn’t see many people on the trail the day we went so that was great. I’m sure on a summer weekend it would be busier. We followed this hike up with heading to the ocean and making it a 6 mile trek. Dogs and Grama’s did well and you can take a stroller on the lower part to the ocean as it’s all paved. Beautiful and would do again.

10 months ago

The tree at the end is beautiful and worth the walk. The trail is well maintained and not difficult but some areas are steep. A small stream runs along much of it. A campground is nearby, so one doesn't have a great sense of solitude while hiking, but it is still enjoyable.

Mon Mar 11 2019

Nice easy trail through some old trees with a 550 year old spruce at the end of the trail.

Sat Jan 26 2019

Wet trail no matter what the weather is like. The Giant Spruce is cool

Mon Oct 22 2018

very easy. no clear viewpoints of the size of the spruce. room at the base for pics and a small bench to sit and relax if needed.

Sat Sep 22 2018

Sometimes steep trail through the forest to the Giant Sitka Spruce. It can be muddy in spots. There is a little bench to sit and study the huge tree at the clearing. For those who would like to see the tree but can’t walk the trail, you can park at the end of the Cape Perpetua Campground near the restrooms and shelter, cross the little footbridge over the creek and walk the end of the trail. The short trail is on the maps. We saw a couple families with handicapped kids walking this part of the trail. Otherwise the kids wouldn’t have been able to get out into the woods and see the huge tree.

Mon Jul 23 2018

Fun hike with 4 teenagers taking the lead. Trail starts near visitor center. Parking permit was required and could be purchased for $5 for the day. Super cool tree at the end of the trail. Reminded us of what the tree might have been like in the book "My Side of the Mountain."

Tue May 08 2018

Really pretty hike. Only thing is that I assumed itd be more flat since its so straight but it goes up and down quiet a bit. It doesn't make it difficult but some may find that useful knowing.

Thu Feb 22 2018

Awesome hike! Totally worth it!

Fri Oct 06 2017

Easy lush walk that ends at a gorgeous 550 year old spruce.

Mon Aug 14 2017

Really enjoyed the hike and it was for sure a great view

Thu Jul 20 2017

A good solid walk with some great scenery. We saw a racer snake that caught and was eating a salamander on the trail. So cool!

Thu May 25 2017

Great short hike with variety in elevation. Some parts of the trail are narrow and have been damaged by slides and storms but still totally passable. Come back through the campground most of the way if you need a reprieve for kids or elderly.

Sun Mar 19 2017

gorgeous hike for the family and dogs. A little muddy at spots, but it's also March in Oregon..

Fri Jan 06 2017

Beautiful hike along river.

Tue Aug 02 2016

Easy up and down trail to an amazing huge spruce trees. Parallels the campground road most of the was. Crosses several bridges.

Mon Mar 21 2016

Cool tree not very many other big trees nice place next to the creek you can let your dog get water

Mon Feb 01 2016

Awesome five hundred year old, formally 230 ft tree. You can feel the spirits of those who have gone before us here:)

Sat Sep 19 2015

Loved this trail. Beautiful scenery. Runs along a river. Tons of green and diversity of plants. A good part of the trail runs along the road and a campground, so you don't really feel you're away from civilization until you're a ways into the trail.

Mon Jul 28 2014

Cape Perpetua has some great trails and the Giant Spruce is no different. Very pretty, and the tree at the end of the trail is huge.

Sun May 11 2014

I love the trail system at Cape Perpetua. The giant spruce trail was a perfect length for a day of exploring. A nice out and back trail through lush forest with an incredible old growth spruce at the end. Make sure to hike up to the cape and keep an eye out for whales. We come every spring and catch a few during their migration.

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