6.1 miles
534 feet
Point to Point

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3 months ago

I will have to agree with others on this trail. I really love the wooded part of the Ft. Clatsop trail network, but the section from the highway to Sunset beach is in need of real attention. There has been extensive trail maintenance from the Fort down to the highway, but the three mile stretch to Sunset Breach has not seen any maintenance on a long while. It is overgrown in many areas and the long grass hides very uneven terrain.
I also had a close encounter of the animal kind as there was a good sized bull camped out between two of the turnstiles. On the out bound trip I jumped a couple of fences to avoid the big guy, but on the way back I figured I could slip by him. He spooked as a walked in front of him and moved into my path. I was able to quickly step past him, but it really gave me the willies. This trail would be much better if something was done to allow for safer walking through the cattle pastures. It seems to me that there is plenty of land there and the cattle could be kept in areas that did not place them in the direct path of foot traffic through the area.
I really enjoyed the eleven mile hike and recommend it, but give the cautionary reminder that you are hiking through active cattle grazing land and need to be careful.