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Fish Creek Mountain Trail

HARD 13 reviews

Fish Creek Mountain Trail is a 26.8 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Estacada, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

26.8 miles
3,664 feet

dog friendly


nature trips


bird watching



wild flowers

4 months ago

If you use your phone’s GPS (and Google Maps) like I did the red trail line in the app has you starting at the shooting range. Don’t do that. Go up the road another hundred feet and that’s the proper trailhead. The split between west and east side of the loop is another 1/4 mile up after the tiny creek crossing the trail. Giving this 5 stars because I hiked 5 miles in on both a Sat and Sunday and never saw another human. So if solitude is your thing this is perfect. Several nice areas to camp out along the the river every half mile or so. The cement bridge over Fish Creek about 3 miles up is another great spot to camp. Previous post is correct in that the lack of other hikers allows larger game animals to feel more at home. These hills have eyes!

4 months ago

My girlfriend and I hiked up from the north side down to the second concrete bridge. Roughly 5 miles. We spent 2 nights camped near the first bridge. We only saw one other human for 3 days. The trail is better kept (at least that far) than I expected it to be. however it is thick brush with poor visibility. Large game is definitely populous there. there are definitely coyote, mt lion, bears and large deer. i dont recomend going out there without a gun. especially if you plan to spend the night.

8 months ago

I just went for a solo backpacking trip on the west side of the loop. I made it as far as Music Creek. This trail seems moderately trafficked for the first six or seven miles. After that it’s full-on bushwhacking. Many good camping spots along the river are to be found. Saw sign of coyote, deer, bear, cougar, and wolves. The rangers warned of mosquitoes, but they didn’t bother me at all. Ticks were a real problem, though.

9 months ago

:Disclaimer: (My review is for the whole mountain.)
When I was young my family camped near the river in RVs. the road we camped on is now part of the washout and shooting range. But my grandfather took me on long hikes up the mountain roads and trails that run throughout this mountains ridges. I learned to drive, fish, camp, track and hunt on this hill. Now in my 40s I take my own children and wife up here frequently. Often we car camp in one of hundreds of great turn offs and once logged ridges. While I havent hiked to the top of fish creek trail since before the washout in 96, anyone (without small children) who loves to get into the thick and really feel remote should explore this area. Ive found treasures I guard jealously and will never share on this gorgeous hill and so may you. beware of large cats and coyotes. Local tv news tonight says wolves are back.

I was on the hill 2 weeks ago and have been at least 5 times since april. ill be back again in a few days. :)

9 months ago

My sister and I finished hiking this trail two days. We ended up choosing this trail last minute, it's a long story. Anyways, we would consider this trail more than "unmaintained" or "overgrown". For reference, I hunt and forage and spend a lot of time off trail. This was more similar to that experience. We hiked this trail counter-clockwise starting behind the shooting range and ending back up the road a bit. The hike took us two and a half days and we do not walk slow. Day one it took us 11 hours to hike 11 miles and I normally can cover at least 2/hr. There is a lot of bushwhacking and climbing/crawling over and under fallen trees. I cannot say I would recommend this trail in this condition without a machete.

If one were to start at the "end" of the trail and walk out and back about 8 miles it would be a beautiful but overgrown trail. If the trail was maintained (I understand a lack of human power) it would be a great weekend backpack trip that I could recommend to friends. There are some nice views of the valley and of the creek with a lot of evidence of wildlife.

Wednesday, November 29, 2017

Went 2 months ago trail was fine done this hike twice. The lake is a little colder than i was thinkin but its so serene and peaceful. Will hike.again.

trail running
Saturday, September 23, 2017

Unfortunately, the start (if following the river) involves wandering through a garbage strewn target practice area, and the trails (both along the river and the other, along the hillside) are very overgrown. Not very hike-able or run-able right now.

3 months ago

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