10.9 miles
2,178 feet

dogs on leash



10 months ago

okay so im not really sure why this has you starting so far back in the middle of the road but if you drive up past 4613 and make the next right you can park at the widespot in the road before the two dead end roads break off. The trail goes both ways just a bit north of where you park So if you walk back the way you came up the road you will see the trail here easily. Also according to this you road hike most of the way back and i didnt like that so instead of doing it as a straight out and back i did a short road hike from old baldy till the turn of 4614 that meets up with fanton and then i got back on the fanton and hiked it back to the car. Much nicer hike this way i think. The trail itself was gorgeous. you will come upon a few open spots where you kind of have to find the trail but it really isnt very hard.