6.9 miles
1,587 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash



9 days ago

I’m not sure if the map of this trail needs to be edited, or at least re-designated, but as of today (08/06/2018), this trail describes a simple gravel road. I took pictures to show that the directions lead to a somewhat larger than average turnout at the head of this road. There is no trailhead marker, nor any designated signs along the road. The gravel is a little coarse, so it is possible to hike, but not very comfortable. It is also a steady incline most of the way up until you turn around and head back—and the turn-around point is little more than an odd fork in the road. It is plenty shaded, and it might be somewhat scenic if you come earlier in the season; but most of the wildflowers were past bloom when I went, and there wasn’t much else to look at. The road does seem to follow alongside the creek most of the way, but there’s only one point of easy, direct access, and that point is very early in the trail, at what might be called a campsite only very generously.