8.7 miles
3,533 feet
Out & Back


mountain biking




22 days ago

I hiked this trail on a sunny late-October day.
Here are some key points to know about it.
1. The trailhead is shared with the Lawler trail and the trails-split, just a hundred feet from the start, is not marked. Keep right and you will soon cross South Creek on a short wooden bridge (you'll know you're on the right trail). After crossing the creek you will soon (.2 miles) encounter another junction. Keep LEFT, follow the Eula Ridge trail. Do NOT turn right toward Hardesty Trail...this would lead you to the Hardesty trailhead on OR 58.
2. The trail is heavily forested all the way up; do not expect any views. The "interest" of the trail, for me, was (a) as a workout... and what a workout did I get and (b) to complete my Hardesty "triple crown" after having prevously reached the summit via the Hardesty Trail and the Mount June trailhead.
3. The trail is STEEP. The first 2.75 miles are steep but OK as the trail winds its way up through a series of switchbacks. The next mile is a different story; the trail cutters apparently suddenly forgot how to make switchback and headed straight up the ridge line. Both my legs stared to cramp up after half a mile of this treatment. That section is not a lot easier on the way down as it is rather slippery
4. The trail is shared with mountain bikers. Other than the usual "share the trail" aspects of that, it also means that portion of the trail are worn-out and even more slippery (especially the switchback turns). Hiking poles recommended up and down.
5. I was glad we had a spell of dry weather, the trail (and especially the super steep section) are likely hard to navigate in muddy/snowy conditions.
6. The trail does not seem too popular but is well maintained (nor overgrown, not damaged). I did not encounter anyone on it for the 7 hours I spent there; I only saw one biker just below the summit, on the Hardesty Mtn trail.