Eagles Rest Trail

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Eagles Rest Trail is a 4.8 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Dexter, Oregon that features a lake and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from January until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

4.8 miles
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Pleasant, easy hike with a great view at the end. Especially nice if you don't want to drive too far from the Eugene/Springfield area. Directions: You will eventually find a 5 car parking lot on your right. Park there and head up for a little over a mile and half, cross the road and pick up the trail to the right, follow that for a mile to the top of Eagles Rest. No facilites

1 day ago

I hiked to Eagles Rest on a windy, cloudy and at times rainy day. Still worth the time and effort spent there.

I opted for the long way up, starting at the Hardesty trailhead to make it between 12 and 13 miles total. There are some pretty good maps at the trailhead sign, showing the routes but also the elevation of the various trails. I took pictures of them on my phone before heading off.

The first section of the trail, from the parking lot to the 3 miles mark, follows the folds of the terrain. As there are 3 different creek crossings, this make for a bit of a roller-coaster start. Goodman creek crossing is via a large log with single handrail, very negotiable even in this wet-weather day. The other two creeks can be forded on the flat stones set for that purpose (there is an old log bridge at the last creek, in case waters are very high). There were several muddy spots as you would expect in these parts during the rainy season. In the last mile,, the trail get right next to the creek a few times.

The second part of the hike (roughly one mile) climbs up the canyon walls to reach the Eagles Rest Lower trailhead, finishing the ascent via a series of very shot switchbacks. The trail t-bones into Goodman Creek Rd (NFDR 5833) and the Lower Trailhead is right across the dirt road.

The third section connects the Lower Trailhead and the Upper Trailhead for a distance of just about 2 miles. After a few switchbacks, the trail finds more level terrain and heads in a nortwest direction toward the Ash Swale shelter. A couple a plank walks lead through marshy terrain to the shelter itself. The shelter is basic (three walls and a roof). I was so happy to reach it after about 6 miles that I promptly sat on the bench... and keeled backwards in an undignified fashion: the two-stumps-and-a-plank bench is not tethered to anything; I righted it up, dusted myself, and sat to stretch my legs. After the shelter, a very muddy switchback climber to the level ground just below the Upper Trailhead.

The Upper Trailhead is on Eagles Rest Rd (NFDR 509). From there, all that is left is a short but steep-ish ascent to the summit. This is managed via a series of switchbacks on the southeastern wooded slope. Only upon reaching the summit do the views open up, from southeast to southwest. The summit area is relatively small and rocky.

ON the way back , I decided to walk along Goodman Creek Rd from the Lower Trailead back to the highway. This provides a bit of a "loop" feeling... and cuts the return trip by more than half a mile compared to an out-and-back.

As others have noted, the constant sound of gunfire around the summit, sometime even from semi-automatic weapons, does not greatly enhance the feeling of being "one with nature".

19 days ago

The summit is a great place to self-realize as the universe experiencing itself through human eyes.

22 days ago

The trail is a bit muddy in parts, but that’s to be expected in the winter. My Fitbit tracked 2.5 miles at the paved road, longer than stated. The trail was decently maintained. One recent fallen tree, but nothing that was difficult to maneuver.

28 days ago

this is a great hike! I probably hiked up to this spot more than any other place in my life and it's always there for me and nearby! only thing that gets me sometimes is people shooting guns down in the drainage somewhere..

3 months ago

Pleasant, easy hike with a great view at the end. Especially nice if you don't want to drive too far from the Eugene/Springfield area.

Directions: I couldn't find the trail head where the directions took me but if you keep driving up the road another 2ish miles (guessing) and bank to the left at the fork, you will eventually find a 5 car parking lot on your right. Park there and head up for a little over a mile and half, cross the road and pick up the trail to the right, follow that for a mile to the top of Eagles Rest.

4 months ago

So awesome. great hike, great view. Will do again in early summer for the wildflowers.

7 months ago

This trail originates from Hardesty trailhead and ends at Eagles rest. It is about 12 miles round trip. From Hardesty trailhead hike in .4 miles and take a right onto clearly marked Goodman creek trail. From this point hike forward 4 miles around the edge of the resorvoir for a short distance then through old growth Douglas fir forest along gradually rising Goodman creek. The trail then leaves the creek and crosses a road. The next 1.5 mile section is slightly steeper, passing the Ash Swale shelter and making another road crossing. The steepest part of the trail is the final .5 mile ascent up to Eagles rest. There was a fire lookout on the rocky overlook but it is gone now. The view is of the Lost Creek drainage to the south and Mt June to the east. No view of the cascade volcanos but a nice hike that is only 30 minutes from Eugene

7 months ago

Beautiful view and lots of wild flowers (during the summer). Trailhead is pretty hard to find though. The Google maps directions that are attached are inaccurate. Instead of the 1.4 mile stopping point they guide you to, you should actually proceed up Goodman Creek road for 3 miles. At about 2.5 miles you will encounter a fork, keep to the left. About .5 miles after that the parking lot will be on the right. Once in the lot take the small trail upward of your position, this will lead to Eagles Rest. If you follow the trail sign across the gravel road, you will be at the upper approach to the Goodman trail.

8 months ago

This hike has some gorgeous views. There was a small incline toward the end of the trail.

8 months ago

We went in the rainy months, very muddy at the lower part of the trail. But after you cross the logging road, it was like a whole different environment. You get to see a couple different types of Oregon forest on this trail and it's a good workout. View from the top is of the surrounding hills, you can see part of a town but other than that, it's not a stunning view (it faces the opposite direction of Lookout Point Reservoir to the North). The parking lot was small (maybe 4 or 5 SMALL cars could fit) but not exactly hard to find, just not overly marked.

9 months ago

this hike was amazing! bit hard to find tho.
what the guy down there said is pretty accurate, but I wasn't sure where to turn off the highway because GPS will have you turn right much farther than you should...
Off 58, turn onto goodman creek dr, go down the gravel road for about 3 miles and take the left in the fork in the road. after about a half a mile there is a parking lot to the right that is steep and holds about 5 cars. there is no trailhead but its on the right side of the lot.
we had no idea if we had arrived at the right place, but we decided to do it anyways and found some girls halfway up that confirmed it was Eagles Rest.
foggy the whole time we hiked but it made the forest look that much cooler. kind of bummed at the top when it was foggy, but I wanted to wait it out and thank goodness we did because all the clouds passed and we were able to see the whole valley, no clouds.

9 months ago

Hiked on Friday 5/13/17. Weather was cold and socked-in. It started to hail lightly while I was on the summit. Due to the clouds I didn't get to fully appreciate the view; but the hike alone was beautiful. I drove up Goodman Creek Road and started at the lower (unmarked) trailhead that is just across from the top of Goodman Creek Trail. This lower trail crosses NF-509 to reach the upper Trailhead. the upper Trailhead is only marked with a brown Trailhead sign (nothing notes it as Eagle's Rest Trail).

9 months ago

This is a beautiful trail it's maybe 2-3 miles one way only took 1 1/2 hours mostly all uphill the view is amazing at the top!

10 months ago

Everything you need to know about this hike 3/15/17:
The trail head is difficult to find and the marker is hidden in the bushes. After you turn off willamette highway, follow the road for approximately 3-4 miles and you will come to a fork, keep left. Drive slow, there are pretty bad pot holes. Continue another mile or so and you will come across the "parking lot" on the right side of the road. You can recognize the "parking lot" because it has a fairly steep "driveway" (15 yards or so long), there is space for about 5 cars, and there is another road that continues past the parking lot to the right. The trailhead is on the right/uphill side of the parking lot, again it is terribly marked and hardly even looks like a trailhead. Here are some indicators you are on the trail:
-it is uphill the entire way
-there is a (creepy) 3 walled covered shelter about half way up
-when you hit the paved road about 2/3 of the way up the trail continues across the road slightly to the right, there is a hiker sign there
Also, you might as well turn off the GPS as soon as you turn off the highway, it will say "arrived" when you are still a couple miles from the trial head. Finally, the trail is definitely not 9 miles round trip, I would guess more like 6 miles round trip. we made it up in an hour and a half and about an hour down. The trail is very muddy in places but the view at the top is great!

11 months ago

I hiked this on 3/19/17 and the trail from the lower trailhead to the paved road was very muddy. Thankfully, that was the only thing I didn't like about this hike. The trees and scenery on the way up (and down) were beautiful and the view from the top was absolutely gorgeous.
Tips: there is no bathroom, parking is limited, and overall this was a lightly trafficked trail in March. I'm sure it gets worse over Summer.

11 months ago


Wednesday, February 01, 2017

I Absolutely Loved Hiking This Trail!! It's Worth The Hike To See The View

Saturday, November 19, 2016

Great view at the top, easy to moderate hiking. Trail head difficult to find, gps was not accurate for me.

Friday, November 11, 2016

Beautiful view at the top! Well worth it.

Monday, October 10, 2016

It was a hard trail to find. It is right across the street from Goodman Creek trail. There are no postings or signs to indicate the difference. It was a beautiful hike throughout. It is all uphill and steep, but the view is breathtaking. I can't wait to go again!

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