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Dollar Mountain Trail [CLOSED]

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Grants Pass, Oregon

Dollar Mountain Trail is a 1.9 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Grants Pass, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 1.9 miles Elevation Gain: 734 feet Route Type: Out & Back

dog friendly


mountain biking


bird watching




wild flowers



It has been reported this trail has a temporary closure due to COVID-19. Please see the park's website for up to date information.

Great little workout on the way up, some valley views along the trail.

1 month ago

As of April 15, 2020 the Department of the Interior has closed this trail due to the Covid-19 pandemic. People are still using it, but, it's clearly posted.

2 months ago

This is a nice little trail right in town. There are a couple of part that are steep, so make sure you’ve got shoes with good traction.

2 months ago

Limited parking No bathrooms A nice short day hike, that offers views of the city from above as well as blooming wildflowers, Madrone, oak, and Manzanita trees all across the mountain. Steam climb on slick loose granite I believe. The uphill isn't too slick but downhill requires a bit of care. There is a intersection in the middle with a crossing trail, to reach the top stay on the middle steepest path and remember that when coming down.

3 months ago

If you’re looking for a leg workout this is a good hike to do it on 1 mile straight up and 1 mile straight back down.

3 months ago

Love this trail! A great workout with views right in the middle of town. What more could you ask for?!

3 months ago

For someone who’s new to the area, (2 weeks now) and an avid hiker with a dog/trail-partner, I’ve been looking for fun little local hikes to acclimate my husky and myself to the terrain and different views and perspectives of this beautiful scenic new valley that I’m calling home. Lemme say I was not disappointed, not 12 minutes from my house I was able to hike a short mile up and see the valley a 1,000ft below with the mountains in the distance setting a perfect backdrop. Hike 3 so far and looking forward to seeing what the Pacific Northwest has to teach me.

5 months ago

loved this trail, was my first test. I doubted myself, it had some steep parts, but overall a beautiful hike.

6 months ago

Great local trail. Easily accessible and well defined. I few trails cross this path, just keep heading straight up the trail and you'll get to the tower. It is steep in a few locations.

6 months ago

Love this place. Conveniently located in town. Wasn’t crowded. I took 70 pounds in my hiking pack and it kicked my butt. My gps said 1.05 miles from bottom to top. It’s a constant incline with some steep parts.

6 months ago

11 months ago

No too bad of a short trail. Has a bit of an incline but my 6 and 10 year old daughters hiked it with little difficulty just kind of slippery. Nice views of Grants Pass.

11 months ago

This is a great incline to get your calves burning! Short and sweet. You can make it into a loop at the top. Good view of Grants Pass.

Sun May 19 2019

This trail was really steep and if you are not used to high elevation (like me) it will kick your butt! Good trail to work on your cardio and endurance.

Fri Apr 12 2019

This is a good exercise trail. I would certainly say it is challenging for short periods. I’m in shape and I get winded. Great view and nice foliage. If you keep going past the tower and down the hill you can add a half an hour walk down to the end of b street. Someone review this as moderate.. maybe moderate plus?

Mon Mar 25 2019

A little short but definitely a good workout.

Thu Mar 21 2019

beautiful view at the top!

Thu Mar 14 2019

Hiked on a lovely spring evening. Very steep incline. Gorgeous views!

Sat Mar 09 2019

A perfect short hike when you need to stretch your legs. Nice views of GP too!

Mon Nov 26 2018

This is a steep trail that offers good views of the valley!

Fri Aug 24 2018

Not for children under 6 years old. Easy for adults and all uphill. loved the scenery! The trail is wide enough to ride bikes with friends or bring your pets.

Sun Aug 05 2018

It’s kinda cool if you like heavily traveled granite trails that lead to manmade cellphone towers. There are some good views along the way. My concern is it’s intensity rating of “hard.” Sure, there’s inclines (it’s a mountain) but unless you’re walking the trail on your hands, it’s no big deal. Worth the 45 minutes up and back on a lazy Sunday morning.

Sun May 06 2018

Straight uphill. Nice views

Thu Apr 12 2018

Awesome trail, definitely beautiful in the spring and the fall. It may get too hot in the summer to do this trail. You cannot take a stroller on the trail. It does get sleep through one part. I took my five-year-old and two-year-old and they both did the hike. It was beautiful. Beautiful views , beautiful oak grove, A great hike!

Thu Jan 04 2018

Great views of Grants Pass. It's better in spring, before it gets too hot and the grass dries out, but the autumn leaves are beautiful in early fall.

Sat Dec 09 2017

This is a nice trail through space hardwoods. The path is loose gravel at some parts and several steep slippery ruts to climb. There were motorcycles in the adjacent granite pits. The trail ends on a peak with a cell tower. Some nice views of 199 and Upper River Rd. Overall a decent, short trail if your in semi-good shape.

Sat Nov 25 2017

GREAT Views all the way

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