Clackamas River Trail #715

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Clackamas River Trail #715 is a 14.4 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Estacada, Oregon that features a waterfall and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, trail running, camping, and backpacking and is best used from April until November. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 14.4 miles Elevation Gain: 2,877 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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Directions from Estacada: Travel south on Hwy. 224 for 16 miles to Rd. 54. Turn right onto Rd. 54, Fish Creek Trailhead parking is on your right across the bridge. The trail is located at the far end of the parking lot, across Rd. 54.

1 month ago

Good workout hike. Great views.

2 months ago

40 degrees and super windy. river is beautiful. trail is really rocky with tiny bit of ice here and there. not my favorite. it hugs the side of the ridge with precipitous slopes. you can see the road on the hike. didn’t get very far. $5.00 trail use fee at trailhead. saw two other peeps hiking with their dogs. beautiful drive.

2 months ago

I ran about 5.5 miles of this trail yesterday starting at Indian Henry. From what I could tell, I was starting at a high point and running down (ish) hill first, then up on the way back. Trail's in great shape, not too muddy yet. Some beautiful old growth, trickle waterfalls, overall very very pleasant.

over grown
4 months ago

very fun trail. beautiful scenery.

5 months ago

This trail was amazing, didn’t get to go all the way due to time constraints but what I saw was beautiful. The trails is dog friendly and I ran into several with my pup. The only thing I didn’t like about the trail was all the rocks along the path, made it kinda slippery. Other than that I loved it!!!

6 months ago

It was absolutely gorgeous. Some spots were a bit difficult for beginners but it was worth it.

7 months ago

Trail is closer to 16 miles out and back. The turnoff for the waterfall is at around 4 miles (from either trailhead). Great for trail-running!

We hiked from the Fish River trailhead about 3 miles toward the Indian Henry end. (I think the trail is actually only about 8 miles, not 14.) Views of the river were beautiful, and there were places where we could get down to the rocky bank, though most of the trail was high up steep slopes from it. The road (OR 224) is very picturesque. From the trail you generally can't see the road across the river. The trail was in good shape and dry. I would give it 5 stars if it had a waterfall.

8 months ago

Just finished this hike today! it was beautiful! No snow and very little mud! I will definitely be back!

10 months ago

My kids and I hiked from Indian Henry on Saturday, March 17. Unfortunately there was still a lot of ice and snow. Watch your step! This is one of my favorite hikes and I look forward to going on it again when the weather is a little warmer.

Mon Dec 17 2018

Wonderful day hike.

Wed Sep 26 2018

We started at Indian Henry where there is no fee. If you start at Fish Creek you pay a $5 fee. We went to Pup Creek Falls and then back to Indian Henry for an 8 mile hike. From Indian Creek you first come to Half Cave. That is a cool part of the trail where you have to duck under the rocky overhang to get through. Next are the Narrows. This is a nice place to take a break and have a snack. After awhile you will cross Pup Creek on a series of rocks that are lined up. Keep going on the trail, around the corner and up the hill where there is a trail to the falls only .2 of a mile off the main trail. I thought the falls were very cool. We went back to Indian Henry here. Total hike was 8 miles. It's rated as moderate which is accurate. It's a good hike. The trail is easy to follow.

Tue Sep 11 2018

We parked one car at Fish Creek Campground (where we camped for the night) and drove the other car up to Indian Henry to start the trail that way. Construction was a bit loud for the first two miles of the trail but after that, the river pretty much drowned out the sound of the highway on the other side. As stated in other reviews the ups and downs are no joke. It was challenging for myself but my two girlfriends did great with the elevation gains. They veered off to the waterfalls and I kept going so I didn't lag behind. We took our time, the views were amazing and a few spots along the way to camp overnight in between. Did the complete 7.8 miles and would do it again. Weather was great. Streams and creeks running low so no wet shoes at all. A few sketchy spots with logs over the trail that definitely you can't go under so be careful. Only one spot of the trail that is poorly maintained and thats before the elevation gain to the turn off for Pup Creek Falls. First time backpacking in Oregon and worth it!

Thu Aug 30 2018

Was a nice scenic trail along the river most the way, was rough at spots because of all the rocks but that's the fun in it, wouldn't be fun if it were easy. The waterfall was awesome, overall it was a great trail and would recommend it.

Fri Jun 22 2018

I was not expecting to do the NF-715 trail. My intent was to do Pup Creek Falls but couldn't find the trail head. My Texas Heeler, Geena and I trekked this one. We made it to mile marker 3. The ups are no joke. With a narrow trail in some spots and rolling rocks, I thought for her first official hike, while carrying her backpack she did really well.

Sun Jun 10 2018

I love this trail. The first time I did it, I planned to run from Fish Creek to Indian Henry. I quickly realized some parts are a bit dangerous for running (steep, narrow tread, and loose material). I just ran as much as I could, and I made it to the end before dark. This trail was clean and well maintained. Pretty accessible as it's close to town.

Tue May 22 2018

We didn't make the whole hike, but what we did was beautiful. We had our 5 and 6 year old with us, which made us take a nice slow pace, as there were some decent elevation gains for them. The river right there was wonderful, and there were some great opportunities for pictures. It was fun, especially for the kids, to see rafts and kayaks heading down the river.

Mon Apr 30 2018

"Screw you road! you're ruining my emersion!" The trail was fantastic, pretty steep at some points, really rocky at other points, by no means a walk in the park but not so hard that we were deterred at any point in time. Went until the sun started to set, made it to the waterfall which was a bit underwhelming but cool none the less. A great first trail to backpack with my friends, definitely interested in going again and finishing it next time!

Thu Mar 29 2018

Hiked on 03/28/18. Started at Fish Creek trailhead. Went to Pup Creek Falls. Fell into Pup Creek while making the crossing because those last two rocks were slippery! Gotta be more careful there for sure next time. Went to Indian Henry trailhead, then did the return trip, stopping again at PC Falls to add as many miles as I could to the trip. Total 16.3 miles for the day.

Wed Mar 14 2018

Must pay to park; no prepaid park passes can be used. Make sure to pay at Fish Creek even if you park one car at Indian Henry. Trail is narrow and steep in some places but maintained well. Made passing others challenging in most areas especialyl with dogs. One large creek crossing with no bridge was extremely difficult in March. Trail is adjacent to the Hwy, some powelines, and you can hear the buzz from the electrical plant. Parking was full, we had to step through large amounts of garbage to get to the restroom.

Thu Dec 14 2017

Trail is good. Some ice around where the cliffs/water run off is. Trail could also use some weedwacking around the powerline areas.

Mon Aug 07 2017

Sun Jul 16 2017

This trail is ranked moderate but it has a generalize difficulty due to the long stretches of ankle turning basalt rocks. Multiple scrambles and elevation changes. I run routinely and this trail makes you work, at the end my knees we're trashed. The listing does report that you can take your dog, and I did, but probably not ever again. Along with the paw bruising rocks, the path was very narrow at times along some steep cliffs on the river's side. Small children and rambunctious dogs beware. My dog is older, carrying a pack and on a short leash, and there were times that we had to pause and decide whether to go forward or not. We went to Pup falls, it was beautiful, but I couldn't approach too close due to the dead falls and dangerous scrambling I would need to do along with my dog. I decided to err on the safe side. The people we later encountered (14) some with dogs (unleashed), why?? If you want to hike this trail, go for it, realize there are very narrow areas with some big drop offs. If hiking with a dog, keep it short and leashed, or better leave him/ her at home. Or just keep the hike short and play in the river. All I know is that my dog won't make that trip again. (Just a DVM who loves dogs.)

Fri Jun 30 2017

Excellent trail. Moderate to difficult. Enjoyable up and down hike We hiked for a total of 4 hours (12 miles ) and didn't complete it.

Sun Jun 04 2017

Great hike. Lots of people out last weekend. Some sketchy places about 3 miles in so be careful.

Tue Apr 25 2017

Pros: Pup Creek Falls, wildflowers, nice sections to stop along the river. Near campgrounds. Cons (for dogs/small children): Trail was narrow in places with a lot of erosion. Logs to go over/under. Trail is also very slanted in sections.

Thu Aug 11 2016

decent but you can't go too far back because the fires have damaged the area

Fri Aug 05 2016

Not heavy traffic durning the middle of week. Nice and shaded.

Thu Jun 16 2016

Gorgeous scenery, multiple falls, also hiked up to Pup Falls. Can be done as a one way if you have transportation. If doing only half the trail in and back, recommend the upper half as the trail is in much better shape.

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