Camp Adair to Oak Creek [CLOSED]

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McDonald-Dunn Forest

Camp Adair to Oak Creek is a 11 mile point-to-point trail located near Corvallis, Oregon and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, horses, and mountain biking and is accessible year-round. Dogs and horses are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 11.0 miles Elevation Gain: 1,578 feet Route Type: Point to Point

dog friendly


horseback riding

mountain biking


This trail is experiencing full or partial closure due to COVID-19. Please see the open trails nearby for alternate hiking options. Hike the length of McDonald Forest year round through old and new growth This is a good year round hike which if you are going from Adair to Oak Creek, starts with a gradual climb up the 540 road by the by the OSU sports logging training are and Cronemiller Lake. Just past the lake you take a right onto the 500 road and start a steep climb up to the "summit junction". At this point you have two choices, you can stay on the 500 road (or Netteton Rd) which continues a long climb, then a quick downhill or the 580 road (Davies Rd) which is up and down with better views and you go by the Quarry Pond. Either way ends at the Lewisburg Saddle (there are portajohns at this point). Cross Sulphur Springs Rd and follow the 600 road (or Patterson Rd) up to the Dimple Hill junction (go left on the 650 for a short steep hike to the top of Dimple Hill) where you stay to the right on the 600 road and start a long decent to the orange gate at the OSU Oak Creek Lab. There is a paved parking lot and portajohns at this location also.

Wed Jan 31 2018

I do this as a loop, and usually swing by dimple hill on the way ! I love this area.

Tue Jun 13 2017

Well maintained trail and lots of off-shoots which is cool but not much to see really.

Sat Apr 23 2016

Decent hike, but gave it 4 stars since the entire hike is on roads.

Sun Apr 26 2015

This trail is pretty cool, you cover a lot of ground and get to see a lot of scenery. If you're going to go all that way, definitely take the spur and head up to the top of Dimple Hill before going down to Oak Creek. Dimple Hill has the best view in the McDonald Forest in my opinion. Took both dogs and we got done in about 4 hours. Close to either end of the trail and near Lewisburg Saddle there are more people, but I saw very few people all day. If it had been sunnier there would have been more, but in the remote parts it's easy to get away from everyone if that's what you want.

Sun Jul 29 2012

made this hike by accident....was hiking or walking from peavey arboretum and made it to that trail...very good

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Sun Apr 28 2019

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Tue Jul 11 2017