Broken Top Trail to No Name Lake and Bend Glacier

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Broken Top Trail to No Name Lake and Bend Glacier is a 15.2 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Klamath River, Oregon that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is best used from July until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

15.2 miles
2,880 feet
Out & Back

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Directions from Bend: Trail begins 30 miles west of Bend, north of the Cascade Lakes Hwy. at the Broken Top Trailhead on Forest Rd. 380. A high clearance vehicle is needed for travel beyond Todd Lake on the very rough Forest Rd. 370 (road remains gated closed until snow melts midsummer). This trail can be reached more easily on foot via the Todd Ridge Trail #25.2 and Soda Creek Trail.

3 days ago

Great hike! Hiked from Todd lake all of the way up and our watch recorded 17.2 miles out and back.
Lots of mosquitoes in the first about 2 miles while in the forest, once you get past that point you are mosquito free unfortunately didn’t take repellent and walked out with a ton of them.
No name lake is stunning and well worth the hike up, the whole hike was beautiful. I’d go back and stay the night! We also went with our 3 pups and they loved all of the streams on the way up!
10/10 recommend!

WINDY!!!!! We backpacked up to no name lake 7/10, it was a great hike up. Reading reviews of surrounding area we of course brought bug spray but there really didn’t seem to be any bugs giving us a hard time. The lake was beautiful by around 4/5:00 the wind stared to kick in, it was so powerful that it swept my sleeping bag across the lake onto a patch of ice. The wind also flattened my tent in the middle of the night and broke some of the poles. Not sure if it’s always windy like this up there but we also chose the one little camp site that wasn’t near the others and therefor did not have the same shelter as the others(we chose it because of it’s secluded from the rest). Most of the camping sites are going to be clustered in all directly next to each other and not much room, so be prepared for that. We talked to other people that stayed on the other side of the peak and it sounded like they didn’t have any issues with the wind. If I were to do it again I’d camp on one of the streams going up to the lake. Lastly if you do hike to the lake make sure you make it to the top of the trail!!! The end of the trail takes you to a ridge that gives you a wonderful view of all the cascades, it’s incredible and I saw lots of hikers skip out on what I thought was the best part.

4 days ago

Didn't hike the trail, walked up the road and about half a mile up the road I was SWARMED by mosquitos. The gate wasn't open yet to drive to the trail head as of Sunday 7/8 but it was beautiful. obviously i didnt hike all the way to no name since the bugs were so bad but Todd lake was beautiful. All other reviews say they went up todd ridge trail... guess thats what im doing next time. no idea how I'm the only one swarmed by bugs but hey learned my lesson!

5 days ago

Hiked it today from Todd Lake. Very pleasant hike, nothing too strenuous, a few small snow patches on the top, gorgeous views, lake is beautiful and plenty of water breaks for the dog. No mosquitoes!!!

6 days ago

We backpacked to No Name Lake last year in sept and we loved it so decided to go again , however the gate to rough forrest road (370) was closed so we hiked up it to the broken top trail. From our car to No Name was 10 miles, and 50 mosquito bites later ( not exaggerating ). The road was definitely in drivable shape so not sure why it was closed , but of course once at the lake, it was lovely. Don’t think I’ll go again unless rough road to trail head is open due to the mosquitos, but overall great views at the top !

8 days ago

Did this in Sept of 2016. Was so impressed that I went back with my husband to backpack the Broken Top Loop Trail. The trail itself is mild except for the 1.5 Mile - 2000ft elevation climb to Noname Lake. Just bring a lunch for the top and time to sit and soak it all up before heading back down.

10 days ago

We decided to skip Green Lake and backpacked up to no name lake for the night. Well worth it and no mosquitoes. There was snow at the very end so just make sure to find the well worn trail again after snow crossings and you should be fine all the way up to the no name lake. We scrambled up the ridge and had a clear view of Mt. Hood. Be careful at the very top, everything leading up to he glacier is very mellow. Perfect place to backpack, plenty of fresh water and just a note it was pretty cold at night so summer sleeping bags won’t be ideal for high 30 degree temperatures so bring some layers for the tent.

14 days ago

Hiked it yesterday. The trail is clear of snow except the last quarter mile from the lake to the overlook that was easy enough to negotiate and I enjoyed lunch looking at the Three Sisters Washington, Three Fingered Jack, Jefferson, Hood and Adams. The view is spectacular. No Name lake remained largely under ice so much of the glacial blue water you want to see isn’t as exposed yet though I was still able to get a couple good pictures from where you first see the lake. The wild flowers have yet to kick in. I was surprised with the lack of mosquitoes even in the lower elevations around Todd lake. The hike is rated hard mainly for the distance there isn’t that much gain. One of my favorite hikes in the area I think it offers the greatest bang for the effort.

Note this is not a summit hike. Summiting Broken Top shouldn’t be attempted unless you know what you’re doing.

20 days ago

Road 360 gate is presently NOT open, I’ve hiked it 2 times in the past week. A Ranger said they are aiming at opening it sometime after Fourth of July as it has become very rough and they want to keep people from getting stuck and stranded before maintenance is preformed. There’s no snow on the road as of now, but is fairly muddy in places.

21 days ago

I accessed Broken Top yesterday from green lakes trail. Stunning!

22 days ago

I was at Todd lake today the gate is still locked.

27 days ago

I went 6-16-18, day before Father’s Day, first time. There were plenty of snow 2-3 miles in, I put crampons by now. I used Gaia GPS and the AllTrails app to find my bearings because the snow covered up the trail. There are no markings except for a few signs the trail and intersections. I luckily ran into some locals that knew where to go. We only made it to the crater lake at the rim. There’s flurries of snow and mostly sleet towards the lake. I didn’t attempt the summit because it was very foggy and I could see maybe 20 meters in front of me. Lake was in the process of melting around the edges and had a beautiful hue of blue that my phone camera didn’t do it justice. It was an awesome hike overall but for unfamiliar hikers, better to wait for more thaw. I had crampons and trekking pole.

1 month ago

I also would like to know -- hoping to head up there this weekend.,

1 month ago

Has anyone done this recently? Is the gate open for high clearance vehicles?

8 months ago

Easy hike, with great views of Mount Bachelor and the Three Sisters. Road back to Bend was treacherous but fun if you have a high clearance vehicle. One of the best trips I’ve been on!

10 months ago

We had a wonderful time and watched the best sunset and sunrise we've ever seen.

11 months ago

Is the Todd lake gate open to drive up to the broken top trail head?

11 months ago

Did this hike on 8/10/2017. One of the most beautiful I have ever been on!! I was nervous since it was rated difficult, but after hiking it am assuming the difficult rating is because of its length? It was filled with beautiful wild flowers, fun little creeks to cross, gorgeous views everywhere you look. Hiking across some snow patches was slippery but fun and you are rewarded greatly when you turn the corner and see No name lake... WOW!! We sat and ate lunch enjoyed the view and continued on up the ridge and there was the 3 sisters in all its glory!! Highly recommend this to all who love to hike! And not 1 mosquito bite!

11 months ago

Would someone mind telling me what trail you take from the Todd lake trailhead to get to Broken Top?

11 months ago

This was a fantastic hike! The trail is well made and maintained and generally incredibly smooth. The wildflowers were incredible, and we didn't even notice any bugs! Great views and a fantastic treat at the end when you get to gorgeous No Name Lake. The hike was not technically difficult, we were pleasantly surprised. Had a blast!!

11 months ago

I never usually rate trails low but who ever cut the trail was smoking crack the trail takes you a total of 4 miles out of the way for no reason and this trail is not the summit trail unless you want to hike a total of 20 plus miles the true summit is on the north west side of broken top this trail takes you to no name lake and to the false Summit on the north eastern Ridge.

11 months ago

Gate at 370 is locked because some people broke the gate before road was supposed to open and messed up the road so now the Forest Service has to fix it. They will be doing this before summer's end. PLEASE people have respect for our forests and let the rangers do their jobs. They are educated and know what they're doing. If a road is closed, there's a reason for it.

11 months ago

Amazing, some snow but passable. Camped at the top of no name lake

11 months ago

Gate is not open to get to the top of the trailhead. It's supposed to b I open in July, wish we had known that before we drove all way here. 7/27

11 months ago

Hiked on 7/16, started late at 2pm. Reached top by 430.Trail is almost free of snow until around mile 5/6. After that you may see small sections of trail but its very snowy.Lots of route finding. Gps makes it easy.Walking in the snow was fairly easy, I hiked in trail running shoes. Bring trekking poles and yak tracks or micro spikes.If you're lucky you can follow other hiker's tracks. In a few more weeks the snow should be gone. Oh yeah, mosquitos were bad by the lake and lower elevations.

Monday, July 03, 2017

went on July 1st 2017. needed gps, because there was snow the whole way up, only saw the trail a few times at the beginning. beautiful hike and gorgeous views. however, the lake was covered up by snow/ice. fyi, if you're going For the lake go later in the summer.

Monday, June 12, 2017

Great hike, 15 miles out and back of gorgeous scenery from Todd Lake.

Thursday, May 11, 2017

Did this hike a few days ago. New to backpacking, lots of lessons learned. Needed sunscreen from the reflection of the snow, better eye protection than just sunglasses, as sunglasses still let the light in to the sides of your eyes, and the day we went on, the sun was 75°, so on our way back, it was miserable trying to track through 2 ft of melted snow. The gate is closed off at NF-370, so it adds quite a few mikes to the hike if you go NF-370 to NF-380 to start.

Thursday, May 11, 2017


Monday, September 26, 2016

Awesome trail with grear views.

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