Banks-Vernonia State Trail

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Banks-Vernonia State Trail is a 24 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Banks, Oregon that features beautiful wild flowers and is rated as moderate. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 24.0 miles Elevation Gain: 1,072 feet Route Type: Point to Point

dogs on leash

wheelchair friendly

stroller friendly


horseback riding

mountain biking

nature trips

road biking


bird watching



partially paved


wild flowers


Thanks to the rails to trails program this trail became the first linear state park in Oregon. This paved path with its minimal elevation change is a great choice for the whole family for a sunny day bike ride or walk. If you own a horse there is also a path that runs along the paved path for you. This route is great for bird watching as well.

1 month ago

very nice trail. just beware of some on bicycles who do not want to share. overall a nice trail

bike touring
2 months ago

Absolutely stunning, October sky, in Oregon!!!

road biking
3 months ago

beautiful fall colors with light traffic today since it was a bit chilly.

road biking
6 months ago

Highly recommended.

road biking
6 months ago

Love this trail. We're not avid bikers, but we can do the entire trail, both ways, without killing ourselves. The trail is beautiful in some areas and the railroad bridge is fun.

6 months ago

Biked this in late May. Great trail! The only thing I felt is that it’s not very exciting. Not that many views. Lots of hikers and slow bikers don’t know how to share the path. Completely shaded except like 10%. Had to wear sunglasses cause of occasional bugs. Overall a fun day but will start closer to the lake if I go again so I can see more variety in landscape.

9 months ago

This is by far my favorite running trail. Completely flat, goes on forever, dog friendly, and extremely friendly people! I usually start in Banks, OR (super easy parking and only about 15-20min from Hillsboro). From there, the trail has a bathroom and is right next to the parking, and you can immediately get your hyper dog going (beware, no other bathroom for 3 miles or so... but also worth noting, there are mile markers every half mile!). There are lots of bikers, runners, and dogs on the trail, as well as a few horses. There is a 6ft leash law, but many people don't seem to obey it. I don't care though! I love dogs! Especially friendly ones! I usually run the flat paved trail (not much room on the sides to run in the grass so count on paved the whole way), and only pass about 2 roads in 5-10 miles.

11 months ago

mountain biking
Sun Jan 13 2019

it is pretty good. Just mentioned their are some places are very slippery, one is near Vernonia where their is some water on the road, but you know that will be ice water sometimes. Be careful of this, slow down and had better walk through it. One another place is in the middle of this trail, the end of downhill.

Wed Nov 21 2018

Nice paved walkway and somewhat scenic. The road is close. Many bikers and dogs on the path so no the best for little kids. However, if you are a biker or have dogs it is great.

mountain biking
Sun Sep 23 2018

We got on at the Buxton trailhead which is right where the long trestle is located Biked several miles north toward Veronica and trail was in excellent condition winding through the lovely wooded forest. Lots of fun!

road biking
Sat Sep 15 2018

My husband and I camped at LL Stub Stewart State Park and biked from there to Vernonia lake and back one day and second day we road from campground to banks and back. What a beautiful paved trail! The campground is halfway between banks and Vernonia. Not many people on the trail and trail is very shaded.

Thu Aug 16 2018

The trail in many areas needs repair attention. The bright orange markings provide a good warning to bike riders. Beware of cinders and rough gravel at some road crossings. We will definitely ride this trail again.

road biking
Sun Aug 05 2018

So much fun and not too hard for a beginner like me :-) We did 8 miles before we turned back and we only saw a few others on the paved path which was cool. We saw a few snakes, cows, and goats along the way which was fun!

mountain biking
Mon Jul 30 2018

It was challenging, but not highly strenuous. I started at the Banks trailhead. The ride starts out easy then slowly transitions to a continuous uphill grade till the trail ends in Vernonia. The ride back is a blast. It's all downhill and smooth riding. Twenty miles each way. I highly recommend it if your looking for day ride in the country.

Thu Jun 28 2018

Too close to the road.

Sun Apr 15 2018

Good for a simple stroll with my dog but there are not enough restrooms. Good for walking, running and biking. I went early so the trail was pretty empty. Not strenuous but nice enough.

Thu Feb 08 2018

Easy paved trail, wheelchair accessible. Great for families and dogs

road biking
Tue Oct 24 2017

My girlfriend and I rode this for my birthday and it was awesome! We stopped in Vernonia for some adult beverages before heading back so our total miles was closer to 42. The trail is well maintained and scenic; only real nuisance was the highway traffic nearby. I definitely recommend this to anyone who owns a practical bike as it's very doable for a novice.

Sun Sep 24 2017

An easy, flat trail that goes through beautiful farmland. We usually start at the Manning trailhead. Love that we can take our daughter in the jogger stroller since it's paved. Only downside for hiking with little ones is that there are some very serious bike riders who use this trail and whiz by very fast.

Tue Aug 22 2017

My husband and I are recreational riders using 7 speed bikes. We rode the section from Banks to Buxton and back which is about 7 miles each way. It was challenging, but not highly strenuous,the last couple miles on the not steep but continuous uphill grade. The ride back down the 2 miles required virtually no pedaling. We plan on this ride again along with the ride from Vernonia to Beaver Creek which looks like some up and down but not steep terrain.

horseback riding
Sat Aug 05 2017

Bicyclist please yield to horses. A horse can easily kick you square in the head when you ride by unannounced! 90% of the bikes just zoom by... someone will seriously get injured. Over all this is a great trail for everyone. Shade, trees, views! It can be very busy so beware for others also enjoying the path.

road biking
Mon Jul 10 2017

I've only made it halfway to Vernonia from Banks, but I love this ride. I've biked this a handful of times and enjoy it every time. Not having to bike on the road and worry about cars is a wonderful change from my commute to work. Close to Banks there are a lot of pedestrians, but as you get further away from town, they become fewer and far between. This is a popular bike spot, so expect to see lots of bikers passing you and to pass. Biking toward Vernonia is uphill the entire way. It is gradual, but you really notice it when you head back to Banks, you coast the entire time. So, make sure you get to where you feel you're done before turning around. If you're looking for a place to bike for the day, this is it.

road biking
Sun Jun 25 2017

A nice shady path through the woods on this hot day. Long slow climb from Banks to the halfway mark, then blessed downhill. Bring water as there is none available along the trail. Banks Bicycle Repair shop in Banks at end of trail has friendly helpful people, Len Punzel and his wife, who got us back on the trail quickly with excellent work (they also rent bikes).

Sat Jun 17 2017

Great trail. Good for kids, dogs, horses, bikes, walkers and more. Almost the whole buxton to stub Stewart is heavily shaded, great paved path or you can walk on the side on the horse track. Light incline probably gained 400 feet. Benches and picnic tables along the way.

Wed Jun 07 2017

Started in Banks and went north towards Stewart State Park; turned around at 11mi. Took a 1 mile detour to a viewpoint that was not worth the effort. It is the first one you come upon when entering the park from the south on the trail. Hit up The Trailhead Cafe after. Worth it.

Mon May 29 2017

We started at the Manning Trailhead and hiked south 3 miles and then returned to the trailhead and hiked North 1.5 miles, great hike, no grade on this portion, scouting for future full trail hike.

Sun May 07 2017

boring, road noise. best for biking

Wed Apr 05 2017

Great trail to run. Easy to follow, good scenery, not to busy for a Saturday morning (in the rain)!

Sat Nov 12 2016

This is an amazing trail. A must try. Love it.

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