Abiqua Falls Trail

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Abiqua Falls Trail is a 5.3 mile heavily trafficked out and back trail located near Scotts Mills, Oregon that features a waterfall and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

5.3 miles
1505 feet
Out & Back



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Abiqua Falls is one of the most beautiful waterfalls in Oregon. While located on private land the falls are currently accessible to visitors but getting to the trailhead does require some off-roading. Finding the turn off is tricky so it's not wise to simply rely on your phone's GPS for directions.

11 minutes ago

Gorgeous falls, unique and beautiful place! Do not miss! Short yet steep hike. Muddy and slippery when I went last week. I would not suggest it if you are not able bodied, but I'm out of shape and I made it! It was totally worth it. The ropes make it easy and fun.
Much better if you have a vehicle with high clearance so that you can make It to the trailhead and not have to walk down the road.

2 days ago

Much harder than anticipated but if I can do it you can too! Well worth it!

8 days ago

9 days ago

I drive a compact car and had to park about a mile and a half up from the trailhead and walk down the gravel road to the trail. Lots of big mud puddles. It was raining pretty good when I went today. The trail is steep downhill and very muddy so use caution and have good traction shoes. The trail leads to the river and stick to the river path. There is a skinny path that goes up to the left but it's steep and very muddy. I recommend going when it's more dry and having a lifted truck or car that can make it all the way down. The falls are about a mile from the trailhead. Was worth all the mud and wetness tho!

15 days ago

Rough access road, will need high clearance vehicle to drive to trail head. There is a lot a mile or so up though to park and walk to the trail head. Trail is very steep and rocky in areas but has rope for steep areas. Actual trail is fairly short, maybe a mile.

18 days ago

Be careful if you drive all the way to the trailhead. You might need a car with high clearance. This is one of my favorite waterfalls. It is breathtaking.

18 days ago

Getting to this place kinda sucks. If you have a lifted 4x4 then it shouldn't be an issue getting down to the trail head. If not, then you have to walk a few miles on a gravel road, downhill. The trail itself kinda sucked also because it was downhill and muddy. There are some ropes attached to trees which helped. The waterfall is actually really pretty. Pictures just aren't the same as the real thing.

19 days ago

Spectacular scramble down to a private cove where the falls dump into! Easy hike that is well worth it. It was probably about 3 miles round trip if you drive back to the dirt pit on the right as the road starts to go from rough to steep & rough.

20 days ago

Not super hard. You just have to move slowly down the trail using the rope ties and it will be fine. Amazing once you are at the bottom and COMPLETELY worth it!

22 days ago

Adventurous to get to the trailhead (or close to) and even more adventurous hike (scramble) to get to the falls. I am sure it will get easier when the mud starts drying up. Had an awesome day and the falls are gorgeous.

24 days ago

24 days ago

awesome trail, hiking boots needed, ropes to help with difficult spots,

29 days ago

One of the most photographed waterfalls in Oregon, Abiqua Falls is a must see. This hike can be as short as 1.5 miles round trip-if you have the right car to get to the trailhead. Read more on my experience here : https://www.heroregonlife.com/single-post/2017/04/17/Abiqua-Falls

1 month ago

All other descriptions were a bit confusing! Hope this helps... follow all ATV signs. You'll come to a fork, veer right. Further down will be a parking lot on the right. This is a ways from the trail but parking past here will be full unless you arrive early. Maybe only 10 cars can fit beyond this point. The end of the driveable distance will be reached when you come to a closed gate with red sign up and to your left that says private property. At this point, you have passed the trailhead. Perhaps a one minute walk back where you came from will show you a tree with a faint orange line. Down about 20 feet into the woods you will see the white Abbey Foundation sign. This is the correct trail! I posted a pic of the trailhead. Hope this helps! Use only high clearance vehicles. Trail really is unsafe for small kids. Some scrambling on loose, wet rocks that can be very slippery.

1 month ago

This was a great hike. The trail starts off as what seems like an old logging road and how far your car can drive it really dictates how long your trek is going to be. If you hit a road blockade you have passed the trail head so it's time to double back. There are definite a couple "am I still on a trail?" moments but as long as you are following the river you should end up where you want to be. It's a bit muddy this time of year but it's definitely worth it.

1 month ago

Would not rate this as hard. Requires some skill to scale up and down I suppose but there are ropes and once you get to the water it's super easy. The mileage listed includes walking the road. If you have any kind of 4 wheel drive SUV you can absolutely make it down the road to the trailhead and then it's less than a mile. Gorgeous waterfall for minimal