Wilderness Trail

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Wilderness Trail is a 2.4 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near West Union, Ohio that offers the chance to see wildlife and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, nature trips, and birding and is accessible year-round.

2.4 miles
331 feet



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The Wilderness Preserve honors Charlie Eulett. Charlie, an Adams County teacher, shared his love of prairies and woodlands with local residents and advocated the protection of these areas—a progressive idea in the 1960s and 1970s. As you travel east through Adams County in south-central Ohio, the rugged hills of the Allegheny Plateau rise abruptly above the countryside. Here, at the Appalachian escarpment, sprawls one of the most biologically diverse collections of natural systems in the Midwestern United States. Amid rocky slopes, rolling meadows and deep moist ravines, relict plant communities have persisted for thousands of years. The Ohio chapter of The Nature Conservancy and the Museum of Natural History & Science at Cincinnati Museum Center own and manage a series of 10 nearly contiguous preserves, collectively called The Richard and Lucile Durrell Edge of Appalachia Preserve System, the largest privately owned protected natural area in Ohio. Opened to the public in 1967, Buzzardroost Rock honors Christian and Emma Goetz. Like Lynx Prairie and The Wilderness Preserve, Buzzardroost is a National Natural Landmark. The Edge of Appalachia provides critical habitat for some 100 rare species of plants and animals. Four areas in the preserve, Lynx Prairie, Buzzardroost Rock, Red Rock and the Wilderness, are registered National Natural Landmarks, testimony to their national significance. The eminent ecologist E. Lucy Braun first called attention to the biodiversity of "The Edge" in the 1920s. Her students, Richard and Lucile Durrell, were early leaders in the effort to preserve this outstanding natural area.

1 month ago

Challenging AND Beautiful!

4 months ago

There's a cave if you look up and to your left when the cliffs are on your left. Hard to climb up to them though. There's a small water fall also.

8 months ago

great little trail difficult enough to make it mildly infuriating. lots of drop spots, ravines, rocky outcrops, ticks and dramatic elevation changes. it was a great day

9 months ago

The trailhead is at the end of a very narrow dirt road; you'll feel like your going up someone's driveway as you pass a couple of houses. When we arrived on a Saturday afternoon there were zero other cars there. We did see one when we left. You'll have to decide which direction to take at the start of the trail; I recommend the right, which starts off as a maintenance road. The trail goes in a circle around some large outcroppings; including a small cave. Many small streams flow down from the rocks; they are beautiful in some spots. There are small waterfalls, some you can see, and some you can only hear. Unfortunately the water also creates a LOT of mud. Bring boots. There's also some a lot of low lying poison ivy hanging over the narrow trail. Once again, bring boots and you'll be okay. Whoever made the trails apparently wanted people to be as close to the edge of ravines as possible, as sometimes you are one foot away from a large drop (could be due to erosion). Despite all I have said, I strongly recommend this trail due to its closeness with nature. We saw frogs, turtles (mating), wild orchids, animal tracks, butterflies, and a lot more.

Tuesday, March 24, 2015

Did this recently on 3/21/15, so worth it! Wonderful trail which was marked very well. Lots of great rock formations, small waterfalls and plenty of deer and turkey to see in the woods. Trail was not busy at all. Not as hard as Buzzard Roost Rock trail. When you go, be sure to visit Blake's Pharmacy in West Union for lunch, great chicken salad sandwiches and the best milkshakes and malts for about 1.00 and soda for .25!

Saturday, April 27, 2013

The family walked this trail last year and it was a good time. The kids liked all the different plant life along the trail and the pond just off the trail that is close to the end. I did not get to GPS the trail then, may do it again to log the tracks and time.

Saturday, March 16, 2013

We hiked this one today. My husband used the MapMyHike gps based app which showed the hike to be 4.25 miles, rather than the 2.5 miles that is listed at the link below. It's not as strenuous as the nearby Buzzardroost hike. But, it will still give you a workout. There's some areas where the trail is very near the side of the cliffs so be careful with kids on this trail. Our 7 yo was with us today and she held up very well.


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