Vondergreen Trail is a 6.2 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near East Liverpool, Ohio that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking, nature trips, and mountain biking and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

6.2 miles
577 feet
Out & Back

dogs on leash


mountain biking

nature trips






2 months ago

Really enjoyed this hike, which is perfect for a morning or afternoon. You can do a little variation on the out and back by taking the Upper Vondergreen Trail if you started upstream and take the Lower Vondergreen. You'll get a little bit of everything on this hike though you'll be happy to be in hiking pants vs. shorts due to some grasses and the trail will be muddy in places and rocky and slippery in others. Great hike.

3 months ago

nice trail

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Went in April 2017. River was nice but as others mentioned the mud along the one portion is a little much. all in all a nice day hike. Easy to get your steps in

Saturday, July 08, 2017

on the 4th of july 2017 my wife and i did the vondergreen trail. we started from gaston's mill and went to sprucevail rd and back. over all a great hike however the lower vondergreen section was pure mud(the trail is for the most part 10 inches away from the waterline of beaver creek and it had rained pretty hard the weekend before) the last 200 yards of the lower we were pushing through grass in the 7-8 ft tall range. after we got onto the main trail things were much better and the upper vondergreen was good too.there is some pretty beat up sections of the trail due to people taking their horses onto the non horse trail vondergreen. it is very scenic and worth the hike. there are campsites available at both ends of the trail. also this trail is also a section of both the buckeye trail and the north country trail which makes it just a bit more intriguing(at least for me). this makes a great trail for a boyscout troop as it long enough and has campsites where needed. also there is the historic marker where pretty boy floyd was killed near enough to walk from the trail too. and along the trail are lots of old 19th century riverboat locks.

Thursday, June 22, 2017

I really liked this hike, but the low trail is not currently accessible unless you'd like to walk in grasses about 6 feet tall. It creeps me out to walk through grass taller than myself!

The rest of the trail is in fairly good condition but if you go when it is hot and humid, wear good eye protection because the bugs are brutal!

Wednesday, June 07, 2017

Beautiful views of the creek. just the right balance of difficulty. check out Gretchens lock while you're here!

Friday, April 14, 2017

This trail may quickly become one of my favorite afternoon hikes. It is a perfect balance of steep, grueling inclines, and gentle, rolling terrain. The views at the top are spectacular, and the spring wildflowers this time of year are lovely. You'll definitely want to take the Upper trail though if you want the full experience. If you start at the parking area and hike to Gretchen's Lock and back, it's a little over 6 miles. There's also a really neat 1800's historic mill and town near the parking area. There's definitely something for everyone here! My only word of caution is, wear decent footwear. Not only is it rocky in spots, but parts of the trail are also accessible to horses, so there are some pretty mucky areas. Other than that, I loved this trail! I'll definitely be back to go further! Oh, and the dog loved it too!!

Wednesday, July 13, 2016

Great trail! Worth the effort. Take the upper loop in the Summer (too many weeds and poor view on the lower). The views of the old locks on this hike are spectacular. Be sure to get to Gretchen's lock (it's haunted by a little girl named Gretchen - Google it for the story). I would say this is a moderate to difficult trail. A lot of up and back down the mountain. But well worth it. Beautiful park.

Thursday, November 19, 2015

I love this trail. The trail has recently been cleared and the blazes re painted. It was a beautiful trail. A few drawbacks were there was a wash out so I had to go around and the horses really tear it up. Take the upper if your hiking while the creek is high. You will not be able to hike through to the state park bridge. I will hike this again! This would be a bad ass trail for mountain biking.

Thursday, January 08, 2015

I would go back with my mountain bike but probably not again for hike. It's a really pretty hike along the creek, but the end sections of the trail are horse friendly, meaning they are completely torn up and muddy. There are also a lot of small side trails which are good in that the offer extra places to explore, but bad because they're not well blazed or marked on the maps, so you're not alway sure where you're headed. Even the main trail isn't well blazed, and I had to make some guesses along the way to stay on course. The park itself gets 4 stars (very pretty!) but I'd give the activity of hiking here only maybe 2 or 3 max.

Sunday, September 07, 2014

We just finished this trail. We started at the group camp and finished at Gaston's Mill. Fairly easy trail, but as stated in one of the other reviews do not follow the trail by the creek the entire way. From the group camp we turned left at Gretchen's lock on what looked like a horse trail. Then we followed the next trail to the right up a steep hill. This will take you up and over the hill and eventually take you to another obvious horse trail where you turn left. This will connect back to the Lower Vondergreen. Overall a nice hike. We passed two hikers over the duration of the hike, so it is fairly secluded.

Saturday, September 14, 2013

I am an experienced hiker and mountain biker and have hiked or ridden nearly every trail in every state park in Ohio. That said, I hiked the Vondergreen Trail from the pioneer village at the west end through to Hambleton's Mill on the east end and back. The round trip was 8.35 miles and took 4.0 hours walking quickly and taking a few pictures. The overall condition of the trail is poor when compared to trails in other state parks because it is so overgrown with few directional signs or blazes.

To hike this trail, park at the parking lot by Gaston's Mill and then visit all of the buildings in the pioneer village. Then cross the river on the evident steel bridge and you'll see the Lower Vondergreen trailhead on the right at the end of the bridge. (The Upper Vondergreen trailhead is about 50 yards up the road and it joins the Lower Vondergreen eventually.) The trail hugs the shore of Beaver Creek in an easterly direction. The first Sandy and Beaver Canal lock that you'll encounter is Grey's Lock. A short distance later is Vondergreen's Lock and then finally Gretchen's lock. (All three locks or on the shore of the creek.)

Here's the important part: After reaching the Vondergreen Lock you'll see a sign for the haunted Gretchen's Lock that points straight up the hill and to the right. TAKE THIS TRAIL rather than following the creekside trail because it eventually becomes very dangerous in several long sections. Really, do not go here, please. By following the sign for Gretchen's Lock the trail will go up and over the top of the hill and it descends right at Gretchen's Lock. This lock is in much better condition than the Grey and Vondergreen Locks. Explore it. When you're done there, follow the creekside Vondergreen Trail to the eastern parking lot and walk out to the road where you'll see Hambleton's Mill. The site of Pretty Boy Floyd's demise is up the hill to the left.

I took the upper (correct) route heading east and then the lower route heading west and really regretted that decision. The hills are so steep and the ledges are so narrow that I'm surprised that I wasn't hurt.

For those with a GPS, here are some good waypoints:

Gaston's Mill / Pioneer Village / Lock
40-43.612' N 080-36.752' W

Grey's Lock
40-43.112' N 080-36.378' W

Vondergreen's Lock
40-42.777' N 080-35.999' W

Gretchen's Lock
40-42.466' N 080-35.634' W

Hambleton's Mill
40-42.412' N 080-34.850' W

Scenic Overlook (of the entire valley - drive there)
40-42.218' N 080-35.118' W

Pretty Boy Floyd
40-42.838' N 080-35.302' W

The trail should only be hiked when it is dry because many sections overlap horse trails where the trail gets very muddy and slick.


Wednesday, May 23, 2012

This trail is located in Beaver Creek State Park and is approx. 3.2 miles long. A fairly easy hike with a reputation of being haunted. There are locks from an old canal system along the creek. Gretchen's Lock is the one purported to be haunted. Makes for some spooky story telling if you bring your kids along, hehe.
Moderate elevation changes. The North Country Trail also follows this route.

There's a campground in the park if you wish to stay overnight. There are other shorter trails to hike also, most notably, the Dogwood trail (2.0 miles). You can mountain bike the trail also, but it's clear the paths were not made for this purpose.

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