Buckeye Trail

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Buckeye Trail is a 5 mile lightly trafficked loop trail located near Glouster, Ohio and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until October.

5.0 miles
472 feet






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For nearly 1444 miles, the Buckeye Trail winds around Ohio, reaching into every corner of the state. From a beachhead on Lake Erie near Cleveland, to a hilltop overlooking the Ohio River in Cincinnati, a hiker can experience a little of all that Ohio has to offer. First envisioned in the late 1950s as a trail from the Ohio River to Lake Erie, the Buckeye Trail evolved into a large loop, branching both north and east from Cincinnati. The separate legs rejoin in the Cuyahoga Valley National Park near Cleveland, and complete the trip to the lake. Because it is a loop, it is also in essence, endless. You may start a hike at any point and hike as long as you want without ever reaching an end! The trail is identified by blue blazes, 2" wide by 6" high, on trees or poles. A single blaze marks the trail where the route is fairly straight or obvious, while a double blaze marks a turn with the upper blaze offset to indicate the new direction. A double blaze with no offset simply means pay attention - the trail route may not be obvious. The trail is maintained and managed by the Buckeye Trail Association, a private, non-profit volunteer organization. Use this site to help plan your Buckeye Trail adventure. Start with the overview map, then zoom in on a section of interest. Read the section close-ups, contact the section supervisors, and get the detailed maps for those areas that interest you. Make use of the Featured Hike and Short Hikes sections for ideas. Check the events for a group hike, and finally, visit the on-line store to buy everything you will need. Most importantfind the time to explore Ohio up close and personal along the Buckeye Trail.

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Tar Hollow section was pretty good - definitely better maintained than Logan Trail, South Loop. With Troop 1147 hiking along parts of this Historic Trail and picking up trash.

Sunday, February 03, 2013

More on Buckeye trail
Old Mans Cave section
I love this area i live a little bit north of old mans cave and have been going there for the past 25 years. Now this will be an area of the Buckeye Trail that can get busy during spring and summer but it is also one of the most beautiful parts of the trail. The Old Mans Cave section is 47.7 miles and some of that is on roads but again allot of the roads are back roads. There is so much i could write on this part but i am on my phone so i will just hit the main points. Old Mans Cave section starts at rt.664 and Walnut Dowler rd just a little ways down the trail when you cross over the road there is a open filed where you are allowed to camp the owner is a Buckeye Trail member just be sure to pick up after youself. There will be other campsite about six miles down the trail on Old Logan rd before you get to Lake Logan i didnt camp there but i think you may have to pay to do so. Between Lake Logan and old mans cave you will do allot of roads and a little of roads. Now when you get to old mans cave it will be all trails there are three main areas here 1. Old Mans Cave 2. Cedar Falls 3. Ash Cave. They are all worth taking extra time to check out and there a few places to camp here again i have never camp here myself but i think you do have to pay. There is a park office at Old Mans Cave where you could get more information. After Ash Cave you will be hiking on the road till you cross over into Vinton County. Off of the road you will be on ( Macedonia rd) there will be a trail and there is a campsite about a mile down this trail. A few miles later this section will end at rt327 and the Scioto Trail starts. Hope this helps but you can find more information and detailed maps at the Buckeye Trail website you dont have to be a member but things will cost you a couple dollars more. Hope everyone has a great hike and be safe

Sunday, February 03, 2013

The Buckeye trail can be broken down into sections which you can find by looking up. Due to time i am doing section hiking. So far i have done the New Straitsville and Old Mans Cave sections. This spring and summer i plan to due Scioto Trail, Sinking Spring, Shawnee, and West Union sections which i will report on and post pics. Now for the New Straitsville section its 56.2 miles and about have of that is on roads but allot of them are back roads. My favorite part was Burr oak lake its a good size lake and the trail is next to it for the most part and it goes all the way around the lake. Outside of Murray city you go thur a part of Wayne National Forest. This section ends at OH664 outside of Logan and thats where Old Mans Cave section starts. I will see if i can post or upload camp sites for New Straitsville.