Bridle Trail to Tinker's Creek

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Bedford Reservation

Bridle Trail to Tinker's Creek is a 10.1 kilometer moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Bedford, Ohio that features beautiful wild flowers and is good for all skill levels. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 10.1 km Elevation Gain: 197 m Route Type: Out & Back

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Note: As of May 27, 2020, Button Road is closed, but trail is not closed. Just park on Gorge and walk to the trail.

6 days ago

Button Rd is closed, but trail is not closed. Just need to park on Gorge and walk. First part along the water is beautiful. That part of the hike is perfect for small children because it is short, dry and flat. Once you’re up the hill, it was fairly muddy. We’ve also had flood rains recently, so not unexpected. It’s a very shaded hike. Part of the loop is currently closed and the reroute takes you out further. Our 6.3 mile hike turned into 9.6 miles. Would like to do it again in drier summer months when the full trail is open!

1 month ago

Beautiful trail! Not crowded. Some hills, rocks, muddy areas; easily navigated. Beautiful view of Tinkers Creek from above.

7 months ago

Up and down. One of the better trails here

10 months ago

I should start with saying that the trail mapped out here actually does not go anywhere near Bridle Veil Falls. I was pretty disappointed and should have checked the full map more closely before my hike. This is the bridle trail at the Hemlock Creek picnic area. You walk along the river for the first 5-10 mins of the trail, then the rest of the hike is wooded with a few small streams crossing the trail. It takes you past Hutchinson Field and the end of the trail is certainly nothing exciting before you have to turn around and go back. The initial hill is pretty brutal but the trail is moderate beyond that. The trail is very shady. We enjoyed time in the creek at the end by the bridge!

Sun Apr 07 2019

Great trail of you have the time...Plenty to see...I started out at 14800 Button road in the Bridle Trail & ran into the river...It is impassable right now as the water is too high! Had to turn around

Sat Mar 09 2019

Easy with one hill at beginning. A little hard to follow where bridle trail is rerouted. Frozen ground when I went but looked like it could get really muddy. Went at 8:30 am Saturday and after the first half mile didn’t see anyone except a deer. Quiet and peaceful. The “falls” were nothing to speak of - maybe better at other times of the year.

recorded Bridal Veil Falls Trail

over grown
Sat Feb 23 2019

Sat Jan 12 2019

Great Hike. Lots of ups and downs.

Mon Oct 29 2018

These falls are very cool ... from the parking lot there is multiple trails you can take, so you could hike for a couple hours or just hike the 5 minutes to the waterfalls.

Sat Oct 06 2018

Tough initial hill, smooth sailing after that.

Fri Aug 17 2018

One of my most favorite places to hike through! Gorgeous scenery.

Sat Aug 04 2018

Beautiful hike and beautiful falls.

Mon Jul 09 2018

It was such a beautiful day today to go. The paths are so pretty and the Creek is so beautiful. Didn't see alot of people till the end. It was very peaceful and relaxing.

Fri Jul 06 2018

Beautiful along the river. The rest of the trail is pretty, but that was my favorite part. Also didn’t bring my horse, because I’m not wealthy and don’t own a horse. Pretty long trail. Might only wanna walk a third to half of it. Doesn’t really end anywhere interesting. Also, there’s currently a detour on the trail (it’s a big loop near the end).

Sun May 27 2018

Definitely would have been better on horses because it was a long trail. Ended up only going 5.3 miles since we went during the heat of the day. Still a nice quiet hike where you forget you’re in NEO. I do wish the trail stayed closer to the water though.

Sat May 05 2018

A scenic out and back trail with wild flowers and a serene creek & Falls. We loved it!

Thu Apr 12 2018

Been back there so many times. Beautiful, quiet, a peaceful place to think. Going off the trail to explore new areas is just as fun and staying on it. But be careful you dont accidentally wander onto the mountain biker trails. Almost got taken out a couple times by mistake!

Wed Feb 28 2018

My first time there today,loved it,even though I had to cut my hike short due to pouring rain.

Wed Aug 23 2017

I walk this trail regularly as I live close by, love the scenery and that it's not all flat

Tue Jul 18 2017

Please note that the trail starts across the street from parking area.

Thu Jul 13 2017

Beautiful trail, best after rain!

Sun Apr 09 2017

Cool place. Scenic views of Tinkers Creek along many parts of the trail. Will definitely be back in the future.

Sat Jan 07 2017

We were able to hike the falls side today. What a difference in scenery within a week! It was a balmy 15 degrees today, but we liked the frozen falls. Nature is beautiful in all seasons.

Mon Jan 02 2017

We decided to go to the left and hike down Tinker's Creek. There is a detour that takes you of off the AllTrails map and loops you around back to the trail. It has to add over a mile to what the mileage states. That being said, we saw a runner run through the No Admittance sign after we had just finished the detour, so on the way back we went through as well, as we started fighting daylight. There was no difficulty getting through it, but there is an area where the land eroded and the trail disconnects. I could see this being a problem for a horse, since this is a bridal trail, but for hiking...just step off to right or left and walk through a bit of rocks, but nothing major. I saw that there were hikers who made it a loop but at this time of year, you can't get across Tinker's Creek. It is too far across and not enough big rocks to make it all the way. You have to keep this an Out-and-Back. Awesome trail, though.

Mon Nov 14 2016

Cool views and great trails along the river

bird watching
Sat Oct 22 2016

beautiful year round! pretty easy too

Sat Apr 23 2016

great run

Thu Jun 19 2014

quiet well maintained, fun secret tunnel and great options for seeing the water

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