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Photos of Vertical Mile, Grindstone, Hollow Rock, Prison Camp Loop

Distance: 3.6 miles Elevation Gain: 987 feet Route Type: Loop

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6 months ago

Great way to hike all the trails at Rocky Face Mountain. I noticed they had sprayed for mosquitoes and didn't encounter but one or two along the way [the deer flies were pesky though]. This park is very well maintained and monitored. Trails are well marked and not overgrown. There is really something for everyone who wants to get some exercise, take in some views and maybe have a picnic on top of the mountain. Kids also have a playground with slide, zip line, games and sand piles. This double loop is great esp. when you add in the Hollow Rock Loop at the top for a triple loop hike and 5 moderate to strenuous miles total with about 950 feet of elevation gain. Hollow Rock is a moderate uphill to the top. VMC surprises you with a very steep and strenuous incline. Prison Camp has wide sweeping switchbacks and no roots or rocks. Grindstone is rocky with tighter switchbacks. Suspect the views are much better than we had as we hiked with fog at the top. Great family fun overall.