Neuse River Loop Trail [CLOSED]

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Neuse River Loop Trail [CLOSED] is a 1.7 mile loop trail located near New Bern, North Carolina and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and trail running and is best used from September until May. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

Distance: 1.7 miles Elevation Gain: 36 feet Route Type: Loop

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Thu Feb 14 2019

Park and trail closed due to Hurricane Florence. Looks like it could be nice again when it gets cleared.

Sat Jan 12 2019

This trail only get a one star due to the fact that you cannot get to it not because the trail isn’t good but because the access is denied off the main road.

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Mon Jun 18 2018

I did a portion of the trail on my bike at the end of March. I started at the large parking lot for horse trailers (I’m guessing). No one was on this portion of the trail which was nice. I made it to the beach and walked my bike to enjoy the driftwood and water view. Their were more people walking along the trail following the water. Great for beginners!

Mon Apr 23 2018

Very easy, mostly flat stroll through the woods next to the mouth of the Neuse River. The trail itself is nothing particularly special unless you are lucky enough to spot some wildlife, but you are likely to see more trash than animals. The beach and picnic areas nearby are really pretty, peaceful, and accessible, but the trail is not particularly well-maintained (for the record, the deeper you get into the Croatan Forest, the nastier it gets--I've never seen so much litter in my life). Certainly recommended for light outdoor exercise, but not for nature-viewing.

Fri Apr 06 2018

Great walking trails! And the benches every so often make it that much more enjoyable for beginners

Sat Jan 13 2018

beautiful trail along the Neuse river. Good for walking a dog, as long as your dog can hop over some downed trees

Thu Nov 02 2017

I hiked this trail with my family a week or so before I downloaded this app and realized that this trail deserved a little more credit being that it’s actually almost 6 miles long. All of the recordings up to this point didn’t cover any of the ENE section of the trail which in my opinion is the prettiest section of the entire loop that contains several marshy, low lying areas great for wildlife viewing! The only downside to hiking this trail is the fact that they close the gate to the parking area at 6pm so you’ll have to park somewhere along the road leading into the park if you plan to be there after hours. There is plenty of wildlife in the area, my wife and daughter were actually lucky enough to see some Whitetail Deer at just around dusk, but they yelled and scared them off before my son and I could see them. Pet and kid friendly trail and mountain bikes welcome. A good pair of hiking shoes/boots recommended.

Wed Oct 18 2017

Fun easy trail to hike. Great location between Havelock and New Bern.

Fri Sep 22 2017

Love it!

Thu Jul 27 2017

I good hike, our four year old enjoyed it and did well. It was beautiful.

Tue Jul 04 2017

nice, easy walk with the dogs.

Sat Jul 01 2017

Very pretty! A nice, relaxing walk with a couple great views of the water

Thu Apr 27 2017

Great easy trail with occasional benches to take a break and have a snack or drink. Beautiful views

Tue Mar 07 2017

Pleasant? Forest, swamp and river views.

Sun Jan 29 2017

Roots are killer to the ankles ha

Sun Nov 13 2016

me and my dog love it!!

Mon Jul 11 2016

Wonderful trail! start and end with open water view!

Tue Jun 14 2016

Great Day Hike. This trail is small and easy. However, if you start near the water, about 1/4 milefrom the end you will notice a fork in the trail. Take it, and you will get to enjoy much more. That fork will take you an additional 3.5 miles through the woods. Keep your wits about you and follow the well beaten path and it will take you through a couple mud bogs, over a little foot bridge, over plenty of low lying rolling hills and by a neighborhood. There are tons of switchbacks in there, so it may not look far on a topo map, but turn after turn adds up. You will them cross flanners beach rd. Once on the other side, you will hike an additional 2.2 miles through even more switchbacks. This side has a steady elavation, but will take you by another neighborhood, past a little maintenance shack, and spit you out once again, by the water. From there, you can go left or right, left for more woods, right for the picnic area. Trail maintenance could use some work on the extended hike. Total distance is somewhere in the neighborhood of 7-8 miles depending on whether you pursue side trails. Definitely worth doing. Bring water as there are no treated water sources around once you exit the main picnic/camping area. I love this hike. You just might spot my Subaru parked there while I am out doing this very same hike. P.S. The horse flies are stone cold savages

Sun Jun 05 2016

It was a fantastic trail for a family hike, biking, or running

Wed Apr 13 2016

a nice short walk good for a sunny day when you just want to take a stroll off the pavement. dog friendly and on flanners Beach area so you can relax too

Mon Mar 10 2014

Great trail and great views. The best rolling hills you're gonna find in ENC. Plus my dog can walk off leash.

Thu Jul 12 2012

I found it to be a nice little walk with my kids in the woods along the river.

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