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Photos of Mullinax Trail, Pounding Mill, and South Mills River Road Loop

Distance: 7.0 miles Elevation Gain: 1,158 feet Route Type: Loop

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7 days ago

If you're reading this in Wintertime: Do this hike! One of my favorite hikes yet! I went on a Friday, and right off the bat I got excited riding down the road to the trail as it was one of the most horrible gravel roads I've been on (I'd be wary about driving it with a low riding car). But luckily I made it to the trailhead with my minivan in one piece. Trail was surprisingly well marked, and going the recommended way is the best I think because there are no terribly steep inclines. My favorite thing about this trail during the winter, well two things, and they complement each other. NO ONE OUT THERE. At least on a cloudy, 50 degree Friday in January. The second thing, without any leaves, it leaves you free and open in these huge areas between mountains, where you can just see everything around you! So when you're in a valley, and you can see just bare trees and leaves for miles in each direction, and no humans, it's surreal. Another thing I loved were the creek crossings in the final part of the trail. I'm not super agile so I often get wet crossing streams with rocks too far apart for me. There were at least seven crossings, all were fun and it felt like an obstacle course. I crossed all of them without getting wet! Even used the log crossing one time because since there were two I could balance on them. Oh I did veer off trail once, because the way the trail goes there's a couple points where you have to completely 180 to even see the "actual" continuation to the trail, so I went like half a mile by accident on this random shoot off. But that's why it's so important to have this app! Thing has saved me three times now.