Flat Laurel Creek

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Flat Laurel Creek is a 4.3 mile out and back trail located near Canton, North Carolina that features a waterfall. The trail is rated as moderate and primarily used for hiking and mountain biking. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

Distance: 4.3 miles Elevation Gain: 524 feet Route Type: Out & Back

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A very easy trail from NC-215 up to the Forest Service parking area at Black Balsam Mountain. The overall elevation gain is very modest over the length of the trail, and there are some beautiful views to the west and also of Sam's Knob.

25 days ago

Trail is a nice walk through the woods. Starts with a water crossing where your feet might get a little wet if the water is running high. I nearly hiked the whole thing and never reached the “meadow” part of the trail. Plenty of water opportunities.

Easy hike. Park where mountain to sea trail crosses Road 215. Then wake to the start at flat Laurel Creek. There is water at the top by the falls. After that you will see very little to none. This train is not used by a lot of people. There is camp sites all along the way

4 months ago

Highly recommend, this trail has enough to please everyone in a group. Vistas, water, and beautiful flowers in the meadow section with butterflies.

5 months ago

Scouting hike for possible campsites. Was going to do Greenmountain but middle prong looked a little too spooky for a solo hike. Once again forgot to cut off the recording. Probably right at 7.5 miles. Lovely day!

5 months ago

This was an awesome hike, especially with 2 kids, 10 & 11.. I didn’t give it a 5 because the falls were not marked and we had to go down a few steep hills to find the one. Definitely worth the search once we found it though!

5 months ago

Kelly and I, second day of first weekend together.

7 months ago

The flat Laurel Creek Trail was amazing! My lady and I packed for a one night camping expedition and found a good opportunity to loop the trail via little Sam’s knob, Sam’s Knob, and Black balsam For a total of 13 miles round trip back to the Black mountain parking area. The flat Laurel Creek Trail was pretty easy but elevation gains increase if you decide to make the same loop we made. Lots of water on the trail and plenty of places to stop off and take a dip/bath. I believe beginners and season the hikers unlike would enjoy this trail in general. Happy hiking!

7 months ago

Beautiful with small falls through. Little rocky in places. Not steep, unless you go up Sam Knob. Narrow in a few spots in the warmer months from growth. One of my favs!

7 months ago

This is one of our favorite to do over and over! Very nice trail, lots of water features and nice views! kids and dogs accomplished with so perfect for family outings! Was about 4 miles to top where connected to Sam's Knob trail then hiked backed down

Mon Aug 20 2018

A most excellent adventure. We did the one way hike from Black Balsam to NC 215. Easy trail with lots of places to get my paws and fur wet. Trail was in good shape. Only one big mud puddle to navigate around. Lots of four legged friends to play with along the way.

Mon Jul 30 2018

Wife and I walked this trail today and it went to the top of our favorites list. Gradual incline which I love and lots of water features for her. Some nice camping sites for future use, and tons of blackberries for the picking. Very light traffic (6 folks and 3 dogs) besides us. This is a trail you can take friends and family to no matter what their hiking experience level. We'll be back.

Sat Jul 07 2018

Great hike with the family! Climb is super gradual and full of incredible natural sights and waterfalls. The top makes a great picnic spot or even camping spot. Will definitely be back and even go further on the trail.

Sun Jun 24 2018

My son and I had a great time hiking this trail. It is marked as moderate but it is an easy hike. The only thing I can think of that may be difficult for some people are the rocky parts.

Sun Jun 17 2018

beautiful hike today... it has been raining in the evening so the trail was wet and a little muddy but I didn't mind at all the scenery was gorgeous.

Sun Mar 18 2018

Beautiful crisp morning with a little snow on the ground still. Falls were gorgeous.

Sat Jan 27 2018

Great loop with the Mountains to Sea Trail and Little Sam’s Trail

Mon Dec 25 2017

Great time on this trail yesterday! Some very nice views and some great campsites!

Sun Oct 01 2017

Very nice easy trail

Sun Sep 10 2017

Lovely trail with some cool water features to cross.

Wed Aug 23 2017

Awesome hike. Did the 7 mile loop starting at trailhead off of 215. Not difficult and beautiful views!

Fri Jul 28 2017

We hiked this in November 2017 with our dog. Very cool having to hike across small frozen streams. Got some great videos and pictures of the dog encountering ice for the first time. We cut across midway through to go up Sam Knob.

Fri Jul 28 2017

Nice how the trail crosses several smaller creeks. Shady and pretty.

Fri Jun 16 2017

Relatively easy trail with a cool waterfall feature that flows under the trail bridge. Great creekside camp spots at the trial head and leads to even better ones the closer you get towards Sam Knob.

Sun Apr 30 2017

Very easy trail to hike. Great beginner trail. Lots of water on the trail. Crossing the creeks not a problem but lots of water running down the trail.

Mon Mar 13 2017

Solid trail for a day hike, overnight or extended stay. We parked at the trailhead off of 215 and camped towards the end of the trail near a creek. Very easy trail with plenty of water access and nearby destinations, including Sam's Knob, Devils Courthouse, and Black Balsam Knob. If camping in this area, bear canisters are required.

Tue Feb 21 2017


Tue Dec 20 2016

We hiked about a mile passed Wildcat Falls. It was such a beautiful trail I hope we can come back and do the whole thing!

Sun Sep 18 2016

Great trail! Gradual ascent and beautiful cover! Nice waterfalls.

Fri Aug 05 2016

Loved it! Berries, flowers and waterfalls...easy trail!

Fri Aug 05 2016

August 5, my wife and I hiked this 5 mile total in and back trail. Slight climb in but not hard. Very nice falls at the top. Tough climb down to the bottom of the falls but doable. Very little laurel left. Blackberries and blueberries. 60 - 65 degrees in the morning. Mostly covered with canopy. Would be beautiful in June, a lot of laurel. Will hike this again!

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