Flanners Beach and Croatan National Forest Loop

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Flanners Beach and Croatan National Forest Loop is a 4.6 mile loop trail located near Neuse Forest, North Carolina that features a great forest setting. The trail is rated as moderate offers a number of activity options.

4.6 miles
82 feet



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1 month ago

Great trail, super easy to follow! Has Nice views of the river. Nice afternoon hike!

2 months ago

I have hiking these trails for years and they are slowly gaining in popularity. It is a great long hike if you do all of it - 7 miles. There are several ways to do portions. It can be confusing but there are completely paved areas as well as typical trails. Lots of hills so it’s a good workout. I am sorry that the hiker above thought they had to cross the river to find the trail. You don’t. My best suggestion is to download the map or take a pic of the one at the trail.

2 months ago

Went on this trail in March, 2018. Was originally a really nice trail right by the water. However the trail is not kept (which i normally don’t mind) but the trail goes through very tall sawgrass and then leads to the river where there is no where to cross. So to get to the rest of the trail you need to cross the river (about waist deep but you sink into the mud) once I got across the river because my dog had already crossed there were no apparent trails that lead to anything. All the trails lead to either someone’s backyard or into marsh area. The part of the trail before the sawgrass and river is nice but not very long. I spent about 45 mins trying to find a path that connected with the trail with no luck and had to back track and cross the river again to get back to the trail.

3 months ago

Beautiful underated trail.

3 months ago

I chose this route as an alternative to one of the Pirhana trails since it is on the military base (**warning - unless you have a valid military ID, you can’t get anywhere near the trails on the base’s land; this isn’t clear in the listing).
Though the trail is nice and pleasant, a few drawbacks...
- Finding the trail and navigating the crossroads can be challenging, there are some faded printouts stapled to the tree.
- Because its right next to an airbase, there were frequent jets passing by. Although it wasn’t terrible, it did break up the silence.
- I’m not sure when the last rain was, however there were a few sections of the trail that were completely flooded.

4 months ago

great for trail running. need markers however for the newer trails. its easy to get lost

25 days ago

4 months ago