7.0 miles
606 feet
Out & Back

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5 months ago

We did this trail this on June 3. It's a beautiful walk along the Chattooga river. I love this river and enjoy being in this area. Unfortunately, there is a lot of brush on the river side of the river so you can't see the river the whole time but there are definitely places to get to the river and enjoy the view. I didn't feel the trail was strenuous but you will be tired when you get back to the car. I expect the view may be better in cooler weather. Never the less, I enjoyed the hike very much. We did find Ellicott Rock without much trouble. Use the recordings logged on this page and it will take you right to the spot. The water was up a good two feet while we were there. When you get to the spot on the trail the rock will be directly below you (heading north it will be on your left) at the water's edge. It was partially submerged when we were there so we didn't climb down to it. The water was moving a little too fast for comfort. The pink ribbon marking the spot is not there but there were several items tied in the overhanging trees marking the spot. This is a very good walk and took us over 4 hours. You can park in the parking area at Burrells Ford or you can drive a bit further down the road to the trailhead and park on the side of the road. The foot-traffic was light particularly after the first two miles. This place is crawling with critters. We saw 4 snakes (2 Ring Necks, 1 Rat Snake and 1 Copperhead), lots of lizards, snails, butterflies, beautiful flowers, a gazillion millipedes and so on. Your feet WILL get wet and muddy. as there are several water crossings. On a hot day it is a much appreciated cool-off though. We went through over 3 liters of water on this day. Luckily we brought our Sawyer squeeze-type system and didn't have to carry so much water weight. There were several beautiful areas around to take a snack, a dip or rest break. The river is amazing. The trail was not really marked - no blazes but it was easy to follow. There were only a time or two where we took 10 seconds or so to figure out where the trail cut through a large open area. There are a lot of dead and down trees on this trail. Some old and some freshly fallen. Some have fallen from the trail taking a chunk of the trail with it. Some areas are very rooty and you have to watch your footing. In places the bushes crowd the trail making for a tight walk. There were gnats galore and lots of mosquitoes so bring your bug repellent if you are bothered by them. I brought a small towel and ended up fanning my head the whole time to keep the mosquitoes out of my face and the gnats out of my nose and mouth. I would definitely do this hike again.