Daniel Boone Scout Trail to Calloway Peak

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Daniel Boone Scout Trail to Calloway Peak is a 7 mile moderately trafficked loop trail located near Blowing Rock, North Carolina that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

7.0 miles
2,007 feet

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You will need a permit to hike this trail. One of the Parkway's most rewarding hikes climbs 2,000 feet (one way) in 3.5 miles from the Boone Fork lot at Mile 299.5 Grandfather Mountain, the most iconic peak on the Blue Ridge Parkway between Asheville, N.C., and the Virginia state line, practically dares hikers check out to its highest crags. Because the peak is so prominent on the Parkway, it's only natural to answer Grandfather's challenge from one of the road's turnouts. My favorite way to hike this route is to start out from the Boone Fork parking area on the Tanawha trail, take the right turn at the Nuwati Trail, follow it to the left turn at Cragway Trail, and pause at the Flat Rock junction with the Daniel Boone Scout Trail. From there, take the Scout Trail to the high point at Calloway Peak, and return on it all the way to the trailhead. Best time to go: The autumn colors of late early October will be spectacular, but the weekend crowds may dim the glow (weekdays should be far less crowded). The rhododendron bloom of early June is another great time to go. Early winter, before the first blizzards, and early spring, after the snow's melted, offer the best views of the nearby Blue Ridge Mountains. [Winter is the least-advisable time to attempt this hike: the Parkway is typically closed and deep snow can totally obscure the trail. Access to the Daniel Boone Scout Trail will depend upon Blue Ridge Parkway closures. Visitors should consult the NPS real-time map of Blue-Ridge Parkway closures before heading to that side of the park.]

15 days ago

The best way to get up to Calloway. Can go further on to the Grandfather Mountain area too, which is hard and takes awhile but is one of my favorites in NC.

1 month ago

The Parkway was closed so I came up from 221 on the Asuiti trail. Some ice but more mud. Great winter views. The Calloway trail and Nuiti trail are closed for supposed “storm damage.” Well I might have gone down both to make it a loop and didn’t see any storm damage besides one fallen branch. The park service is saying they won’t open till July. It would be nice to know the real reason they are closing these two prime trails for such a lengthy time. It certainly isn’t storm damage. Overall a good steady climb but I wouldn’t recommend it without poles. If you solo hike like I do and you fall be prepared for a being in the woods along time before anyone finds you. Extra clothes, lighter, whistle, etc.

3 months ago

I love DBST. It's one of my favorites. Last I heard it was closed due to weather-related damages. I would be glad to help repair it!

5 months ago

Finally a sunny day for hiking. Parked at Boulder Field pull off. Before starting we had decided to the end point would be Flat Rock View due to the added miles just to get to DB Scout Trail. At this point the Tanawah Trail is very narrow and since we've had a lot of rain lately it's pretty muddy. The Scout Trail is in pretty good shape but pretty wet also. Next time I'll head up from 221 which will be about the same distance as if you hike from Boone Forks parking area. This hike to Flat Top was 7.8 miles round trip.

5 months ago

This is the hardest trail I’ve ever done.
Do not attempt.
7 hrs on trail one way from Boone Fork, mm299 BRP to the swinging bridge.
Epic scenery.
I hiked Sept 10, mostly cloudy and rainy.
Wore only baggies and no shirt, was never cold.
I wore the most slippery loose fitting shoes I own.
(That makes you a better hiker)
The trail is difficult, wet, muddy, slippery, jagged, steep, large, exposed, with many slippery wooden off camber ladders and cables.
This is mountain climbing, not simply hiking.
I was boxed in with clouds and wet conditions, I never saw anyone else on trail.
It was perfect.
I hiked one way from Boone Fork parking lot on BRP to the swinging mile high bridge alone, 7 hrs.
Super scary ladders, wet ladders, very high exposed wood slippery ladders.
Difficult rock gardens.
Steep rock gardens.
Sharp steep jagged rock gardens.
A not ideal landing of an airplane from 1978, cause of incident “controlled flight into terrain”
I heard Bigfoot threatening me on trail.
I walked faster.
I was wet the whole time and muddy but never cold. I burned 7000 calories.
This route was hard.
Hard and scary.
All alone high in the Smokies.
With Bigfoot stalking me.
The bridge at Boone Fork and trailhead is closed, you will get a citation if you use the closed bridge, I brought beer and bacon.
Everything is better with bacon.
All is factual my ph 321-720-3034

5 months ago

Trail closed at normal entry, took Tanawa trail from a further parking area. That added an extra two miles in and four total to the 11 hiked. Saw a bear track, but no bear. Great views at the top, the Peak was a smaller area to look around than I expected, but still worth it all the same. Several places to climb up and over rocks and just make sure you look to see where that next marker is at and hike towards it. I got off trail one time for sure, but it was easily marked over there too that got me back on track. Ladders in good shape. Always bring a poncho or rain jacket.

6 months ago

The main trailhead is still closed so we parked between mile 301 & 302, overall it was a good hike with decent views at the top

7 months ago

Trailhead is closed but trail is open. Official Park detour is to park at Boulderstone lot between mm 302 and mm303. From there the hike is back along Tanahwa trail 2.5m to intercept Scout Trail (most of this is within earshot of parkway) so this way will tack on 5m to round trip. Met another hiker on way down who said shorter detour trail that starts from 221. Besides detour issue our hike on Scout Trail was nice cool work out for early July morning as we were in and out of clouds after 2m mark of trail. Had clouds at Callaway peak so limited views but still nice.

7 months ago

REGULAR ENTRANCE IS CLOSED! Amazing trail with views. Also has a downed plane a little off the beaten path. Can only be accessed between mile marker 301 and 302 then taking the Tanawa trail to the trailhead this adds an additional 2.8 miles to the trek so plan ahead.

9 months ago

Did this hike with my dad recently and we had a fantastic time! The weather was perfect and we did the Nuwati trail to the Cragway trail to Daniel Boone up to Calloway Peak and back down to the Boone Fork Parking Lot via Daniel Boone. I think it totaled around 9 miles doing it that way according to the fitbit, tough day, but I wouldn’t change a thing. The Cragway trail was harder than Daniel Boone, but the challenge was well worth it.
Definitely going back again.

9 months ago

One of my favorites. Great workout.

Not recommended if you are weary of heights. There are some very high ladders you have to climb.

9 months ago

Enjoyed this hike. I thought the trail could have been BLAZED better. The ladders are very nice and the view is awesome. The plane wreckage from the 1970s was neat to see. This was my wife’s second hike and she did great. I will hike it again.

10 months ago

loved this trail, climbing the rocks was fun along with the three ladders. when you go up the second ladder , hold on and look back .. great view. windy at the top so we had a snack at the shelter with some other hikers. the downed plane was my favorite part.

11 months ago

good hike, has some tough sections, permit is free and you get it there, just write down your car license plate

11 months ago

good hike, has some tough sections

11 months ago

beautiful! we went on a foggy afternoon which made the views even more spectacular. we didn't have time to do the whole trail so we just did the loop.

Friday, December 22, 2017

Beautiful and challenging a great up hill workout the ladders An plane crash scene were awesome and the view at the top is worth all the sweat

Monday, December 18, 2017

Loved this trail, good workout! Beautiful views !!!!

Saturday, November 25, 2017

As always a good hike. A little ice along the trail on the upper section but not a showstopper. I now realize why we generally don't hike Fri-Sun, way to many people trying to fit in a small area on top but it was the day after Thanksgiving.

Sunday, November 19, 2017

Perfect distance for a good workout, fairly steep, with a decent elevation change of about 2200ft. Fun opportunities to scramble over rocks and climb ladders. Beautiful vistas that unfortunately are often obscured by fog and low clouds given certain weather. Given that it’s along a ridge, there are still many areas where you are on tight single track. Beautiful flora, opportunities for fauna sightings, and even remains of an old airplane. . . Good hike to enjoy and still have tons of day left to go into blowing rock for drinks, shopping, and some food.

Sunday, November 12, 2017

Nice views and well maintained.

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

Get ready for the roughest, for its length, trail you’ve ever hiked. Without a doubt my favorite if you can make it to the end. Don’t expect the plane until near the very end on the right right before the first ladder that climbs the peak. Also, just avoid the first couple miles of the scout trail because there’s nothing worth seeing what so ever, yet the right side features some of the best, yet most dangerous views you’ll ever see. Pack a small lunch, maybe four bottles of water, and some extra shoes and socks because even on a dry day they’ll most likely still get soaked. Do not forget to fill out your check in sheet (on the map board) you’ll come across right after the bridge near the start or they will send a search party for you.

Saturday, September 30, 2017

This is a great trial tool about four hours.... pack a sandwich and have lunch at the peak and you won’t be sorry, most amazing views ever....not for the meek, a bit strenuous at the top but well worth it..

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Beautiful tour of NC forest ecosystems.

Saturday, September 16, 2017

Recommend this trial. Took little less than 5 hours round trip with a stop for lunch. Better than Profile. It had rained for a few days prior so was muddy and rocks were slippery. Need good traction on shoes!! Take Cragway trail on way down for a great change of scenery!! But not if you're afraid of heights ;)

Friday, September 15, 2017

Very pretty hike with a great map and hiking suggestions.

Wednesday, September 06, 2017

Steep, rocky, muddy, slippery. Physically and mentally challenging trail. I was not too lucky and although the weather was nice, visibility at the Calloway Peak was very poor. Overall a good hike with beautiful views.

-There's a crashed airplane from 1978 just a few yards off the trail and if you look around when hiking, you won't miss it (it's located about 3 minutes before you reach the first ladder).

Saturday, August 26, 2017

Good hike . Took a wrong turn coming down and followed a muddy trail that bypassed the steep rock face that I initially went up. Don't know if they are cutting in a new trail for that purpose but it worked.

Thursday, August 17, 2017

Awesome challenging trail with great views at the top and a lot to see on the way.

Thursday, August 03, 2017

Hit the trail around 7am and cleared the spider webs for everyone. Really enjoyed the trail, fairly technical with all the roots and rocks, so watch your step. I had my dog with me and decided not to carry him up the ladder, didn't want to sprain an ankle or drop my little dude, so I didn't get to the top of Calloway Peak. The view from the viaduct was amazing and satisfied all the hard work to get up there.

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