Cullasaja Falls

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Cullasaja Falls is a 0.1 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near Highlands, North Carolina that features a waterfall and is good for all skill levels. The trail is primarily used for hiking, walking, and nature trips and is best used from April until September.

0.1 miles
32 feet
Out & Back


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You can see Cullasaja Falls from a very small pull off on the side of US-64. There is room for 2-3 cars, make sure you pull all the way off the road. The hill down to the bottom of the falls is incredibly steep and is basically walking down a rocky creek bed. The walk is really slippery and not for the faint of heart.

Beautiful! Definitely worth the stop.

11 days ago

I have no clue how on earth this “trail” is easy. Extremely subtle entrance, as in, hop the rail or you’ll miss it. Not for the faint of heart, but 100% worth risking your life along the slippery slopes for that jaw dropping view!

13 days ago

Cullasaja Falls is on the Cullasaja River that flows alongside SR-64 / Highland Road. It is on the south side of the road and is not marked so you won't see it unless you're looking for it. There is room for only 2 cars along the road at the viewpoint. As the day was rainy and the step hillside was wet I decided not to try climbing down the hill but am posting a few pictures taken from the roadside. (In my opinion your time is better and more safely spent at Dry Falls just up the road.)

29 days ago

This was a very challenging and very short distance hike/climb. Well worth it, but don’t climb over the rail if you have doubts about doing some minor scrambling along loose rock and balancing and traversing large boulders on a steep incline. Take your time and the view at the bottom is great. View from that bottom that 99% of tourists won’t ever see.

1 month ago

Take your time and watch your step. When you get to the bottom it will be worth the journey. Amazing!

1 month ago

This is not a hike, it is a climb. Short and totally worth it. The drive there is part of the fun.

2 months ago

You're on a winding road with a cliff on your left, and a raging river gorge to your right. Rounding each bend you hear a low rumble as you get closer to your destination. At the coordinates there is a small pull off and the rumble turns into a roar. The falls are visible through the trees and they're spectacular. The trail starts on the other side of the guardrail and it's one hell of a descent. Take your time, and mind your steps. This is a dangerous trail, but the payoff at the bottom is worth it.

2 months ago

Cannot believe this is even a trail. Stop on side of the road (only 3-4 cars can park) then it is nearly straight down to the river, almost like a cliff. Crazy!! No thanks.

2 months ago

3 months ago