Photos of Blackrock Mountain, Little Green Mountain, and Big Green Mountain Loop

Distance: 9.5 miles Elevation Gain: 1,965 feet Route Type: Loop

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3 months ago

I do not recommend - actually the worst hike I’ve ever accomplished. The first part is nice and easy with some cool views on the valley. Then as you walk down little green you need to be adventurous and cannot be scared, as there is no markings, and you end up improvising and leaving visible marks on your way down, to make sure you can go back up as you realize you got on the wrong path, (there is actually no path there). I made it through little green. But didn’t get lucky with big green; I attempted 4 different paths down and couldn’t find any way out of the woods so I had to walk back to MacGail and this added 5 miles. Overall I saw 2 or 3 nice panoramas and one waterfall but otherwise you walk on half shadowy and half sunny paths in woods and there is nothing to see...