Under Cliff Trail

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Under Cliff Trail is a 6.2 mile loop trail located near Philipstown, New York that features a river and is rated as moderate. The trail is primarily used for hiking and trail running and is best used from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

6.2 miles
1998 feet

dogs on leash


trail running





1 month ago

I started this hike from the beginning of the Under Cliff trail in the Nelsonville Nature Preserve, saw 2 pileated woodpeckers and 2 bluebirds as soon as I stepped onto the trailhead. To access the trail from here turn on pearl st off of 301 and take it to the end, there's a parking lot and a kiosk at the trailhead. Hike was approximately 9 miles round trip this route. Followed the yellow trail to white to blue to red and back to yellow. Not many views because of the snowstorm but absolutely serene as the snow fell in the woods

2 months ago

It is a wonderful place for good hiking

2 months ago

2 months ago

Easy to get to, aerobic climbs and nice views.

3 months ago

This was an out & back photo hike.

7 months ago

Beautiful long day. White - Blue - Red - Yellow - White. Starts out pretty difficult, mellows after Bull Hill. The elevation gain coming back is easy comparatively speaking. Encountered 3 fairly large black racers on the start of the yellow coming off red. Ruins were interesting. Views on Undercliff Yellow were stunning.

Wednesday, November 02, 2016

The trail was tough in the beginning, it was hard a climb for the first mile then it leveled off and descends. There was some great views of the Hudson River and other mountains in the area. Definitely would do it again, but would try some other trails in the area instead.

Monday, June 27, 2016

Absolutely beautiful vistas. Be careful to stay on the trail. Get a trail map before hiking. A little crowded at times.

Wednesday, May 25, 2016

I wasn't prepared for this long hike at all. Been reading about this trail and everyone else has been saying you can just modify it access to your style and ability. I followed the trail from Alltrails anyway. I didn't know it was freakin long. Anyway, I took the White, Blue, Red, Yellow then back to White trail. I got lost twice. Mainly because I was trying to look for the off trail scenic views. But other than that the trail markers were quite clear. be careful when the Washburn(white) and Yellow Trails meet, just keep on following the white until you see the Notch(blue) trail. What I liked about this trail is it has scenic elevations, abandoned old historic areas, brooks/streams, forest floor, and even a quarry. It isn't as busy as the Breakneck Ridge. I'd say that to me, it's just more strenuous than the Breakneck because this one is longer. Watch out for the mysterious deep well with that stone cover along the Blue trail. it was a bit creeepy. Over all, I was dead tired but I loved the fact that you feel accomplished and rewarded by the views of the trail.

Friday, April 22, 2016

Went up the blue trail. LOVED the ruins about a mile into it. We spent so much time there, the sun started to go down so we climbed a little more, but never made it to the top due to lack of time. Deff going back to climb to the top. next time going to explore the white trail.

Monday, May 25, 2015

We went up the yellow trail from the Pearl St parking lot to avoid the heavy traffic on Washburn trail. A quiet oak tree forrest was beautiful to walk through and was a good warm up for more steep sections. 3, 4 good viewpoints. You can see the entire Storm King across the river. We only saw one other couple coming down till we reached the cross section with Washburn (the White trail). Trails are well marked and well maintained (yellow trail).

Sunday, May 24, 2015

Amazing Hike! Multiple view points and some steep parts. Definitely a good workout.

Thursday, May 21, 2015

Good trail. Would be recommended for someone who is a beginner or intermediate level

Friday, October 03, 2014

This used to be a fabulous hike with amazing views but over the years the trees have grown so high that it does block the most amazing vistas and there are only a few spots you can see now. Of course I'm not suggesting cutting down all the trees but I've seen such a change here in ten years that this went from being one of the most spectacular viewing areas to just "eh". That said the trail is beautiful. Well maintained and it's the woods - so really - it just can't be bad!

Tuesday, June 10, 2014

I did this hike with my girlfriend a few weeks ago. It was a great hike. Most of the information about it on the web is a little misleading. There is quite a bit of climbing, and its not as easy as some make it out to be. And my girlfriend and are are both in extremely good shape.

There are actually several trails on this mountain, one of which leads you to the breakneck ridge trail, as well as some that go all the way up to Beacon. You could very easily spend all day out here and not see the same thing twice.

We took Metro North up about 1.5 hours then walked about 15 minutes from the station to the trail head on the highway.

Pick up a map before you enter at the Cold Spring side trailhead (the Washburn trail). And note that there are multiple BLUE trails for the trip back down. If you take the wrong one you will be heading north towards Beacon and the Breakneck Ridge trail. South will take you back to the beginning of the Cold Spring trail head. And actually, you will have to hike a bit down the RED trail to get to the proper BLUE trail.

All in all, it was a great hike and we are planning another more extensive hike there soon. The views are pretty epic.

Tuesday, May 27, 2014

Nice hike on a warm day. The best part of the trail is the descent from mt Taurus.

Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Overcame my fear of encountering wild animals and went on my first hike ever! I loved it so much. I took the white trail which was all up hill. I stopped about an hour or so hiking up the mountain then came back down. Saw a huge black snake which had me freaking out for a minute haha but other than that I can't wait to go back and do the other 2 trails. (:

Friday, May 02, 2014

Good hike I took my 10 year old and he did great !

Wednesday, March 12, 2014

I decided on taking the Washburn (White) trail up to see the view from Mount Taurus. From there I hiked on the Blue trail until I came to the ruins. After exploring a bit I took the Red/Blue trail back towards the parking lot near Little Stony Point passing another run down building. This is really a great hike with some amazing views of the Hudson.

Monday, January 20, 2014

A steep ascent with scenic views at the top and ruins towards the end of the trail. This trail is popular since it's close to NYC. We saw lots of people along the hike, but got some solitude on the second half of the loop on the descent as many people seemed to do an out and back.

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