The Dix Range to Macomb and Dix Mountain

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The Dix Range to Macomb and Dix Mountain is a 15.7 mile moderately trafficked point-to-point trail located near Keene Valley, New York that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from March until October.

15.7 miles
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In this one hike you will climb to the top of four 4,000 foot ADK 46er Peaks, unfortunately it is not a maintained trail I debated quite a bit whether to create a guide for the Dix Range from Elk Lake which often is the most used trail to these peaks. If you go that route you can climb a small slide on Macomb by following a herd path up Slide Brook then traverse the Dix Range Ridge to Dix and return via Hunters Pass on the Dix Trail. That is an ok route but I feel that the route in this guide will take you to a place where there aren't any crowds and you'll really feel a sense of peace and solitude nestled within the Bouquet River ascending into the Dix Range. You'll also be able to ascend one of the most epic and grand slides in all the High Peaks - The East Dix Great Slide. From there you will follow the clear herd path up on the ridge over South Dix, on a side trail to Macomb, and then back to the ridge trail over Hough to the summit of enormous Dix Mountain. From the summit of Dix you will have the option to return the way you came or continue on for the full 17 mile loop that will bring you down the Dix trail along the North Fork Bouquet River to a herdpath that will take you past Round Pond back to Rte 73 about 2 miles north of the trailhead from which you started. You'll either want to have a car shuttled to hear, hitch a ride, or simply walk the 2 miles back alongside the road to your vehicle. This is the way that I climbed the Range as a teenager and I've taken great care to make sure that the track is highly accurate for you to follow. With the popularity of the High Peaks as crazy as it is today this hike will be a special treat as many do not know of it. Make sure to also check the attached websites as they have a lot more thorough details about this route.

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getting to the base of E.Dix/ Grace is actually quite easy just follow the cairns like said. A little confusing after the last campsite make sure to stay to your left, Not a Bad Day hike definitely have to be prepared for it, it's a long walk out it's a little monotonous could have done it quicker but weather played a part as we had to torrential downpours and lack of footing. round trip 14 hours door-to-door with stops

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