Table Top Mountain via Van Hoevenberg Trail

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Table Top Mountain via Van Hoevenberg Trail is a 9.5 mile moderately trafficked out and back trail located near Lake Placid, New York that features a river and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is accessible year-round. Dogs are also able to use this trail.

9.5 miles
2322 feet
Out & Back

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Table Top Mountain is the 19th highest mountain in New York State, with an elevation 4,427 ft. This is a straightforward climb up Table Top from the Adirondack Loj at Heart Lake. You will follow the Von Hoevenberg trail to just before Indian Falls and then head off on a herd path up to the wooded summit with limited views. If you have the energy on the way out you can always tag on Phelps Mountain as well making this a two 46er peak hike and eliminating the need to climb Phelps on another day.

3 months ago

this is a fun one !

4 months ago

Beautiful and fun. Did it with three pups

6 months ago

Not one of my favorites, did this mountain after doing Phelps. Initial climb isn't too bad, a little muddy, mostly wet. The top was muddy, ankle deep in some spots, not much of a view at the top.

6 months ago

Not the best summit but it's one of the 46!
Once off the trail to Marcy the heardpath is quite step at parts, our legs were definitely burning. Closer to the summit sections are extremely wet and muddy so be sure to have waterproof boots and watch your footing on the rocks

7 months ago

If you're expecting a beautiful Summit view, this is NOT the hike you're looking for. From the trail it's about .6 of a mile to "summit", and this part of the trial is muddy, small and nothing special. The summit is also nothing special, not the typical view most people seek.

7 months ago

I just came back from TableTop. This is a tough hike. My legs were hurting coming back in the 2 miles. All very rewarding once you're done. TableTop is an OK hike. I much prefered Marcy and Phelps. But regardless, it is one of the 46 so had to do it. Trailhead is reached at the Adirondack LOJ. Below are my times at various points. I thought it would be beneficial and I'm not posting to start a competition, lol. I'm 47 yrs old and in decent shape (if I may say so). Start to Marcy Dam : 47 min. Dam to Phelps cutoff : 26 min. Phelps cutoff to TableTop cutoff : 35 min. TableTop cutoff to Summit : 40 min. So all in all, 2:30 min hike to top. Same amount of time to come back. Hope these markers help. Cheers.

7 months ago

As our first first high peak we didn't have any expectations except the minimal views. Van Hoevenberg Trail hike was pretty and the views at Marcy Dam were gorgeous. We didn't realize it was a trailess ascent, thinking we made the wrong turn the entire time, we didn't actually realize we made it until we got back and looked at the trail map. Didn't see the summit sign but it was still a hell of an experience. Whole hike ended up 14.8 mi round trip (lol) and 8 hrs. Pretty happy for two in-shape individuals. Would like to do it again in the winter with a better marked ascent/after having some more resources & experience on trailess peaks. Onward!

7 months ago

Went up in winter 2015 and was my first High Peak; wasn't too hard of an introduction. The ascent is never steep, and although it's officially a "trailless" peak, the herd path is easy to follow and was broken out when I went. The snow was deep so I was able to look above the trees and get a nicer view than I think there would be in the summer. The summit is wooded but there's a lookout a few yards past the summit sign towards Mt. Marcy.

7 months ago

This was my second time summiting this peak. The trail up to the summit had running water coming down it since you're hiking up a creek bed. The top had a lot of mud and water that you had to go through.

8 months ago

Awesome hike. Struggled in spots but getting stronger. Hiked it with Nick. 6 1/2 hr total. First high peak

11 months ago

It was a great hike and a great trail. Beautiful scenery all around and very well marked path in the snow. It was -10 degrees at the summit but it was super fun to butt-slide down the steep parts at the top. Can't wait to do it again in the spring/summer to check out the different scenery.

11 months ago

Hiked Tabletop 2/26/2017 from Adirondack Loj. Wow, talk about a ghost town, we were in disbelief. Ice, snow and rain mixture from the night before had trees bowed over and everything looking fresh. A ton of blowdown along the Van Hoevenburg trail. Can be tricky at times to navigate because of the deep snow on both left and right sides of the trail. We were the second and third people on the trail this morning only on account that we like to play around and relax at the car before we make our way off. We signed in at around 7am. The trail is very easy basically the entire way. Once to the "Route to Tabletop" sign we could see it hadn't been touched in a day or two. We "broke trail" very easily up Tabletop and to the summit. Its was challenging at a few spots but nothing serious at all. I was not fearful for my life once on this trip. Even with no tracks the unmarked herd path was follow-able with a little common sense. A comment below mine here is saying aomething about multiple trails which we did not encounter, it was very straightforward. People say Tabletop is a viewless somewhat boring hike that only aspiring ADK 46r's go after but I thought it was rather nice. Not to mention there are many views once you break the treeline. We didn't linger on the summit to long because it was actually cold and somewhat windy. The hike didn't generate much a sweat for me so I was starting to shiver very slightly. We made it down without incident, taking some time to buttslide down and have some fun. We stopped for many pictures. Saw 6 people all day. Had basically the Van trail to ourselves which is very odd considering its frequently large crowds on any given day. When we signed out I counted only 7 seven people had signed in all day. The first gentleman who beat us to the trailhead by 30 seconds actually scratched all his info off both Loj and Marcy Dam registers for some reason, lol. Very mysterious. All in all great day. Don't know the milleage because everybody reports different numbers. Im calling it 12 as a patched 46r relayed to us in passing conversation about our destinations that morning, he was headed to Colden. All in all. Great day, great hike, not nearly as tough as I had anticipated by a long shot. Great beginner herd path practice.

Monday, December 12, 2016

This is a great trail to hike when it is snow covered. The heard path to the top was confusing because there were numerous paths in the snow, some of which bring you back to the same place on the heard path where you began. Once you are on the correct trail in the snow it is a very pleasant climb.

Monday, October 03, 2016

This was I agree a difficult trail coming from a novice hiker 59 year old in average to maybe above average physical condition. This was my first high peak climb of the adirondacks and first major hike of the year. I am not a water drinker but needed all five 16oz water bottles to make it round trip. Started at 8am at LOJ trailhead and arrived back at 4pm under misty cloudy skies and 60 degree temp. Spend 30 minutes on top of the mountain. Some posting say they can do Mt. Marcy round trip in that time but they must be in awfully good shape and hike regularly to make that claim. The trail is rocky to say the least and most of the time is spent walking up a dried up stream bed. Thankfully all the rocks are firm being exposed portions of much larger boulders under so your footing good generally speaking. Even with wet surfaces the vibram shoe soles seemed to grim pretty well to the surfaces of the rocks. Any loose rock would have already been churned up and pushed out by the flood of hikers using the route throughout the year so in that regard I am thankful for the heavy use of the trail. When it becomes interesting is when you leave the main Mt. Marcy trail and head up the table top trail. It is unmarked but pretty much a no-brainer to just follow the narrow winding stream bed up to the top. Very cool trail i must say. We picked a bad day to climb being near zero visibility which is why I couldn't give it a 5th star. It was nice to get off the main Mt. Marcy trail.

Friday, September 09, 2016

We hiked Phelps and Tabletop together. Very obvious trail even though it is not maintained.

Friday, August 05, 2016

This isn't a bad unmaintained trail. The trail is well defined but once you get closer to the summit it becomes very muddy in spots. I was surprised to see that this trail was pretty busy today.

Saturday, June 04, 2016

Nice trail. Less traffic once you get off the trail to Marcy. We must have passed 200 people going in today. Great hike!!

Monday, September 28, 2015

I really enjoyed this hike. I hiked tabletop the same day as phelps. It is not as steep as phelps despite being higher. This was my first unmarked trail but the trail is pretty obvious (at least to me). Expect mud, roots and loose trees. The summit is wooded and there's little views but it was a very nice hike even if you're not an aspiring 46er.

Tuesday, August 25, 2015

Quick hike today from the ADK Lodge. It was an easy to follow trail. Just head towards Mt Marcy. When you see the turn off for Indian Falls, just go straight and you'll see the sign for Tabletop. It was about 45 minute hike from that point. However, today was wet and muddy. You have to follow a stream all the way up. And once on the summit it is about 15 minutes of walking till you reach the Tabletop sign and a great view of Marcy. Took us 7 hours to complete it. Very nice hike.

Monday, June 22, 2015

Not bad a little rocky and muddy. But a nice quick easy 1/2 day trail.

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