Street Mountain and Nye Mountain Trail

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Street Mountain and Nye Mountain Trail is a 8.8 mile lightly trafficked out and back trail located near North Elba, New York that features a lake and is rated as difficult. The trail offers a number of activity options and is best used from April until October. Dogs are also able to use this trail but must be kept on leash.

8.8 miles
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Street (ADK 31) and Nye (ADK 45) are considered trail-less peaks which means they are not officially maintained and are unmarked. Street and Nye are two of the Adirondack's 46 High Peaks and are considered trail-less which means they are not marked and they are not officially maintained. As you leave the Loj you head towards the Mt. Joe trailhead and enjoy a nice view of Heart Lake along the way. Once you reach the trailhead for Mt. Joe you will see a sign that says te trail is unmaintained from this point forward - that is where you are headed. After about 1.2 miles you will reach Indian Brook which you must make your way across by rock hopping - be careful in times of high water and keep it safe (if you need to think about the crossing twice, that is your answer to turn around, sit and enjoy the brook and then come back and cross it another day). After the rock hop there is a second crossing which can be done via a tree that has fallen over the brook. After this you can follow the herd paths up to Nye and Street. This is a little tougher to do in the winter. The hike is around 9 miles and gets a little steep and heavy with blow down towards the top but is very enjoyable.

12 days ago

I had some trepidation about tackling this unmaintained and unmarked trail, but I found that the path is decently apparent. That being said, doing some research, packing a GPS device (as well as a map and compass ) was handy. I checked my GPS a few times, mostly as a second opinion that I was on the right track. I actually had more difficulty locating the trailhead in relation to the parking lot. (For the record, it’s to your right as you pay for parking at the kiosk.)

A few things...

Indian Pass Brook was no problem to cross on 6/12/18; my boots got wetter on the trail.

You will step over/crawl under approximately 346 instances of blowdown.

There’s plenty of water along the trail for the first 2.5 miles or so. I started off carrying 4 liters for myself and canine companion and regretted it. If stopping to filter is your thing, you’ll be passing by a lot of water that you wouldn’t have to carry.

28 days ago

This was a great hike, but no true summit views. The trail was super muddy and the water was somewhat high so we stream crossing was tricky at times.

3 months ago

I agree with previous posts, do this in the winter. It made life much easier when following the trail. The river wasn't bad at all. There were some really amazing views on Street. It was a fantastic day hike, knocking out 2 more high peaks!

3 months ago

Do these during winter. Seriously. They are notorious for mud/bugs in the warner months. Decently steep towards the top of the brook, the ascent to both peaks from the junction was relatively easy. Street has an awesome lookout just 30 feet or so from the summit sign, don't miss out. Nye has minimal views, but it's an easy walk from the junction. Water crossing is pretty easy when the ice is thick enough. If not, just make sure you're surefooted.

4 months ago

I see this trail was recently changed from moderate to hard. Shout out to who ever changed it as this trail was far from moderate. I would consider myself an experienced hiker and would not classify this as moderate. I would recommend taking a GPS or researching this trail before hand as at times it can be hard to follow (not maintained trail). Keep your eyes out for the few cairns as they will help you stay the course.

Also whoever said there are no views from either of these mountains is absolutely wrong. Yes, technically the actual peak is filled with trees but take a quick look around and you will find beautiful views of the surrounding mountains/area.

5 months ago

Hiked Street & Nye Mountains on 12/26/2017. Set out from Adirondack Loj at 7:30am. Arrived at the Old Nye Ski trail shortly after and began the trail break. The trail appeared to be unused for at least a few days. Trail was defined but had probably eight to twelve inches of powdery fresh snow. We arrived at the first water crossing to find no defined way across and lots of fresh white snow. Long story short, we went very slow but not too slow and made it across without incident. It is frozen but was still mid level sketchy. I weigh around 225 and heard no cracking. Still sketchy though. Would hate to fall in there. Probably wouldn't be hurt but your hike would almost certainly be over. We continued up a relatively defined path and crossed a few more simple water hops. As we gained in elevation you could definetly see the difference in snow volume. Lots of snow, very narrow, very untouched. It was actually quite an experience for us. This was by far our snowiest outing to date. Had to crawl under a few trees over the course of the day but the blowdown was more than manageable. We broke good trail for approximately seventy five percent of the trip and felt great about it. Then out of nowhere the trail literally dissappeared. No sign at all of any possible trail. I walked maybe fifty feet and felt odd of it so turned around to regroup quickly. Literally as soon as we turned around another very friendly couple came walking up behind us and looked as lost as we were. I took a compass reading while they checked their phones. Turns out we were all walking the right way after all. We now had four snowshoes. Yay! It couldn't have come at a better time because we were now leaving "trail breaking" territory. This now looked like a straight bushwack to me. Snow was at least two feet deep. Probably five minutes later another came up from behind and joined in the fun. Six snowshoes! Even better! Again, it couldn't have come at a better time. Everything really felt like it happened for a reason to all of us for the rest of the day. Shortly after we reached the junction. Everyone waited while everyone else regrouped and drank and organized. Everyone was incredibly friendly. More friendly than I've seen. We all seemed to be in this together now. It was nice. Me and my partner hung our packs at the junction and headed to Street. More and more narrow snow hallways all the way to the summit. We hung, took a few pictures, took pictures for others and left. We were actually cold today and not ready to linger up top at all, haha. Made short work of the descent and then headed to Nye. Made even shorter work of that, did our photo stuff and left even quicker than we had at Street. We arrived back at junction and we all kinda said our "nice to meet ya's" and headed down at our own paces. We were last out at about 4:30pm. I know thats not a stellar time compared to some but we were happy. We walked basically a mile an hour which is where I'm usually at regardless of weather. All in all today was a totally different experience than we've ever had. All snow, no visible ice, cold as hell! It was awesome. We were definetly feeling it when we got down but it was a good burn. No slips, no falls, no submerged feet. That's a good day in my book. Street & Nye is good to go again. :)

6 months ago

Definitely don't regret my decision to spend my Black Friday in the mountains rather than in a shopping mall. Cloud cover broke way to blue skies late morning. Trails were covered with snow and the tracks of previous hikers which made it a little easier to find my way on this unmaintained trail. Stream crossing was fun. Just make sure you're surefooted. Peak views weren't the best but if you pass by the summit for street there is a nice little lookout. And the views on the descent were glorious. Great day hike with the dog. Watch for ice

8 months ago

Not much of a view at the top, but that's not the point of this hike, in my opinion. The terrain is difficult, especially since the trail is not marked or maintained once you get past Hart Lake. It would be very challenging to stay on the trail without a GPS. Towards the end of the trail, it gets steep, muddy and narrow, but the terrain is so beautiful and unique, that it's worth it. The best part of the hike is definitely at the bottom where the creek crossing, beautiful birch trees and Hart Lake are. Wouldn't recommend if you're looking to go on a nice day hike, but if you're looking to become a 46r, it's not all that bad. Just make sure you come prepared with extra clothing (jacket, socks, etc.) and a GPS so you don't get lost!

8 months ago

Glad I didn't listen to all the people who say there are no views. No views from the actual summits, true. When you reach Street's summit continue walking the herd path to the right to reach a lookout with some awesome views. There's also a lookout to the left just before reaching the summit of Nye with some views - not as good as the ones from the lookout on Street in my opinion, but still nice. Despite the fact that I did not enjoy the actual "trails," the views from the Street lookout made it worth it.

9 months ago

Limited views on Street. No views on Nye. Necessary for those going for the 46, but if you're just heading out for an enjoyable hike, I'd suggest picking something else.

9 months ago

the hike up was nice, peaceful, and secluded. however once to the top we were pretty disappointed that all our hard work climbing the mountain was a let down with the view. so overall a good hike for both street and nye mountains but HORRIBLE views!!!

9 months ago

Very muddy, and slick, but a nice "walk through the woods." No views from the top, but two more off the 46 list! Nye is mismarked on the app, as it is only 0.2 miles from the junction, and Street is 0.6 miles. Indian brook wasn't super high and crossing was pretty easy. The first two miles were mostly flat and a breeze. The junction seemed to take forever to get too with a lot of elevation gain, meaning breathing breaks every 2 minutes , but once there, summiting was apiece of cake.

10 months ago

The first couple miles are a pleasant woodlands stroll. Then steeper to a plateau. On the plateau it a short way to Nye which is _not_ where it is listed on AllTrails (it's much closer). Street is a longer hike/walk. Comments are that it's a muddy hike. That was not my experience. Mud yes but easily avoidable.

10 months ago

Trail starts out at Heart Lake, which is the best part of hike. When you get to Indian Brook you will see a Karin across from you. This is a marker for on the way back. You need to go to the right for a ways and look for another Karin. If you zoom in on the trail in the app, you can see that the brook is actually part of the trail. The trail had about 50 downed trees that you have to step over. Just about the whole trail after Indian Brook is muddy. On the way up Nye you will climb by a rock that you can stand on to take some pictures. There are no places to take pictures on the summit. When you go to the summit of Street, there are three short trails you can take to see some partial views. The trail to the left is the best one. This is an unmarked trail but the trail, except for the Indian Brook part, is very easy to follow. The is the first hike I have done that I would not consider doing again.

I was just trying to paint a picture of what this hike was like. With that said, I did enjoy the hike. It was challenging in a different way. It was almost like a bush whack at times. No markers, downed trees, tons of mud and several parts of the trail are very narrow. The hike was just over 9 miles. It took me just about 5 1/2 for the round trip.

Note: I saw a comment that said mud was easily avoidable. You can only say that if you go by this piece of hiking etiquette:

Walk through the mud or puddle and not around it, unless you can do so without going off the trail. Widening a trail by going around puddles, etc. is bad for trail sustainability. Just because it looks easy to cut the corner off of a switchback doesn’t mean it is a good idea. Help preserve the trail by staying on the trail.

10 months ago

Incredibly muddy. Dont expect to keep your feet dry crossing the stream. Not a marked trail at all until the summit so keep and eye out for the carvings at the split. If it wasn't muddy and slippery I'm sure it would've been a decent hike. Nye has no views at all while street has some small lookouts. Would not recommend unless attempting to accomplish the 46

11 months ago

Was a nice trail. Don't bother trying to keep your feet dry. Just enjoy the hike. Think we counted 4-5 stream crossings, pretty muddy up top. Hiking at a decent pace, it took just about 3 hours to summit both peaks and return to the split.

Monday, December 12, 2016

Not much in terms of views at the top of these two mountains, but it's still pleasant and you get great views of Algonquin Peak at a few spots on the way up. Did this in the winter and the route was packed the whole way and easy to follow for "trailless" peaks. The herd path junction is marked with an N and an S carved into a tree. From here each peak is not far, with Street being a bit longer. The top of Nye is pretty bland; all there is is the summit sign on a tree in the middle of a forest. Near the beginning of the hike you cross a wide stream; when I went it was iced over but other times it may be hard to cross.

Thursday, October 13, 2016

Missed the turn off to the trail. Once on the trail it was easy to follow. The water crossing was low the day I hiked.

Sunday, October 09, 2016

The trail was much nicer than I expected for a wooded summit. It was faily easy to follow despite being unmarked. There were three stream crossings, so keep your eyes open for these. The second is marked by a fallen tree that you can use to cross over and the third is marked by a pile of old cannisters on the other side of the stream.

Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Two wooded summits. I suggest attempting later than May as the water level of the creek crossing can still be high. 3 stars for the wooded summit. Id suggest only if your going for the 46 or your down on a long weekend and dont want to brave the crazy crowds that is phelps and cascade

Saturday, September 24, 2016

Unfortunately I am a bit biased on the hike for this trail. Since I heard it didn't have good views at the summit I chose to make the best of a rainy day and get these out of the way.

While the trail is not terribly long or difficult it can be made so on a slippery damp day. Since it's not marked very well there are many points you have to pay careful attention to make sure you're on the beaten path and can't fully enjoy the nature around you.

As for the few views of the other peaks near the top of the ascent, the visibility was very poor because of the weather and nothing could be seen.

Due to the slippery leaf filled trail, it made what could have been a 4 1/2 to 5 hour hike into a 7 hour one.

We lost sunlight about a mile out and without a flashlight and gps would not have been able to stay on the trail. We were very happy to get back to civilization and the parking lot without getting lost.

I would imagine this is a decent hike on a nice day but would certainly not recommend it if you're just planning on winging it. I have learned that you can never be overly prepared on a hike and to make sure to have the proper equipment if you get stuck for the night. It's fairly intimidating and nerve racking when the sun goes down on an unmarked trail.

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Despite the somehow negative reviews of this hike I enjoyed it. It is in very good shape considering the absence of maintenance.

Wednesday, August 03, 2016

The trail was clear, easier to follow than I expected, nice and shady the whole way, good on a hot day. And because of a dry summer, the creek crossings were an easy stroll on the rocks. Nice views were to be had at or near both summits. Was very pleasantly surprised by this trail.

Thursday, July 21, 2016

For this to be an unmaintained trail it wasn't to hard to follow. You mostly hiked under tree cover and crossing the brook wasn't bad at all since it wasn't high. There are no views from the summit of these, but I was surprised to see that the trail was busy. The ascent wasn't to bad except for when you have to scramble over the blow down near the junction. If you're not going for your 46er patch I wouldn't recommend this trail.

Monday, June 20, 2016

Beautiful, hot day. Nice slow ascent on the front 1/3rd, typically steep stair-climbing through the middle. Not a bad ascent, a few muddy spots (black flies were horrible). Easy to follow( but narrow) last 1/3rd to the peaks. No views at the summits, but partial view from side of each summit beautiful and clear. First trip in a few years, awesome to be back! (With LAUREN).

Sunday, May 29, 2016

Great climb great workout disappointing no view.

Saturday, May 14, 2016

The un-maintained Old NYE Ski Trail was very rough to follow at certain points. Passing over Indian pass brook was a lovely experience, but once you ascend to the top of both peaks, the trail becomes more wild in regards to finding paths and both views are very poor. Would not recommend as an "easy" hike, much more like off trailing in certain parts, and only if you are aspiring a 46er title should you hike this

Friday, August 21, 2015

I was skeptical of hiking my first unmarked high peak. Fortunately, the unmaintained trail was so wore that it was easy to follow, especially using my GPS and my trail guide for references. I'm not sure why this hike is classified as not family friendly because you don't have to worry about little ones running around at the summit because there is no room. The summit of each mountain has a poor view. In the High Peaks guide book (2004) it says that the peaks are marked with a yellow disk on a tree which have been upgraded to a wooded sign. GPS Coordinates on were on for Nye, but Street Mountain had a reading of
N 44 deg 10' 46'' W074 deg 01' 37'' according to my Garmin.
The total trail including both peaks took my 10 yr old daughter and I about 7 hours.
I gave the trail 3 stars because it was a picturesque trail in places, but the view at the summit was not really rewarding.

Thursday, August 13, 2015

First time hiking for both my wife and I. There was a brook crossing which was neat but not any real views from the top.

Saturday, August 08, 2015

Somewhat rough hike, with poor views from the top. If you are not hiking this trail to become a 46er, I would not recommend it.

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